Best Miyabi Knives Review

If you are looking for a quality chef knife, then you must have heard the name Miyabi. Miyabi is making chef’s knives for years in Seki, Japan. In Japanese, Miyabi means pleasure and elegance. Similar to the name Miyabi ensures quality, beauty, and elegant look in their every piece of the knife. Miyabi has a large collection of chef knives like Mizu, kaizen, birchwood, Koh, etc and this article is about the best Miyabi knives review. 

Miyabi has knives of different ranges, different looks, and different kinds of users. You will surely get one perfect for you. Let’s dive deep into this best Miyabi chef knife review. 

Why Miyabi?

The question may arise in your mind that why should you choose Miyabi. Here are some common key qualities of Miaybi. 


All Miyabi knives are handcrafted in Seki, Japan which is known as the knife-making capital of japan. Expert craftsman crafts them using traditional Japanese techniques. Moreover, as Miyabi is owned by famous german knife maker Zwilling, each knife reflects the combination of Japanese traditional precesses with Garman modern technology.


Though blade and handle material are different for different Miyabi knives, they ensure the most possible durability and longevity for every knife. You will get into the detail in this miyabi knife review.


None can compare with the sharpness of Miyabi. Miyabi ensures an 8 to 12-degree cutting angle for almost all of their knife. This sharpness is twice of any ordinary western knife. Even famous Japanese maker Shun is unable to ensure this sharp angle. 


Miyabi knives come with a limited lifetime warranty. For any kind of manufacturing defect, this warranty is applicable

Are you in hurry?

If you are in hurry and want to know about the best overall Miyabi chef knife then it is Miyabi birchwood Sg2 chef’s knife. It can be considered the most famous Miyabi knife. Key features of Miyabi birchwood:

  1. SG2 powder steel blade core with 101 layers of steel makes the knife super durable.
  2. The handle is made from birchwood which is a premium knife handle material.
  3. It’s tough hard and retains an edge for very long. 
  4. Beautiful blade with unique flower Damascus pattern.
  5. Edge is super sharp with a 9.5 to 12-degree cutting angle, cuts through anything like butter.

And you want the best affordable Miyabi chef’s knife then you can look for Miyabi kaizen. Though it is a starting line of Miyabi its qualities are high-end knives. 

Miyabi Birchwood SG2Miyabi KaizenMIyabi Fusion morimotoMiyabi Mizu SG2Miyabi BlackMiyabi Artisan SG2Miyabi KohMiyabi Evolution
Blade MaterialSG2VG-10VG-10SG2MC66SG2FC61FC61 
Blade DesignFlower DamascusDamascusDamascus PatternHammered finishedDamascus PatternHammered finishedPlain Mirror finishPlain mirror finish
Handle MaterialBirchwoodMicartaPOMMicartaBlack AshPakkawoodPakkawoodPOM
Handle DesignD shapeD shapeErgonomicCylindrical D shapeD shapeCylindrical D shapeOctagonal shapeErgonomic
Sharpness9.5-129.5-129.5 -128-12 9.5-129.5 -129.5 -128 -12
Length8 inch8 inch8 inch8 inch8/9 inch8 inch8 inch8 inch
Weight18.8 ounce11.2 ounce8 ounce7.4 ounce12.8 ounce9.6 ounce9.6 ounce9.6 ounce

1.  Miyabi Birchwood Sg2 Review ( Best Overall Miyabi Knife)

Miyabi birchwood sg2 review

Miyabi birchwood sg2 is a perfect combination of affordability and quality. So, it is one of the most used Miyabi knives. A natural birchwood handle and a blade with beautiful flower Damascus patterns.

The blade core of Miyabi birchwood chef’s knife is made with SG2 super steel which is known as super gold steel. The HIgh amount of carbon component adds extra hardness to the core.  And the core is protected by 100 layers of Damascus steel on both sides. These layers make the blade more flexible and durable along with protecting the core. Exactly how Japanese katana swords were made. 

Anyone’s eye will be attached to the beautiful pattern at first sight. It has a unique flower Damascus pattern through its whole body that you will hardly find in any other Miyabi or chef knife. 

The blade core is very hard with a Rockwell hardness of 63 which is the second-highest for any Miyabi knife. With this hardness 8-inch, long Miyabi birchwood can hold its 9.5 to 12-degree sharp cutting angle for long.

The main uniqueness of this knife is its handle actually. Its handle is made from natural Karelian birch wood that is known as a precious knife handle material. You will feel the wooden texture. And stay better for more long with an oil polish. 

And handle features a round D shape but the D curve is not so aggressive so both left and right-handed people can hold it comfortably. Moreover, the handle is decorated with a steel end cap with the Miyabi logo and beautiful two spares. These little things add an elegant look to the knife.

Finally, all the component like handle weight, blade weight, steel end cap ensures a proper weight distribution so it feels like a part of the hand. And you will hardly feel its weight. 

If you want to know more about this knife here is full Miyabi Birchwood Sg2 Review

Key features:

  1. Valuable natural birch wood handle. 
  2. Unique flower Damascus Pattern on the blade. 
  3. 100 layers of stainless steel around the core. 
  4. 63 Rockwell hardness points to extra toughness.


  1. Razor-sharp edge ensures effortless working.
  2. Natural wood handles provide a slipless comfortable grip.
  3. Very well balance. 
  4. Adds unique beauty to the kitchen. 
  5. With a little extra weight, it can cut through hard food with extra confidence. 


  1. If you are used to using an extremely lightweight knife then at first Miyabi birchwood may feel a little heavy. That’s normal for the hand-forged knife. 

If you have liked all the features of Birchwood then you can also look for the Miyabi birchwood SG2 7 piece knife block set. 

Miyabi Birchwood SG2 7-piece Knife Block Set

Blade material, handle material, sharpness, hardness, beauty in all this quality you will find similarity with the birchwood chef knife. These block sets include:

  1. 3.5″ Parer
  2.  7″ Santoku
  3.  8″ Chef knife
  4.  9″ Bread knife
  5.  Stainless Steel Shears
  6.  9″ Birchwood Handle Steel
  7. 12-Slot Bamboo Block

2. Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife Review (Best affordable Miyabi knife)

Miyabi kaizen chef's knife review

Kaizen is one of the entry-level knives of Miyabi makers but in terms of the actual knife, it is very high-end compared to other Japanese knives. It’s a knife with 65 layers of flower Damascus design, a beautiful black micarta handle, VG-10 super steel core with incredible hardness and edge retention. 

The blade core of miyabi 8 inch kaizen is made with VG10 super steel protected by 64 layers of flower Damascus pattern. VG-10 is high carbon steel with chromium, cobalt, vanadium, molybdenum. It is known as the gold standard of knife making. This blade has a Rockwell hardness of 60. CRYODUR ice-hardening process of Miyabi ensures the tough hardness of this knife. 

Because of the tough hardness, this knife will retain its edge for a long. 3 step tradition Honbazuke method is used it on to give the edge of 9.5 to 12 degree. This sharp edge can cut through any food like butter. 

The shape of the blade is like a traditional Japanese knife with a slight curve at both the bottom and top. However, beautiful flower Damascus patterns add more to the beauty.

MIyabi Kaizen chef’s knife features a D-shaped handle made with black linen micarta. Micarta is a composite of resin, paper, linen, and other material. Micarta is a moisture or water repellant. So, lasts for a long and ensures a slipless grip.

This round handle has a D curve on the right side. So, it fits in the hand comfortably. It can be also used with the left hand as the curve at the side is very slight. The mosaic pin at the center, red accent spares, and steel end cap with a logo give an elegant look to the handle. 

The blade goes to the end of the handle, so it’s a full tang. This full tang blade makes it durable and provides a perfect balance. The weight distribution is pretty perfect. 

This 8 inches knife comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects. 

If you want to know more about this knife here is a full Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife Review.

Key features:

  1. 8-inch blade with VG-10 super steel core
  2. 60 Rockwell hardness with 9.5-12 degree cutting edge
  3. D-shaped handles are made from micarta.
  4. 65 layers of flower Damascus pattern.
  5. Lightweight with 11.2 ounce


  1. Super sharp edge with precious cutting.
  2. Comfortable and slipless grip 
  3. Very handy and fastens kitchen works
  4. Lightweight so doesn’t create pressure on the wrist
  5. One of the most affordable Miyabi knife


  1. It doesn’t come with any sheath.
  2. Is not dishwasher safe, prefer handwash. 

3. Miyabi Fusion Morimoto Edition Chef’s Knife Review

Miyabi fusion morimoto review

If someone looks for the most famous Miyabi knife, he will surely find the Miyabi fusion Morimoto in the top three. What makes it so special? Miyabi Fusion was designed in collaboration with chef Masaharu Morimoto who is known as ‘iron Chef’. So, as a trademark cuisine of chef Morimoto, this knife combines a western ergonomic handle design with an authentic Japanese blade style. 

Its blade construction has many similarities with Miyabi kaizen. The blade core is made with VG10 steel wrapped by 32 layers of steel on each side. So,it has a total of 65 layers of high carbon steel. And, this steel is very famous among Japanese knife makers. 

All these layers of steel add Damascus patter to the knife. And the pattern becomes darker from the bottom to the top. And the blade has a thin Japanese profile. 

Now, comes the western style ergonomic handle which is different from most of the knives of this miyabi chef knife review . The handle end is thicker than the other parts so that the hand doesn’t slip while cutting. Tang with a beautiful red line at both sides is visible from both the top and bottom of the handle.

The handle is made from POM which is an industrial polymer. This makes the handle moisture and water-resistant so, the handle lasts for a long. 

Like other best Miyabi chef knives, the fusion Morimoto edition has a Rockwell hardness around 60 and a super sharp edge of 9.5 to 12 degrees. 

It’s very lightweight compared to any other knife of this best miyabi chef knife review . That’s only 8 ounces. 

If you want to know more about this knife here is a full Miyabi Fusion Morimoto Review.

Key features 

  1. Very lightweight only 8 ounces. 
  2. Handle made with POM, polymer. 
  3. Western-style ergonomic handle. 
  4. Unique Damascus design.
  5. VG-10 cutting core with a total of 56 layers. 
  6. Visible full tang. 


  1. Super lightweight, doesn’t create pain in the hand even after long use. 
  2. The water-resistance handle ensures a slipless grip.
  3. Full tang contributes to proper balancing.
  4. Razor-sharp edge ensures precise and smooth cut. 


  1. The handle may feel a little shorter if you are a large-handed person. 

4. Miyabi Mizu SG2 Review ( Best hammered finish Miyabi Knife)

Miyabi Mizu Sg2 Review

In Japanse Mizu means water. You may wonder why a knife is named after water. The reason is the beautifully hammered surface and wavy Damasus pattern on the blade look like a water wave. It also explains its quality as the shiny razor-sharp edge can cut through anything like water. 

When it’s about blade material and hardness Mizu has similarly to the first knife of this best miyabi review which is Miyabi birchwood. The blade core is made with super gold SG2 powder steel with 63 Rockwell hardness. 

The blade exterior has three layers of finish. At the top portion, it has a hammered finish that partly prevents any food from sticking while cutting. Then the middle portion has a lower matt finish and the edge with an oil finish. 

As handle material, Micarta is used. It’s water or stain resistance. And the handle is cylindrical D shape. But the D curve at the right side is too minor so it is also comfortable for the left-hand users. Mosaic pin at the handle center along with steel end cap gives the wooden-like handle a beautiful look. 

The blade length and sharpness are quite similar to all other knives of this best miyabi knives review. Its full tang along with proper weight distribution will ensure a comfortable cutting balance. 

If you want to know more about this knife here is a full Miyabi Mizu SG2 Review.

Key features:

  1. Tough hardness, 63 on Rockwell scale.
  2. 3 layer blade exterior design with hammer finish. 
  3. Durable micarta handle. 
  4. Total weight of only 7.4 ounce 
  5. Sg2 power steel blade core


  1. Food doesn’t stick to the blade while cutting. 
  2. Very lightweight that ensures tireless working for a long time. 
  3. Provide comfortable pinch grip.
  4. Its better flexibility will please you.
  5. Comfortable handle with slipless grip. 


  1. Like most other Miyabi knives in this Miyabi chef’s knife review, it is not dishwasher safe, it prefers hand washing only.

5. Miyabi Black Chef’s Knife review ( Best high-end Miyabi Knife)

Miyabi Black chef's Knives review

If you are looking for the most high-end Miyabi knife then here it is. Miyabi black can be considered as the most high-end and beautiful Miyabi knife. It has the most Rockwell hardness, Most steel layers, and the darkest beautiful pattern comparing to any other knife of this best miyabi knives review.

Miyabi black blade core is made with Crydur micro carbide MC66 powder steel. And the blade core is wrapped by the most number of 66 Damascus steel layers at each side. These layers protect the core from any kind of tough pressure or damage. So, it has a total of 133 layers of steel that are a lot in number. 

These blade core and steel layers along with crydour hardening precess Miyabi black gets a Rockwell hardness of 66 that’s the top hardness for any Miyabi knife. The experiment proved that it retains its edge longer than any Miyabi knife. 

Your eyer will be stuck to the blade design at first sight. A dark unique flower Damascus design with an elegant look like a precious ornament of a kitchen. 

Now the handle is made from strutting black ash. That gives the handle a dark blackish texture. This D-shaped cylindrical handle fits in the palm comfortably. And steel end cap along with a mosaic pin and spacers adds the last touch to the knife. 

Miyabi black is available in two sizes. As other best miyabi knife, this one is the 8-inch version and another is the 9.5-inch version. And sharpness is extreme 9.5 to 12 degrees like other knives of this best miyabi knife set review.

If you want to know more about this knife here is a full Miyabi Black Chef’s Knife Review.

Key features:

  1. Rockwell hardness of 66, most hardness among all Miyabi knives. 
  2. Micro carbide MC66 powder steel with a total of 133 layers.
  3. Unique dark flower Damascus design over the whole blade.
  4. The handle is made from stunning black ash
  5. Handle features a traditional D shape with other parts.


  1. Incredible edge retention, longer than any knife of this best Miyabi chef’s knife review
  2. Add a unique beauty to the kitchen. 
  3. Provide an effortless and super precise cut with a sharp edge.
  4. The knife is corrosion and rust-resistant. 
  5. The handle is very comfortable with proper balancing.


  1. The price may feel a little higher as it is the most high-end and costly Miyabi knife. 

6. Miyabi Artisan SG2 Chef’s Knives Review

Miyabi Artisan SG2 Review

Miyabi artisan is the 3rd knife of this miyabi kitchen knife review with an SG2 stainless steel blade and extreme 63 Rockwell hardness. Though other things like handle material, handle design, and blade design all these things are unique and different from other knives of the miyabi knives review . 

Its blade has a hammer finish. The top half portion has a beautiful hammer finish that prevents foods from sticking while cutting. And the bottom half has a plain finish. Though its hammer finish is not as eye-catching as Miyabi Mizu. 

Miyabi artisan features a cocobolo pakkawood handle. Pakkawood is a composite material of different hardwood and resin. Pakka wood makes the handle water-resistant and doesn’t harbor bacteria. Pakka wood also gives the handle a shiny brown wooden texture. 

If you have ever seen shun premier knife then you will find similarities between shun premier and Miyabi artisan in handle design and material. The artisan handle is a cylindrical D shape with a curve at the belly that fills the palm nicely while working. Other details like brass, red spacers, a mosaic pin along a stainless steel end cap contribute to the proper balancing of miaybi artisan. 

And the blade length is average size as all other best chef knife by miyabi that’s 8 inches with a double bevel 9.5 to12 degree cutting angle. And full tang that goes through all the way of handle

If you want to know more about this knife here is a full Miyabi Artisan SG2 Review.

Key features:

  1. Pakkawood handles with brown wooden texture. 
  2. 2 layers of exterior design. Upper half portion with a hammered finish and lower portion plain finish. 
  3. D-shaped cylindrical handle.
  4. 63 Rockwell hardness. 
  5. SG2  blade core with another 2 layers of steel. 


  1. D curve belly of the handle fits nicely in the palm. 
  2. Food doesn’t stitch to the knife while cutting.
  3. Pretty lightweight and easy to use. 
  4. The hard blade retains its edge for a long. 
  5. Razor-sharp edge cuts through anything like butter. 


  1. Only hand wash safe. Washing it in the dishwasher may cause damage. 
  2. Its packaging may feel very cheap. 

7. Miyabi Koh 8-inch Review ( Most affordable Miyabi Chef’s Knife)

Miyabi Koh Chef knife review

Miyabi koh is the most affordable Miyabi chef knife. It is one of the entry-level knives of Miyabi. But in terms of its features and quality, it is very high-end even when compared to other Japanese chef knives. 

Miyabi koh 8 inch chef’s knife has a traditional Japanese profile with a famous katana edge. Its blade is made with incredible FC61 carbide stainless steel. This blade has 61 Rockwell hardness that points to the high hardness of the blade. Components of blade steel and the ice-hardening process of Miyabi ensure this tough hardness of the knife. It makes the knife durable and develops long-lasting edge retention. So, You will not need to sharpen the edge so often. 

The handle has a different shape from other Miyabi knives. It has a pakkawood handle with an octagonal shape. Pakkawood is a composite material of resin and wood that is water and moisture resistant. It is very durable and makes the handle slipless. 

Because of the octagonal shape and as there is no D curve at any side this knife can be used by both left and right hands. A beautiful mosaic pin at the center of the handle adds a more elegant look to the knife. 

Like all the knives of this best miyabi kitchen knife review list koh knife has a very sharp edge. The same Honbazuke method is used for this knife to give it a mirror-polished 9.5 to 12-degree cutting angle. It is an all-rounder knife, perfect for both Asian rocking cut and western chop. It will ensure a precious cut with a comfortable grip. 

This full tang, lightweight knife also has a limited lifetime warranty as other Miyabi knives. 

If you want to know more about this knife here is a full Miyabi Koh Chef’s Knife Review.

Key features:

  1. Octagonal pakkawood handle
  2. Full tang knife with 9.5 to 12-degree cutting edge.
  3. Mirror finish blade made with FC61 fine steel. 
  4. Rockwell hardness 61 


  1. Very affordable and value for money.
  2. Tough hardness and long edge retention
  3. It has authenticity 
  4. Razor-sharp edge ensures effortless cut. 
  5. Lightweight and durable. 
  6. Perfect for a different type of cutting, chopping, rocking, or slicing


  1. According to some users, the blade is so lightweight that sometimes it can’t keep a proper balance

8. Miyabi Evolution Chef’s Knives Review

Miyabi Evolution Chef's Knives Review

Miyabi evolution is a high-end collection of Miyabi. Time-tested German technology meets Japanese craftsmen in Miyabi evolution. The specialty of this knife is that it supports both western chopping cuts and Asian rocking cuts. It is the second knife in the Miyabi chef’s knives review that comes with a western-style handle.

Its blade and handles both reflect the combination of western and Japanese knife-blade styles. The blade is made from revolutionary fine carbide FC61 steel. Its carbide distribution results in a blade that holds a super-sharp edge for a long. Moreover, ensures tough durability with no risk of chipping. The same high carbon and high chromium steel are used in Miyabi Koh.

 The blade has a Japanese profile with a plain mirror finish. This blade has a 61 Rockwell hardness. A special ice-hardening process is used to ensure this hardness. 

Miyabi features a triple-riveted ergonomic handle that is different from most other knives in this miyabi cooking knife review. You will find the western influence in the handle. Tang is visible in the handle with two red lines and those 3 rivet makes the handle more durable. 

As handle material, POM is used which is an industrial polymer. Perfect as a lightweight knife handle material as it is water and moisture-resistant. 

Again if we come to the cutting edge then it’s like the other best miyabi knife that is 8 to 12 degrees at each. And the proper balancing and this cutting angle you can cut through any food easily. 

If you want to know more about this knife here is a full Miyabi Evolution Chef’s Knife Review.

Key features:

  1. Ergonomic triple revert handle. 
  2. The handle is made with POM.
  3. 8 to 12-degree cutting angle.
  4. 61 Rockwell hardness FC61 blade core. 
  5. The blade has a plain mirror finish. 


  1. Feels great in the hand
  2. The ergonomic handle fits properly in hand.
  3. Super sharp edge cuts through anything like butter. 
  4. Retain its edge for a long. 
  5. With proper care, it will look new even after long use.


  1. Some people don’t like an ergonomic handle. And it looks a little less elegant than the Japanese D shape handle. 
  2. Supports hand washing only.

What is the best Miyabi knife?

Miyabi has knives for all price ranges and all types of users. Among them, Miyabi birchwood Sg2 is considered the most famous and best overall Miyabi knife. And miyabi kaizen is the best affordable Miyabi knife. 

Which Miyabi knife is perfect for you? It depends totally on your choice and affordability. Because Miyabi has a large collection of rage from 100 dollars to more than 1000 dollars. And different knives are perfect for different levels of users though everyone can use each knife comfortably.

 If we consider the best overall Miyabi knife then Miyabi birchwood will be at the top of the list as mentioned before in this Miyabi chef knife review . And if you want a quality knife in more a more affordable price then you can go with kaizen. Though Miyabi Koh is the most affordable Miyabi knife and Miyabi black is the most high-end and unique design Miyabi chef knife. Not last but least, Miyabi Mizu has a beautiful blade design. 

Where are Miyabi knives made? Are Miyabi knives made in japan?

Each Miyabi knife is manufactured in Seki, Japan which is known as the knife and sword-making capital of Japan for hundreds of years. Expert craftsman made knives using traditional Japanese knife-making techniques.

Though Miyabi knives are crafted in Japan by Japanese bladesmiths, Miyabi is owned by Zwilling. Zwilling is a famous german knife maker. So, you find the combination of modern german engineering and technology with traditional Japanese techniques in Miyabi chef’s knife. 

Are Miyabi knives worth it? Why are Miyabi knives so expensive?

All premium quality material, expert craftsman, and traditional knife-making techniques used in Miyabi make a worth and value for money product. Even an entry-level Miyabi knife is a knife with very high-end qualities. 

At first view, you may find Miyabi chef knives a little expensive. But if you have gone through this whole best Miyabi knives review it may be clear to you that Miyabi uses a quality blade and handle material for their knife. They use SG2, FC61, VG-10 this kind of steel which is very well known among high-end knife makers. Same for handle materials like birchwood, micarta, pakkawood, and POM. Moreover, the extremely sharp edge with the aesthetic beauty of Miyabi chef’s knives is worth it though it looks a little expensive at first. 

Comparison between Miyabi knives?

Miyabi makes knives of a different look, different costs, and for different users. So, it is hard to compare Miyabi knives. Still, I made some articles to make a comparison between any two Miyabi knife mentioning their similarity and difference. 

Where can I buy Miyabi knives?

As a famous knife-making company, Miyabi knives are widely available. If you want to buy directly from the shop then you can go to your nearest Miyabi showroom and have your perfect one. You will also get in other knife shops. 

On the other hand, if you want to buy online then you can buy from amazon. Almost all kinds of Miyabi knives are available on Amazon at a reasonable price. Even you can buy it from the official website of the manufacturer. 

What about the Miyabi knife warranty?

Miyabi ensures a limited lifetime warranty for their every piece of the knife. For any kind of manufacturing defect, you will be able to use this warranty service. But this warranty is not applied for any defect that is caused while working like bending edge whale cutting something hard or chipping edge while working or damaging the wooden handle. You can use this warranty service through their official website or by contacting the seller from whom you bought the knife. 


  1. Is Miyabi real Damascus?

In most of their knives, Miyabi uses Damascus steel and that is real Damascus steel. In a few knives, Miyabi doesn’t use Damascus steel those knives are made by the influence of western plain finish. And you will find it mentioned whether it is Damascus steel or not. Which knives have Damascus pattern on them they are real as that knife got those patterns from layers of Damascus steel? 

  1. What angle to sharpen Miyabi knife?

All all Miyabi knives are sharpened to an extremely sharp 8-12 degree cutting angle. So, if you want to sharpen your Miyabi knife perfectly you need to be careful about this cutting angle. 

  1. How often do sharpen Miyabi knives?

Due to the tough hardness and honbazuke sharpening process, Miyabi chef’s knives keeps their edge sharp for a long. And you may know this deeply from this best miyabi chef knife review.  You won’t need to sharpen the knife so often. And sharpen the Miyabi knife with a professional tool and proper maintenance. 

  1. How to sharpen a Miyabi knife?

At first, immerse the sharpening stone in water for around five minutes. Then place the non-slip side of the sharpening stone facing down in the wooden base. And for the best result, maintain the wetness of the stone throughout the whole process. A grey fluid is produced during the sharpening, don’t wash it off as it improves the process of work.

  1. Are Miyabi knives handmade?

Every Miyabi knife is very handmade. Each step is done by hand, at least a part of each step is done by hand. A knife takes 100 steps and 42 days to come to its final look. From the hardening to sharpening using honbazuke method all include the touch of the human hand. 

  1. Are Miyabi knives forged or stamped?

Each Miyabi knife is a forged knife. Expert Japanese craftsman uses a traditional hand-forging technique to craft every piece of Miyabi knife. Layers of steel are forged together to make a knife with extreme durability, hardness, look and edge retention.

  1. Does Zwilling own Miyabi?

Since 2004, Miyabi is owned by Zwilling. Zwilling is a german knife maker they are situated at Solingen, Germany. But Miyabi knives are crafted in Seki, Japan. 


From this whole best Miyabi knives review, you may have got a crystal clear idea about different Miyabi chef’s knives. So, you must know that Miyabi makes knives for all kinds of users so you will surely get a perfect one for you. 

If you are looking for the overall best Miyabi chef knife then it is Miyabi birchwood chef’s knife. It is the most famous Miyabi knife. Miyabi kaizen in the best affordable Miyabi knife. But if you want the most costly, high end and unique-looking Miyabi knife then it is Miyabi black with a dark elegant vibe. 

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