Miyabi Kaizen Chef's Knife Review

When it comes to a chef knife, we always prefer the knife with quality material, a beautiful look at the most comfortable price. If you have the same choice then miyabi kaizen chef’s knife could be the best option for you. It’s a knife with all quality features at an affordable price. 

Kaizen means improvement or change for something better in Japanese. Similar to its name this knife combines the best technology with the artistry of Japanese traditional craftsmen. You will feel the beautiful appearance out of the box. The authenticity lying beneath the blade and sharpness will impress you every time you use it. 

So, I have made and detailed miyabi kaizen chef’s knife review to give you a clear idea. Let’s have a look at the blade pattern, handle design, and the other features of miyabi kaizen 8 inch.

Quick Overview

  1. The blade core is made with VG-10 high carbon super steel
  2. Hand honed to 9.5 to 12 degree using traditional Honbazuke process
  3. Blade features a 65 layers of flower damascus design
  4. Handle is made with slipless and moisture repellent  black linen micarta
  5. Handle features a traditional japanese D shape with a comfortable grip
  6. It’s a full tang blade
  7. Blade length is 8 inches with 
  8. Icehardend to rockwell hardness 60 that point to very hard blade.
  9. Limited lifetime warranty and support

Miyabi Kaizen is a part of our Best Miyabi Chef’s Knives Reivew list.

Miyabi Kaizen 8-inch Chef’s Knife Review ( Medium, Black with Red Accent)

Where it’s made

miyabi kaizen chef knife is handcrafted by japanese knife smiths in seki, japan. Miyabi is a part of famous german knife maker zwilling . But miyabi knives are made in japan with the combination of japanese traditional knife-making techniques and modern german technology. Hardly any knife manufacturer can hold a candle to Miyabi when it comes to fit and finish. 

Blade material (VG-10 super steel)

Blade core of miyabi kaizen knife is made with VG-10 super steel which is known as the gold standard of knife making. VG-10 cutting core is wrapped on either side with 32 layers of stainless steel. Those layers protecting the core against rust, pitting, and things like that. That’s total of 65 layers gives it a beautiful damascus look. 

VG-10 is famous among the Japanese knife makers because of its qualities like hardness, edge retention, rust resistance, etc. It’s a high carbon stainless steel alloy of carbon, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, and cobalt. Carbon increases hardness, chromium makes it rust-resistant. Other components provide strength, durability and flexibility. 

Blade Design

Miyabi kaizen chef knife has a beautiful flower damascus pattern of 65 layers of stainless steel. You can clearly see that weavy damascus pattern on the whole body of the blade. It looks like matt finish on the blade. 

It has an authentic thin Japanese blade profile. So, it has a slight curve from both the bottom and top parts. The spine is nicely grounded for a comfortable pinch grip. And finally, you will find the logo of Miyabi on the blade.

Sharpness and edge

Miyabi kaizen 8-inch chef’s knife has an insanely sharp hand-honed 9.5 to 12 degree cutting edge. It’s almost half what other knife manufacturers, even japanese manufacturer grind their knives to. It’s really very sharp and thin knife which provides effortless and precious cutting. 

This sharpness comes from the traditional japanese 3 steps Honbazuke technique. In the first two steps, knives are grounded and sharpened using vertical and horizontal rotating stones. Then they are mirror polished on leather belts. This process has been used for hundreds of years for the ultimate sharpness of samurai swords. 

In addition, this knife is a dual bevel knife. It means it has same sharpness from both of the side, unlike traditional Japanese knife. And this makes it usable for both left and right-handed persons. 


The hardness of any knife mainly depends on blade material, forging and other processes. This high carbon VG-10 steel and ice hardening ensure the hardness of miyabi kaizen with rockwell hardness of 60. 

Miyabi uses CRYODUR ice-hardening process to enhance blade properties and make it hard but not brittle. In this complex process at first, the blade is heated up in a vacuum-sealed oven and cooled down to room temperature. Then it is cooled down to very low freezing temperature. This continuous heating and cooling process develop steel structure and increase hardness.

This tough hardness ensures edge retention for a long. A hard blade retains its edge for a longer period than any soft blade. Moreover, the cryodur process ensures to not make it brittle with hard.

Handle material

Miyabi kaizen knife’s handle is made with black linen Micarta. Micarta is a composite material of resin, canvas, linen, paper, burlap etc. It has a beautiful grain structure with wood-like texture. This handle material makes the handle extremely resistant to moisture and water. So, the handle provides a comfortable slipless grip and lasts for a long. 

Micarta handle may feel a little bit heavier than the normal wooden handle. But the micarta handle retains its feel for a long time. 

Handle Design

The handle features a traditional japanese D shape look. It has a round shape with a slight D curve at the right side so it fills your palm in very nicely when you hold it. As the curve on right side is not so aggressive you can hold it with your left hand with comfort. It feels like a sand finish on the handle that makes it slipless.

The most beautiful feature on the handle is the mosaic pin going through the center. It is about 15 to 20 little pieces of brass, copper, and stainless steel that have been individually pressed into the handle as a final finish touch. It also contributes to handling durability.

There is an elegant-looking logo craved steel cap at the end part of the handle. It contributes to the balance and weight distribution of miyabi kaizen chef’s knife. You will also find two red accent spacers that add more beauty to the elegant black handle. 


Blade of miyabi kaizen knives goes through the whole handle so it is a full tang knife. Full tang knives are always preferred over half tang knives. Because full-tang knives are usually more durable and resistant than half-tang. It also adds better weight distribution and balance to the knife. 

Weight and balance 

The total weight of miyabi kaizen is 11.2 ounces. That’s pretty lightweight compare to other knives of its size. So it will not create pressure on your wrist even after long use. Moreover, it will work like a part of your hand while cutting, chopping or slicing. 

Full tang, steel end cap all these things are added to ensures proper weight distribution through the knife. You will get proper balance while working with this knife and get used to it quickly.Its balance is almost at the center point. 


The total length of miyabi kaizen 8 inches is 14.75 inches. So, the blade is of 8-inch length which is most preferred for a wide range of work. And the handle length is more than 6.5 inches. It will fit both is large or small hand. This blade has a thickness of 1 inch that is pretty thin.

Clean and maintenance 

Like all japanese or miyabi knives kaizen prefers handwash. Washing it with a dishwasher may cause the edge and create chip that will make your knife valueless. So, after every use just wash it with water. If needed use soap and wash with your hand using water. 

Don’t forget to dry the knife after washing. Keeping it without drying can damage it. So, put it in an open place before storing so that water vaporizes and the blade dries out properly. 

As miyabi kaizen doesn’t come with any sheath you have to use any wooden knife block or sheath it stores it. Never put it in a drawer without a sheath that may damage the edge. Don’t use a magnetic knife keeper.

How the knife will feel in your hand

A knife may be beautiful or made with quality material but the most important thing is the feeling that you will get while taking it in hand. 

The D shape handle will fit in your hand properly while working. Moreover, as the handle doesn’t absorb moisture, you will feel a slipless grip. 

The razor-sharp edge will provide an effortless and smooth cut, so it will feel like a  part of your hand while using. Moreover, as the knife has pretty lightweight it doesn’t create pressure on the wrist. You will also get a comfortable pinch grip as the spine is well-grounded .


Miyabi produces knives with quality material and modern technologies. Years old traditional knife-making techniques are used in their knives.  So they have full confidence in their knife durability and quality. That’s why they provide a limited lifetime warranty on their knife. They will ensure enough support from the moment you buy their knife. 

Customer’s thought

Most of the reviews about this knife are positive and you will hardly find any bad word about this excellent piece o knife. 

One user complained, “Why this knife doesn’t come with any sheath?”. There is nothing to do, you can buy a sheath or used your older sheat if you have any or use a knife block. Another person said it would be better if miyabi kaizen 8-inch knife was dishwasher safe. 

Most of the people told their experience about the smooth work, sharp edge, the balance of the knife. They also explained about beauty as I have described it in this whole Miyabi kaizen knives review. 


I am pretty sure, you know about the positive sides and qualities from this miyabi kaizen knife review . Let me describe them briefly.

  1. Incredibly sharp edge with precious cutting.
  2. The handle doesn’t slip from the grip.
  3. Rock-solid hardness with durability
  4. Lightweight and easy to use.
  5. Food doesn’t stick while cutting
  6. More hardness ensure long edge retention
  7. Very handy and fastens work
  8. Proper balance while working
  9. Comfortable pinch grip with smooth spine
  10. Limited lifetime warranty with better support. 


You may know from this miyabi kaizen review article that miyabi kaizen 8-inch chef’s knife has very few drawbacks. Those are:

  1. Doesn’t come with any sheath.
  2. It is not dishwasher safe, prefer hand wash only as all Japanese knife
  3. Needs to be handle with extra care as the edge is razor-sharp. 


  1. Is miyabi kaizen value for money?

Yes. With all quality features like VG-10 blade core,65 steel layer flower Damascus design, Pakkawood durable handle, incredibly sharp edge it is a value for money product. It also features a full tang blade, tough hard 60 rockwell hardness, beautiful design on the handle that will surely impress you. This whole miyabi kaizen chef’s knife review also describes this fact. 

  1. Will the blade rust or is it made of stainless steel?

It is made from stainless steel. The core is made with VG-10 steel. The Damascus layer at both sides of the core is stainless steel. So, it’s not going to rust. But it will stain if it is left sitting in water for several days or a long time.

  1. Is kaizen sharp out of the box?

Yes, it’s incredibly sharp out of the box. You can cut through any food like butter just after opening the box. 

  1. Does miyabi kaizen chef knife have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, it has a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.

5. What are the differences and similarites between Miyabi kaizen and Koh?

There many differences between these two miyabi knives as well as few similarites in term of sharpness , hardness. And there are difference in blade material, balde design, handle material and handle design. Here is full Miyabi Kaizen vs koh comparison.

Other comparison of Kaizen knife : Miyabi Kaizen vs Evolution


A knife-like miyabi kaizen is essentially the workhorse of the kitchen. You can really see and feel that someone put his heart and soul into the knife while handcrafting it. And I hope all those impressive qualities and features are clear to you from this whole miyabi kaizen chef’s knife review. 

So, if you want a high-end japanese knife then a kaizen chef knife is a great way to. It is really nicely prised to other knives out there . You will surely enjoy the experience of working with this beautiful piece of miyabi without paying an extra dollar. 

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