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Are you looking for a quality Kitchen knife? Do you want to know more about the knives of KUMA? The fact is that KUMA is trying to craft knives at an affordable price so that a range of people can afford their knives. But it doesn’t mean that they are compromising their quality. They have a wide range of knives and try their best to maintain the quality material, beautiful design, and legibility of each knife.  

Now let’s go through every detail and feature of the KUMA knife in this Kuma knife review. And let’s decide which KUMA knife will be best for you. 

Comparison Table: Kuma Knife Review

So, before going through a detailed Kuma knives Review you can go through this comparison table. It will give you a quick overview of all good quality Kuma knives.

KanetsuneProfessional Damascus KnifeMultipurpose Chef KnifeVG-10 Damascus Chef  KnifeParing Knife
Knife TypeChef KnifeChef Knifechef knifeParing knife
Blade MaterialAUS10 core with 67 layers of high carbon steel3Cr13 stainless steelVg10 steel with 67 Damascus steel layers3Cr13 stainless steel
Blade DesignDamascus PatternPlain finishedDamascus PatternPlain Mirror finish
Handle MaterialG10PolymerCoffee Pakkawood Polymer
Handle DesingTriple-riveted ergonomic Ergonomic triple-rivetedErgonomic triple-rivetedTriple-riveted ergonomic
Size8-inch balde8 inch 8 inch3.5 inch
PriceMore Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)Less Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)Average Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)Less Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)

Detailed Kuma Chef Knife Review

1. KUMA Professional Damascus Knife Review

Kuma professional Knife Review

A beautiful handcrafted, professional-grade Damascus knife with an ergonomic durable handle and sharp edge, this knife is undoubtedly the most high-end knife of KUMA. 

The balde core of this knife is made with AUS10 steel which is known as super stainless steel. This hardcore steel is very famous among knife makers because of its hardness and corrosion resistance. The core is protected by 67 layers of forged Damascus steel. Those layers protect the AUS10 core from pressure and other damage. Very carefully heat-treated steel used in this knife lasts a lifetime. 

The 67 layers of steel not only add more strength to the balde it creates a beautiful Damascus pattern. There is a beautiful wavy Damascus pattern throughout the whole body of this Kuma chef knife. That looks like a black wave in a shiny white sea. Moreover, when it comes to the shape, these knife features a shape like most other high-end Japanese chef knives. 

The KUMA professional knife employs V-shaped sharpening technology, a feature designed to minimize the need for frequent sharpening. This technology ensures that you spend more time in the kitchen cooking rather than sharpening the knife. The result is a long-lasting edge retention, allowing for precise and fatigue-free cutting over an extended period.

When it comes to the handle material, G10 is used in the handle. G10 is a military-grade knife handle material. This is high water and moisture resistant so it lasts for a long.

The handle has an ergonomic shape with a curve at the belly of the handle. Moreover, it is a triple-riveted handle. That means there are three pins in the handle that hold the handle tightly with the tang. And this black handle fits just right in the palm with a hefty grip. In addition, The thicker portion at the handle end prevents the sliping of the grip.

Finally comes the balance and weight of this beautiful Damascus Kuma knife. This knife is very lightweight and its weight is properly distributed. So, this knife provides proper balancing while using. 

This knife comes with a sleek carbon steel sheath. So, it can be a beautiful and luxurious gift for an enthusiastic cook to a professional chef. With these qualities, this knife is undoubtedly the best knife in this Kuma chef knife review.

Key Features:

  1. The blade core is made with AUS10 super steel. 
  2. The core is protected by other 67 layers of high-carbon steel.
  3. The handle is made with G10 material.
  4. The handle features a triple-riveted ergonomic shape. 
  5. It is a full-tang knife.


  1. This Knife retains its edge for a very long. 
  2. The handle fits very comfortably in the grip.
  3. A thicker handle edge prevents sliping.
  4. Super sharp edges provide precise cutting. 
  5. The knife is very lightweight and easy to handle. 
  6. It comes with a sheath for storing. 


  1. Like most other Japanese knives this knife is not dishwasher safe, so wash it with soap, cloth, and hand only.

2. KUMA Multipurpose Chef Knife Review

Kuma multipurpose chef knife review

The Kuma multipurpose chef knife is one of the most affordable and popular knives produced by KUMA. 

Despite its affordability, the KUMA knife maintains a commitment to quality without compromise. Crafted from 3Cr13 steel, the blade incorporates various enriching components, including chromium, carbon, and molybdenum. These high-carbon elements enhance the knife’s durability and overall strength.

The slim design of this KUMA knife features a Japanese chef knife profile, complemented by a plain mirror finish across the entire blade. The Kuma logo is elegantly placed on one side. Notably, the knife is endowed with an extra layer of protection, resistant to corrosion. A tempered process adds a multilayer defense against corrosion, enhancing the knife’s longevity.

This knife features a full tang handle and the tang is visible in the handle. It features a triple-riveted ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip. Like the first high-end knife of this Kuma knives review, its handle has a thicker end that prevents slipping of the hand while cutting. And durable polymer-based material is used which features a black shiny look. 

As mentioned before this knife is very lightweight. So, you will barely feel any wrist tension. And with its sharp edge, it slices through any recipe like a pro chef’s knife. 

Now comes the care and maintenance of this knife. Like most other Japanese chef knives this multipurpose Kuma chef knife is only handwash safe. Don’t put the knife in the dishwasher wash it with soap, cloth, and water. 

This Kuma knife also comes with a beautiful gift box like the first Kuma knife of this Kuma knife review.

Key Features:

  1. Balde core is made with 3Cr13 steel.
  2. This knife is very lightweight. 
  3. The balde features a plain mirror finish.
  4. The handle features a triple-riveted ergonomic shape. 
  5. It features a full tang handle. 


  1. The knife is very affordable. 
  2. This knife is super lightweight and easy to handle. 
  3. It provides fatigue-free cutting for a long time. 
  4. The handle fits very comfortably in the grip. 


  1. This knife is vulnerable to hard food cutting. 

3. KUMA VG10 Damascus Chef Knife Review

Kuma vg-10 Damascus chef knife review

With quality balde material, construction, and balde design this knife is the cheap version of the first KUMA knife of this Kuma Damascus chef knife review.

Like the KUMA professional Santoku chef knife, this knife also features a high carbon stainless steel balde core. And VG10 steel is used as the blade core material. The core is wrapped by 67 other high-carbon steel layers. Those layers protect the cutting core of the balde from damage and pressure as mentioned before in this Kuma VG-10 kitchen knife review. 

As this knife also has layers of steel in the balde, it also features a wavy Damascus pattern throughout its whole body. There is a shiny look with the Damascus pattern and a logo on the blade. 

But when it comes to the handle it is different from the first KUMA knife. It features a coffee pakkawood handle. Pakkawood is not real wood and it is a resin-based material made with wood, resin, and other components. So, pakkawood doesn’t rust so easily like a wooden handle. Moreover, the pakkawood handle doesn’t harbor bacteria. 

The handle of this knife is subtly curved to seamlessly fit your hand grip. Its ergonomic design encompasses a triple-riveted handle with a gentle curve. With a minimal bolster and a hand-polished soft spine, this knife is comfortable for both regular and pinch grips. Additionally, it ensures a comfortable grip even when applying firm pressure.

Similar to other premium KUMA knives, the Kuma VG10 Damascus Santoku knife utilizes V-shape sharpening technology, ensuring prolonged edge retention and facilitating precise cutting.

Like the other two knives of this Kuma professional Damascus steel knife review, this knife comes with a custom box and high-quality sheath to protect the knife. 

Key Features:

  1. The blade core is made with VG10 super steel.
  2. The COre is protected by other 67 layers of Damascus steel. 
  3. The handle is made with coffee pakkawood.
  4. The handle features a curved ergonomic shape. 


  1. This knife provides both a regular and comfortable pinch grip.
  2. The curved handle fits in the grip nicely. 
  3. The pakkawood handle doesn’t get damaged so easily. 
  4. This water-resistant handle doesn’t slip while it is wet. 


  1. This knife is not dishwasher safe. 

4. KUMA Paring Knife Review

Kuma paring knife review

This knife is the only paring knife in this Kuma chef knife review. Where larger chef knives are not the best for detailing, and prepping fruit, and vegetables, a small knife like this one can add extra detail to your food. 

The balde of this knife is made with 3Cr13 stainless steel. The same steel was used in the second chef knife of this Kuma kitchen knife review. Moreover, this paring knife can be called the smaller version of the Kuma chef knife. 

The full balde body has a plain mirror finish and the knife is steel and tempered. And the edge is sharpened to an extremely sharp angle so that you can elevate your food styling to another level. 

Like a paring knife, this knife is super lightweight so you will get an inexpressible feeling when you hold it in your hand. Moreover, the ergonomically shaped handle makes this feel more comfortable.

The handle of this paring knife is crafted from ABS, a polymer-based material. It adopts an ergonomic triple-riveted shape, mirroring the design of the previous two chef’s knives in this Kuma Damascus steel chef knife review. Notably, the handle features an extended portion at the end to prevent slipping.

Enhanced by a bolster, this Kuma knife facilitates surface-level cuts seamlessly, with zero slicing resistance. The handcrafted design ensures optimal functionality during use.

This knife also comes with a beautiful box. 

Key Features:

  1. Balde core is made with 3Cr13 stainless steel.
  2. The handle features an ergonomic triple-riveted shape. 
  3. This knife is a full tang knife.


  1. Very lightweight so easy to handle. 
  2. Works as an extension of your finger. 
  3. Its small size helps to decorate or cut food with more decoration. 


  1. This knife can’t handle hard cutting. 


I hope you have a clear idea about the different features of Kuma knives from this whole Kuma knife review. In Kuma, knives are affordable knives with great qualities. Now, let’s decide these Kuma knives which one is best for your purpose. 

If you want the most high-end Kuma knife you can have the first Kuma knife in this Kuma chef’s knife review which is the KUMA professional chef knife. On the other hand, if you want a more affordable Kuma knife then you can go with the other two Kuma knives which are the Kuma multipurpose chef knife and the Kuma vg10 knife. And if you want a small size knife for small and precise works then the Kuma paring knife is the best option for you.

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