Best Serbian Chef Knife Review (Almazan Kitchen Knife)

A perfect chef’s knife is an indispensable part of a kitchen to make the cooking task easy and enjoyable. Traditionally, a cleaver like a knife was an essential part of every Serbian household, it was used for a different task like cutting meat, bread, vegetables, or hard food. Now these Serbian chef knife is known as Almazan kitchen knives or multipurpose cook’s knives all over the world. These knives have gained popularity, as it is preferred by professional chefs.

Let’s go through this whole best Serbian chef knife review to learn about the different features of Serbian knives and find the best Serbian chefs knife.

Top 10 Best Serbian Chef Knife

  1. Kopala Serbian Kitchen Knife Cleaver  (Best Overal)
  2. Imarku high carbon knife  ( Best affordable)
  3. Coolina Promaja Knife  ( Multipurpose)
  4. Handmade forged Serbian cleaver
  5. Authentic XYZ knife  ( best for beginner)
  6. LICAIDAO Carbon Steel Knife
  7. FAMCUTE Serbian Butcher Knife
  8. Gusman Cutlery Serbian Chefs Knife
  9. ENOKING Serbian Chef Knife  ( Most Cheap)
  10. Almazan Serbian Kitchen knife 

In-depth Review: Best Serbian Chef Knife ( Almazan Kitchen Knife Review )

best serbian knife

1. KOPALA Kitchen Knife Cleaver Review ( best overall Serbian chef knife)

KOPALA Kitchen Knife Cleaver

This is a hand-forged Serbian knife made with ancient knife forging techniques. This kopala knife is a proper combination of 3 layered high-carbon blades and a beautiful ergonomic handle. 

The blade is made with high carbon and high manganese blade. The full knife is hand-forged from one piece of iron to a full-functioning knife. High carbon steel has more hardness and longer edge retention than ordinary stainless steel. The Traditional SAN MAI technique is used for this knife. 

But what is this san mai technique? It is a thousand years old ancient forging knife technique. In this process, the balde core is made with harder high-carbon steel, and at both sides of the core mild steel is used. This process makes this Serbian chef’s knife wear resistance and adds more strength. 

This kind of forged blade has more hardness so they retain their edge for a long. Expert craftsman sharpens and polish each knife using their years of grinding skill. So, each knife ensures precise cuts like high-end ultra-sharp Japanese knives. And you can use the last 1/3 portion of the blade for chopping chicken bones as well. 

Now, turning our attention to the handle, it boasts an ergonomic design meticulously crafted for optimal comfort. Reinforcing its durability are three strategically placed rivets or pins, securely anchoring the handle. The thoughtfully contoured shape effortlessly fits into the palm, providing a secure grip that ensures slip-free precision and fatigue-free cutting over extended periods.

As the knife is made from a single piece of iron it is a full tang knife. That means to handle and blade are not connected to soldering even if they are one single piece. This makes the knife more properly balancing and prevents handling breaking issues while using. 

Another amazing thing, this cleaver knife comes with a genuine cow leather sheath. So, if you plan to go with the knife for camping or grilling it will satisfy you. 

Finally comes the maintenance and care, take care of your knife, it will last a lifetime. Keep dry and clean after use. You can use a coat of oil on the steel and hand wash it every time. 

With all those excellent features and crafting processes, this knife is undoubtedly the best high-quality Serbian chef’s knife. 

Key Features:

  1. The blade is made of three layers of steel. One high carbon steel, and two mild steel. 
  2. It is a full-tang Serbian knife. 
  3. The Traditional MAI SAN hand-forging process is used for this knife. 
  4. The handle has a triple-riveted ergonomic shape. 
  5. Comes with a cow leather sheath. 


  1. Sharp edges provide precise cuts along with hard chopping. 
  2. With tough hardness, the blade retains its sharp edge for very long.
  3. Very easy to use and maintain. 
  4. Handel fits nicely in the grip. 
  5. The handle provides a slipless grip.
  6. Well, balanced and weight distributed. 
  7. Leather cow sheath helps to carry the knife and protect the edge. 


  1. It is not dishwasher-safe like most other Serbian knives. 

 2.  Imarku 6.7 Inch Knife Review ( best affordable Serbian chef knife)

Imarku 6.7 Inch Knife

Imarku Serbian knife, a perfect combination of quality and affordability. A beautiful hammered pattern with a black coating gives this knife a unique look from other knives. And imarku is known for their expert craftsman and quality testing of its knives before selling them into the market. 

This handmade knife is made of high carbon German X5CrMov15 steel which is also known as high manganese steel. These components of the steel increase the strength, hardness, edge retention, and rust resistance of a knife. 

Its balde design makes this knife unique looking. Every imarku knife carries a hammered pattern coated with black oxide. This pattern not only increases the beauty of the knife it also prevents the sticking of food with the knife.

The Rockwell hardness of this butcher knife reaches 56-60, the blade is harder than an ordinary steel blade so this knife can be used to chop all kinds of bone along with daily kitchen tasks like cutting vegetables.

This tough hardness ensures long-lasting edge retention and durability. The blade is hand-sharpened to an 8-15 degree cutting angle at each side that is extremely sharp. And can provide a precise cut and slicing each time. 

The ergonomic full-tang handle design of this knife makes it easy to grip. That means the handle and balde are integrated without soldering. This handle provides a slipless and comfortable grip. 

This Siberian meat cleaver comes with a unique leather sheath. That protects the blade and makes it easy to carry outside. There may be a smell in the leather sheath, so just hang it in a ventilated place for some days after receiving it. 

When it’s about maintenance, hand wash the knife after every use and dry it properly. Finally, with all this quality and low price, this is the best affordable Serbian kitchen cleaver knife. 

Key Features:

  1. Blade made with High carbon and high manganese German steel. 
  2. The blade has a unique hammered pattern. 
  3. Extreme sharp 8-15 degree cutting angle. 
  4. Tough hardness with 56-60 on Rockwell hardness.
  5. Full tang ergonomic handle. 


  1. Hammered finish prevents the sticking of food while cutting. 
  2. Super sharp edge ensures precise cut of vegetable and fruit along with hard bone chopping.
  3. Blade retains its edge for a long.
  4. Value for money product. 
  5. An ergonomic handle ensures a slipless and comfortable grip.


  1. The sheath may come with a smell, hanging it somewhere can prevent this smell. 

3. Coolina Promaja Knife Review ( Best multipurpose Serbian chef knife)

Coolina Promaja knife review

If you are looking for a multipurpose Serbian chef knife then coolina promaja can be a great choice for you. From soft fruit to frozen chunks of meat it cuts through everything like soft butter.

This knife is hand forged by extra artisans with high carbon steel. Signature sarchach Serbian steel is used as the blade material of this knife. As it is made from carbon steel it’s harder to retain its edge and stay sharp for a long time compared with stainless steel knives.

The blade comes sharp and you can use the knife right out of the box. Its sharp edge makes the kitchen work easier, faster, and better that’s why coolina promaja is the ultimate knife for the kitchen. This multitasking knife can replace virtually any knife in the kitchen. Cut through the backbone of the turkey to cutting through steak, fruit, and vegetables precisely. 

It features a triple-riveted wooden handle. This long handle is perfect for both large and small hands. Moreover, there are three pins in the black handle that keeps the handling durability attached. 

Moreover, promaja is a full tang knife that a part of the blade goes all through the end of the handle. Full tang makes it a well-balanced knife. And provide maximum functionality with every use. 

When it comes to care and maintenance just put some vegetable or cooking oil before storing to avoid rust. And the knife is best sharpened at less than or equal to 30 degrees sharp on both sides. All this quality makes it one of the best multipurpose Serbian kitchen knives. 

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Key Features:

  1. Blade made with Sarchach high carbon Serbian steel. 
  2. Trible riveted long handle. 
  3. Full tang knife
  4. 7-inch long blade with an 11.7-inch total length


  1. It’s a multipurpose knife. 
  2. The handle fits comfortably in the grip. 
  3. Provide perfect balance while working. 
  4. Comes with a razor-sharp edge out of the box. 


  1. Without proper caring, it may catch rust. 

4. Handmade forged Serbian Cleaver Review( best Serbian kitchen knife under 50)

Handmade forged Serbian Cleaver

One thing that can grab anyone’s attention to the knife is its eye-catching unique design. It may be from an underrated brand but its quality has made it a high-quality all-rounder Serbian knife.

 This Serbian chef’s knife is made from hand-forged high-carbon steel. It has got a heavy construction and is made from a single piece of steel.

Sharp edge with Rockwell hardness of 55-58 makes this knife perfect for a precise slice, cutting to chopping. But it needs some caution while chopping extra hard food or material. 

But the amazing feature is its blade design. It looks like someone has cut through layers of round steel and this design is unique for every piece of the knife as each knife is handmade. 

The balde and the inner part of the handle are made from one single piece. That means it is a full tang knife, so there is no soldering between blade and handle. This makes the knife extremely strong and durable and it prevents handle breaking issues. This full tang feature also provides more accurate balancing. 

Moreover, the handle of this VK Serbian knife is made from pakka wood. Pakkawood is a resin-based composite material that is water-resistant. Moreover, pakkawood doesn’t harbor bacteria so it lasts for long. The ergonomic shape ensures a perfect and comfortable grip while working. 

For safety, this Almazan knife comes with a leather sheath. That protects the edge and covers it while carrying it somewhere. 

With all these qualities it is a value for money product according to its price. And it can be considered as the best Serbian chef knife under 50 dollars. 

Key Features: 

  1. Unique Blade design.
  2. Pakkawood handle. 
  3. Full-tang blade. 
  4. Hand-made leather sheath. 


  1. Sharp edges provide an effortless and precise cut. 
  2. Very affordable and value for money. 
  3. Handle lasts for a long. 
  4. Handle provide a slipless and comfortable grip. 
  5. No soldering on the handle so the handle breaking issue. 


  1. Requires extra maintenance or it may get rusty. 

5. Authentic XYJ Knife Review( best Serbian cleaver chef knife for beginners)

Authentic xyz serbian knife

If you are a beginner and want to start your journey in the kitchen with a cheap Serbian knife that has enough quality and features. Then this authentic XYZ Serbian kitchen knife can be a good choice for you. 

This is a knife that features high quality, exceptional sharpness, and simple design at the most cheap and most affordable price you can think of. 

The blade is made from high carbon and high manganese steel. And it is sharpened manually by a craftsman with more than 30 years of experience in using a natural knife grinder. So, compared to other kitchen knives made with the mechanical process these knives have a longer service life. 

The handle has an ergonomic shape like all other knives of this best Serbian chef knife review. The handle is made with natural wood and has a black look. There are three pins that hold the handle with the tang. 

Moreover, the knife is a full tang. Along with the full tang and ergonomic handle, it provides proper balance and comfortable grip in the hand. 

Though this Serbian knife costs a few there is no compromising with features and qualities. Even it comes with a leather sheath and an exquisite box. It can be attached to the belt and carried anywhere easily. 

When it comes to caring and cleaning acidic and alkaline substances should not stay on the blade for long. Be careful to rinse the knife with water and dry it properly. 

Key Features:

  1. Blade made with high carbon and high manganese steel.
  2. Comes in an affordable price range. 
  3. Ergonomic handle made with wood. 
  4. Comes with a leather sheath. 


  1. Very affordable and value for money. 
  2. One of the best Serbian chef’s knives for beginners.
  3. Handle provide comfortable grip and control. 
  4. Sharp blades ensures multitasking. 


  1. It is a little heavy to some users. 

6. LICAIDAO Carbon Steel Knife Review ( best handmade forged Serbian knife)

LICAIDAO Carbon Steel Knife

This is a Serbian knife with a simple design but amazing quality. This is a handmade knife creating hand-forging that makes it a soft food cutting knife along with a hard bone chopping cleaver. 

Like all other high-end knives of this best Serbian kitchen knife review, high-quality carbon steel is used for this knife. Each piece of the knife is hand forged by expert blade smiths using ancient forging techniques. Unique three-finger molding technology and repeated forging process are used for extreme durability and construction. 

The high carbon component and forging process give Licaidao chef knife a tough hardness. Its the hardness is around 60 on the Rockwell scale that is perfect for chopping bones. 

The front part of the edge is preferable for slicing. So, you can use the front 3/4 part for slicing and shredding precisely. And teh back 1/4 can be used for chopping chicken and duck bones. 

When it comes to blade look and design, it has a very simple design without any extra pattern of hammered finish. 

Solid wood is used for the handle of this knife. It is triple reverted means there is a three-pin in the handle that makes the handle more durable. Handle doesn’t get deform so easily and provides a comfortable grip. 

Moreover, this Serbian meat cleaver is a full tang knife. So, it has a proper balance. 

Like all other best Serbian chef’s knives, cleaning after use is very important for it. Do not let acid or alkali material stay on the balde too long and dry it after cleaning properly. It is better to use a layer of cooking oil or grease on the knife. 

Key features:

  1. Related forged high carbon blade. 
  2. Extreme hardness around 60 in Rockwell hardness. 
  3. Simplistic blade design. 
  4. Triple reverted wooden handle. 
  5. The front 3/4 of the balde is for slicing and the back is 1/4 for chopping. 


  1. Easy to use. 
  2. Perfect for both slicing and chopping. 
  3. The ergonomic handles provides a comfortable grip. 
  4. Affordable than other knives.
  5. As the blade has a simple design it is easy to clean.


  1. Without proper caring, it can become rusty or get damaged. 

7. FAMCUTE Serbian Butcher Knife Review( best Serbian meat cleaver knife)

FAMCUTE Serbian Butcher Knife

This Famcute knife has a hammered finished blade and octagonal wooden handle design different from other knives of this best Serbian chef knife review. 

Famcute knives use Japanese high-quality steel which is known as 9CR18MOV. There are 3 layers of high carbon steel cladding together in each knife. So, the knife gets a Rockwell hardness of around 60 and hold its sharp-angled edge for a longer period. 

There is a hammered finish throughout the body of the blade that cerates small dimples or air pockets. Those air pockets allow easy food release while slicing or dicing food. The blade is great for boning, preparing, filleting, skinning, trimming your meats. But please refrain from cutting frozen products as that may damage the knife edge. 

The most unique feature of this Serbian knife is its Ergonomic octagonal wooden handle design. The handle is made from African rosewood. It is a great compliment to the beauty and comfort of the knife user. Its octagonal handle allows users full manipulation and makes for effective use for a precise cut. 

When it comes to balancing, the weight is towards the blade of the knife. So, it creates less wear and tears on the user’s hand even after long use. This knife also provide a comfortable pinch grip. 

Finally, it also comes with a sheath to protect the knife. With all this quality this knife is one of the most beautiful Serbian chef’s knives. 

Key Features:

  1. 3 layered high carbon Japanese balde. 
  2. The blade has a hammered finish. 
  3. Rockwell hardness around 60. 
  4. The handle is made with Aafrican rosewood. 
  5. Handle has an octagonal ergonomic shape. 


  1. Hard blade retains its edge for a long. 
  2. Dimple/ air pockets on the blade prevent food from sticking while cutting. 
  3. The octagonal handle provides a comfortable grip. 
  4. Provide comfortable pinch grip
  5. Proper balancing ensures a fatigue-free cut for a long time. 


  1. Need extra care for longevity. 

8. Gusman Cutlery Serbian Chefs Knife Review  ( Best Serbian butcher knife) 

Gusman Cutlery Serbian Chefs Knife

Gusman knife comes with an Acacia wood cutting board that features make it different from other knives of this serbian butcher knife review. Acacia is a hardwood with rich natural oils that makes a perfect surface for a cutting board. 

Now comes the blade, Gusman knife blade is made with high carbon stainless steel. This knife is preferable for both indoor and outdoor use. This Serbian knife comes with a razor-sharp and precise edge. 

The handle is made from natural wood and it has an ergonomic shape. There are three brass rivets that add additional strength to the handle The thick end part of the handle prevents the sliping of the hand while chopping or cutting. Moreover, the perfectly balanced wooden handle feels like it is custom-made for you. 

Like most other high-end Serbian knives, the Gusman meat cleaver comes with a sheath. The sheath is made with genuine cow leather that keeps the knife safe and protected on all your travels. 

Finally, again comes to the acacia wood cutting board. From indoor to outdoor anywhere slide the knife out of sheath and slice , chop or cut your food on this durable cutting board. 

Key features: 

  1. Balde is made with high carbon stainless steel. 
  2. The handle is made with natural wood. 
  3. Handle has a triple-riveted ergonomic shape. 
  4. Comes with an original cow leather sheath and a cutting board. 


  1. Handle construction ensures slipless grip while cutting. 
  2. The blade is well-balanced. 
  3. With the sharp edge, you can cut through any food. 
  4. Wooden board helps you to use the knife indoors or outdoor. 


  1. May feel a little costly. 

9. ENOKING Serbian Chef Knife ( Cheap Serbian Chef’s Knife Review)

ENOKING Serbian Chef Knife

Are you looking for the most affordable and cheap knife of this serbian cooking knife review? Then here is Enoking Serbian knife. But don’t think its maker has compromised with its quality as they compromised with the price. 

As each knife is hand forged, they have a unique pattern. The blade is made from 5Cr15Mov high carbon steel. That ensures high quality with tough hardness, wear, and rust resistance. 

If features hand-polished 16-degree cutting edge at per side. That is an extremely sharp edge that you will find a high-quality Japanese chef’s knife.

This knife is processed with a multi-channel composite of fine grinding so it maintains its sharpness for a long time.

The handle has an ergonomic shape like other high-end Serbian knives of this serbian almazan kitchen knife review list. Similar to the handle is triple reverted and made with wood. 

The full tang handle with the ergonomic design will provide a proper balancing and grip while cutting, chopping, slicing, and other works. 

You will get a leather sheath that will help you to carry the knife or protect the edge and the caring and cleaning should be the same as other best almazan chef knife. 

Key Features:

  1. Blade made with high carbon famous 5Cr15Mov steel. 
  2. Edge is hand sharpened to an extremely sharp 16-degree angle. 
  3. The handle has an ergonomic shape with a triple revert.
  4. Comes with a 100% satisfaction warranty. 


  1. Razor-sharp edge can go through anything like butter. 
  2. It provides an effortless cut. 
  3. The ergonomic handle provides better balancing and grip. 


  1. Can get rust easily without proper care. 

10. ALMAZAN Kitchen Knife Review( best high-end Serbian chef’s knife)

ALMAZAN Kitchen Knife Review

Almazan is known for producing great quality knives with incredible hardness. This hand-forged Serbian chef knife is an actual representation of their quality and brand. 

So, what’s make it a high-end knife? 

Firstly the blade is made with high carbon steel. This hand-forged blade accomplished a tough hardness that retains its edge for long. So, you can cut through anything like a hard bone to soft fruit without any damage. 

When it comes to the sharp edge, its edge is hand-honed by an expert craftsman. So, along with hard cutting, it can provide you with precise slicing or cutting. 

Apart from that, this cleaver features an ergonomic wooden handle. Its ergonomic handle ensures fatigue-free working for a long time. Moreover, in the handle, there is a three-pin that holds the wooden handle more durable. 

As the knife is a full tang knife it is well balanced. So, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable while working and provide top-notch performance. 

Finally, this Almazan knife comes with a beautiful sheath. So, you can carry it with you anywhere and keep it safe. All these amazing quality makes it one of the best high-end Serbian chef knife.

Key Features:

  1. Super durable High carbon blade material al. 
  2. Ergonomic handle with full tang. 
  3. Sharp cutting edge. 
  4. Beautiful leather sheath


  1. Doesn’t cause fatigue on the fingers even after long use. 
  2. Well balanced. 
  3. Super durable so it retains its sharp edge for a long. 
  4. The sharp edge ensures precise cutting like a Japanese chef’s knife. 
  5. Doesn’t damage easily.


  1. The cleaning process isn’t that easy. 

Why Serbian chef’s knife? 

Serbian chef’s knives have some unique features and reasons that make it a top choice for many professional chefs and even home cooks. Some of those features are:

Extreme Durability 

Most of the Serbian chef’s knife blades are made with high carbon steel. High carbon steel is way harder and more durable than ordinary stainless steel. Moreover, these knives are made using traditional hand forging methods. 

That’s why the Serbian knife features a durable blade that retains its sharp edge longer and goes through hard and long work. 

Multipurpose knife/ multitasking

Another key feature of a best serbian knife is multitasking and versatility. From precise cutting and slicing of soft food to hard bone chopping, these knives can go through anything. 

Unique design

Traditionally Serbian chef’s knife is made with a hand forging process. Thats’ why each knife gets a unique look. Moreover, Blades come with a leather sheath that does not only gives an aesthetic feel but also protects the knife. 

Origin of the Name Almazan (Serbian Chef Knife)

From the begging, these knives weren’t called Almazan knives. It got this name in recent time.

You may think that Almazan is a name of a European town in  Serbia or something such. But it refers to the uncle and nephew duo, Beki and Alex Almazan who has become for their YouTube channel Almazan Kitchen. They are from the Balkan Peninsula in Serbian. 

That’s the reason for which many people outside serbian knows this as Almazan Knife. And with this name, it has become one of the most famous heritage item of Serbia.

How to choose the best Serbian chef’s knife?

When choosing a Serbian knife, you need to be careful about a bunch of factors. Because these factors make the difference between a high-end knife and a low-quality knife. Let’s get a clear idea about that factor. 

Weight ( Heavy or Light)

It is normal for Serbian knives that they come with more weight than   a normal chef’s knives. But if you compare between Serbian knives then it depends on you that do you want a knife with heavyweight or lightweight. 

Heavyweight knives are efficient for cutting and chopping as the extra weight helps to cut through the food easily. 

Serbian chef knife weight

On the other hand, lightweight knives give you full control over it. And helps you to use it as you wish. 

So, We prefer lightweight knives if you are a home cook or beginning your cooking journey. But if you are a professional and used to using such knives then you can go with heavy knives. 

 Balance of knife in hand

Balancing of the knife depends a lot on your holding style. Full tang knife contributes to the proper weight distribution and balancing of the knife. So, always go with a full tang knife for proper balancing. 

While holding the knife if the weight is at the tip of the blade or end of the handle then it is not considered as well balanced knife. The weight should be distributed through the whole knife and the knife should be stable in your knife while using. Moreover, It may feel comfortable while moving to cut or chop something. 


Proper hardness is compulsory for Almazan chef’s knives. Because Serbian knives are not made for slicing or cutting soft food. On the contrary, Serbian chef’s knives are made for multi-tasking like chopping hard frozen food or bones along with slicing. 

High carbon steel is usually harder than stainless steel. That’s why though carbon steel needs more care as mentioned before in this best Serbian chef knife article, choose a Serbian knife with carbon steel. Thus the knife will retain its edge for long and won’t get damaged easily. 

Rockwell hardness around 58-60 can be considered as a perfect hardness for Serbian meat cleavers

Check The Handle

It should provide a comfortable grip and fit in your hand when you hold a knife handle. Otherwise, it can’t be considered a quality knife. 

The knife should feature an ergonomic handle that fits nicely in the palm. Moreover, an ergonomic handle makes a knife usable with both hands. And the knife shouldn’t slip even the handle is dry. Otherwise, it may be risky for the user. 

Next, if you are used to using a knife with a thicker handle then you can go with it. But if you are comfortable with thin handle knives then choose a knife with a thin ergonomic handle.  


The traditional design of the Serbian knife is that the balde is very wide near the handle and tapers towards the tip. The heavy facilitates of these knives slice through anything as a cleaver. Moreover, Serbian knives are grounded to an extremely sharp edge that ensures precise slicing. 

But due to the design, the slicing motion of Almazan knives differ from normal chef knife

Overall, the design of these knives is enough to impress any new home cook or professional chef. 

Serbian chef knife design


The shoulder of a knife is called a bolster and it should be perfect for smooth gripping and cutting. It is a thick metal section that merges between the blade and handles. And a well professionally finished bolster provides excellent balance, strength, and stability.

Knife Edge

As Serbian chef knife is not only a cleaver it needs features extreme sharp edge. Your knife should be made with high carbon steel and have a razor-sharp edge. It should be able to handle hard chopping as well as precise cutting. You can check the sharpness by cutting through a paper sheet. 


As with any other type of knife Serbian chef’s knife comes in different shapes. Sizes vary from very small to very large and you can choose according to your need. I prefer to buy a medium-size as listed at the top of this serbian almazan kitchen knife review. These knives have an average size which is perfect for both large and small hand users.

what is the best Serbian chef knife?

With a beautiful look and quality material, the Kopala kitchen knife cleaver is the best Serbian chef knife. It is a perfect combination of quality, beauty, and affordability. This hand-made Almazan knife is crafted from hard high carbon steel. And there is a total of 3 layers of steel that protects the core and help to retain the edge for a long. Moreover, it comes with a beautiful leather sheath case. 

How to clean a Serbian chef knife?

Usually, Most of the Serbian chef’s knives are not dishwasher safe and they can’t be washed in the dishwasher. To ensure extra hardness most Serbian chef knives use high carbon steel. And high carbon steel may get damaged if it is left in touch with hot water and dishwashing detergent again and again. 

So, After every use just hand wash the knife or you can use a normal cloth and soap. And after every wash dries the knife properly. And it is better to hold the knife before storing that increases the longevity a lot.

Are Serbian knives good?

Yes, Serbian knives are excellent high-carbon steel kitchen knives. They precisely cut through hard meat or fat very easily. When it comes to managing kitchen tasks it is quite easy for this type of knife. From chopping to slicing these Almazan or Serbian knives handle all. 

How to care for a Serbian Chef knife?

Serbian chef knives are some of the best in the world. If you take care of them, they will last a lifetime. Here are some tips on how to care for your Serbian chef knife:

1. Always use a cutting board. This will protect the blade from getting nicked or scratched.

2.Do not use the knife to cut frozen foods or bones. The blade is not designed to handle that kind of stress.

3.Wash the knife by hand with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not put it in the dishwasher.

4.Dry the knife by hand.


Serbian kitchen cleaver
  1. What is an Almazan knife?

Another name of the Serbian chef knife is the Almazan knife. Many people out of Serbian know this knife as Almazan knife

  1. What is a Serbian chef knife used for? 

Serbian chef’s knives are all-purpose knives as well as this is a master blade for chopping. From hard chopping to soft and precise slicing and cutting this type of knife can handle everything as already mentioned in this best serbian chef knife review.

  1. what is a serbian chef knife ?

Serbian chef’s knife is a multi purpose kitchen knife. It has a shape like a chopper but is very lightweight then cleaver. So, you can handle all range of cutting and chopping tasks with a Serbian knife.

  1. Serbian knife vs butcher knife? 

Both types of knives have their own purpose. If you are looking for a knife to cut and chop through meat then both of them will perform it very well.

But already mentioned in this best almazan chef knife review Serbian knives can perform other types of cutting tasks like cutting, slicing, or mining. On the other hand, a butcher knife can handle mainly the meats.

  1. Who makes the best Serbian chef knife?

There are multiple well-renowned brands available on the market that made the best quality Serbian chef knife. Considering different aspects Kopala kitchen knife cleaver is on the top of all. You can also go with Coolina promaja Serbian chef’s knife or XYZ full tang butcher Serbian knife.

  1. What material is used in Serbian chef knives?

As a chopper with other cutting quality Serbian knives needs super hard balde. So, most Serbian chef knife uses high carbon steel instead of another type of stainless steel. Because as mentioned before in this best almazan serbian knife review, high carbon steel is harder than most other types of steel. 


If you have gone through this whole Serbian chef knife review then you must have got a clear idea about different Serbian knives and their features. Though Serbian knives have some drawbacks like they need a little extra care. But in one line these knives are the all-rounder of the kitchen. From hard chopping to precise soft slicing and cutting these knives can handle almost all forms of cutting tasks. So, if you want a knife that is hard enough for chopping bone as well as sharp enough to precisely cut through soft vegetables then you can go for a Serbian chef knife. 

We have gone through some best Serbian chef knives throughout this whole article. If you ask what is our top choice then the answer is the KOPALA Kitchen Knife Cleaver is the  best Serbian chef knife with amazing qualities. And if you want a more affordable version only then you can look for the imarku hand-forged Serbian cleaver knife

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