Miyabi fusion morimoto review

 A quality chef knife is the working partner of a kitchen. It can make the kitchen work smooth and help you to complete the various tasks. But obviously, that’s not the only thing. If you can choose a proper one for you then it will also add beauty to your kitchen along with great functioning. Miyabi fusion morimoto is one of those chef knives that will give an aesthetic look with razor-sharp cutting. It will also contribute to making your experience smooth and effortless while cooking.

So, if you want to know more about this knife let’s dive deep into this Miyabi fusion morimoto review. Here I have added about different aspects, usability, pros, cons of the knife with some common FAQ.

Quick Overview

If you are in hurry than before going through this whole miyabi 600d review you can go through this quick overview .

  1. Blade core is made with VG10 super steel. 
  2. 32 layers of damascus steel at each side of the core to protect the core. Total of 65 layers of steel.
  3. Full blade has a unique flower damascus design. Damascus pattern becomes darker from bottom to top.
  4. The blade is 8 inches long with a handle of around 5 inches.
  5. Very lightweight. It’s only 8 ounces
  6. Visible full tang knife.
  7. 60 rockwell hardness that’s tough hardness. 
  8. Handle is made from glass bead enhanced POM. 
  9. Triple-riveted Western-style ergonomic handle with beautiful red accents.
  10. Limited lifetime warranty. 

Miyabi fusion morimoto 8 chef’s knife review  (Miyabi 600d review)

Miyabi fusion 600d was created and designed in collaboration with chef Masaharu morimoto who is called the iron chef. As a trademark cuisine of Chef Morimoto it combines the best of Japanese and Western techniques. This knife combines the western ergonomic handle design and shapes with authentic Japanese blade styles, razor sharp edge, and super steel.

Where it’s made

Each blade of Miyabi is finished by master craftsmen in Seki, Japan using traditional blade honing techniques. Seki is known as the knife capital of Japan because swords have been made here for hundreds of years. Though miyabi is located in japan, it is owned by famous german knife maker zwilling. So, every piece of miyabi combines the traditional japanese knife making process with modern german technologies.

Blade material

Blade core of miyabi 600d is made with durable VG10 super steel wrapped by 64 layers of Damascus steel.VG10 is known as the gold standard of knife making because it features a complex mix of steel, carbon, cobalt, molybdenum, and vanadium. These components contribute to the hardness, durability, and longevity of the blade of miyabi 600d morimoto knife. The carbon component makes the blade hard. Chromium makes it rust-resistant and cobalt along with other components contributes to the strength. That’s how VG-10 provides sharpened cutting edge retention for long measurable superiority to other ordinary knives. 

Those steel layers wrapping the core protect the core from pressure or any damage. As those layers are like sandwiches of hard and soft steel it helps to make the whole knife flexible. 

Blade Design

Miyabi fusion 8 chef’s knife has a very thin authentic japanese blade profile. And full blade has a beautiful flower damascus pattern. Total 65 layers of steel make this pattern become darker and darker from bottom to top. And a beautiful miyabi logo makes the blade more elegant. 

Miyabi 600d knife blade

Blade has curves at both the bottom and top parts. The spine is rounded that helps to hold the knife without putting any stress on the finger and handles it easily. 

Sharpness and edge

Most of the premium miyabi knives are hand-honed to an incredibly sharp 9.5 to 12 degree cutting edge. Similar for miyabi fusion morimoto edition (Miyabi 600d). Very few chef knives even Japanese knives are sharpened to this angle. It is sharpened targeting the ultimate precise and effortless cut. 

3 step traditional Honbazuke process is used to sharpen it. In the first two steps, it is grounded in a vertical and a horizontal stone. Finally, the blade is polished on leather. These sharpening techniques have been used for centuries for the ultimate sharpness of samurai swords. 

This knife has the same cutting edge on both sides. So, this double bevel knife is perfect for both left and right hand users. When it comes to edge retention, it can compete with any super high-end knife.


Long lasting edge retention is an important quality of a quality chef knife. But durability and edge retention depend on the hardness of the knife and hardness depends on the material and making process of the knife.Miyabi fusion morimoto edition chef’s knife has a 60 rockwell hardness that’s pretty higher than any ordinary chef knife. Special ice-hardening cryodur processes are used. This process maximizes the properties of the steel and ensures long edge retention.


Tang is the part of the blade that goes through the handle. If it goes all the way through the handle to end it is a full tang knife. Miyabi fusion morimoto edition chef’s knife is also a full tang knife. Full tang is always preferred over half tang knife because it’s more durable and strong. Tang also contribute to the proper balancing and weight distribution.

Handle Material

Miyabi fusion chef’s knife’s handle material is different than other Miyabi knives. Its handle is made of glass bead enhanced POM. POM is is an industrial polymer also known as Durcon. It is usually moisture and water resistant so it ensures slipless grip while working. Moreover, as it is a polymer-type material and doesn’t absorb water,  bacteria don’t harbor into it. So, the handle lasts for a long and is very easy to care for. 

Handle Design

Miyabi fusion knife features a triple riveted western style handle design. Its handle design is different than most other Japanese style miyabi knives. Handle has a curve at it’s belly that fits in the palm very nicely. And the thicker part at the end prevent sliping while working. It doesn’t have any curve at one side , at both side it has same structure . So, it is comfortable for both left and right hand knife users. 

Miyabi fusion knife handle

Blade tang is visible from both top and bottom part of the handle . And there is beautiful red lines that adds more beauty to the knife. And those 3 rivert pins makes the handle more durable. 


Different sized knives are used for different types of works . So, the perfect size is necessary for comfortable working in the kitchen .Miyabi 600d has a blade length of 8 inch . It is considered as the idea size for all purpose work. It can serve the purpose for both long and short blade . And the handle is around 5 inch. Both small and large hand user can hold it comfortably. 

Weight and balance 

Miyabi fusion morimoto edition is very lightweight comparing to other miyabi chef knives. It weights only 8 ounces and don’t create any pressure on hand even after a long use. 

Proper balancing of a knife is very important for every precious cut. Blade weight, full tang, handle weight all this things contributes to the proper weight distribution of this knife. You will get used this knife in a very few time . the balance is around the connection point of the handle and blade. 

Clean and maintenance 

Longtivity of a knife depends on the proper mantainance and care. A knife may be very high end but without proper care the knife will damage in long run. Same for miyabi fusion knives . 

Like all other miyabi knives miyabi fusion morimoto edition 8 chef’s knife prefer hand wash only. Washing it in dish washer may cause chip or damage to the knife. So, just clean the knife with water after every normal use. And you can wash it with soap and cloth after heavy use if necessary.

After washing drying the knife is always important. Though it’s handle is water resistant it is better to put the knife in open place after every wash so that water vaporize properly. 

Using a sheth or wooden block is better option to store this knife . It’s never safe to put any knife in drawer without any sheat. Moreover, try to avoid using magnetic knife holder. 

How the knife will feel in your hand

A knife is a partern of our kitchen so it’s compulsory to feel comfortable while working with a knife. When it comes to miyabi fusion 8 chef’s knife with all it’s features it feels like a part of hand while working. 

It’s ergonmic handle fills the palm properly and don’t slip easily. With the extrme sharp edge it cuts through anything like butter. So, you don’t need to create pressure to cut something. 

Moreover, as it is very lightweigh and the weight is very nicely distributed you will not feel it’s weight . 

It also ensures comfortable pinch grip with round polished spine and heel. And i think you can imagine this feel from those features described in this Miyabi fusion morimoto knife review. 


Miyabi provides limited lifetime warranty for all of their knives . Same for miyabi fusion knives . Miyabi used quality material and best knife crafting technique to ensure the quality of their knife. That’s why their knife are so well renowned. Beside that they will provide you free warranty for any kind of manufacturing defects. Just send it to them, they will ensure quality customer service. 

Customer’s thought

If you search for customer’s though and review about this knife, you will find that most of the reviews are positive reviews with very few negative mentions. 

One user mentioned that it would be better for him if the handle was a little bit longer. Another customer complained about why this knife is not dishwasher safe. 

Other reviews are positive reviews. They mentioned about different features like razor sharp edge, beautiful look, comfortable handle, etc as I have mentioned in this Miyabi fusion chef’s knives review


From those features described in this Miyabi fusion morimoto review, you may have got a clear idea about the pros of this knife. 

  1. Rocksolid hardness with incredible durability. 
  2. Authentic thin and lightweight to use. 
  3. Extreme sharp edge with precise cut
  4. Rounded spine and heel ensure comfortable pinch grip. 
  5. Long-lasting edge retention.
  6. Handle fits in the hand very comfortably. 
  7. Handle ensures slipless grip. 
  8. Very easy to care for. 
  9. Limited lifetime warranty. 


If you have gone through this whole Miyabi fusion 8 inch chef’s knife review then you may know that this knife has very few drawbacks. Even those few drawbacks are ignorable. 

  1. Doesn’t come with any sheath or protector but comes with a box.
  2. Only hand wash safe. Washing it in the dishwasher may cause damage to the knife. 


  1. Is miyabi fusion morimoto a both-handed knife? 

Yes, this knife is appropriate for both right and left-handed users persons. This knife is a dual bevel that means it has a cutting angle at both sides. And the handle doesn’t have any taper on any one side. Both sides of the handle have the same shape. 

  1. Is this knife dual bevel? 

Yes, this knife is a dual bevel. From this Miyabi 600d Morimoto edition review you may know that this knife has an extremely sharp 8 to 12 degree cutting angle at both sides.


Miyabi fusion morimoto is a proper combination of Western inspired ergonomics with authentic traditional Japanese super steel and blade style. I think If you have gone through every feature of this knife in this Miyabi fusion morimoto review (Miyabi 600d review) , this knife has impressed you. 

Though this knife has some drawbacks but comparing to its incredible features they are properly ignorable. So, if you want to make your kitchen work smooth and effortless then you can surely go with this beautiful knife.

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