Coolina Promaja Knife Review

If you are looking for a chef’s knife that can do precise cutting as well as hard chopping, then you must have come across a Siberian chef’s knife. Siberian knives are multipurpose knives. So, these knives are popular among professional chefs around the world. In a market filled with Siberian knives, the Coolina Promaja knife stands out, earning exceptional love and recognition from users. Its handmade quality and distinctive features have led to its accolade as the best chef knife of the year. To gain deeper insights into this knife, let’s delve into this comprehensive Coolina Promaja knife review.

Here I have also added customers’ thoughts and questions along with the maintenance process of this knife. One more thing to make you know Siberian knives are also known as Almazan knives. 

Quick Overview:

If you are in a hurry before going through this whole detailed promaja coolina knives review you can go through this quick overview of coolina promaja. 

  1. The Blade core is made with high-carbon steel. 
  2. As a high-carbon steel knife, its hardness is more than any ordinary stainless steel knife. 
  3. The edge is hand-sharpened to a less than 30-degree cutting angle at each side. 
  4. Multipurpose knives can handle precise slicing to hard food chopping. 
  5. This is a full-tang knife.
  6. The blade has a simple design with black color. 
  7. The handle is made of natural hardwood. 
  8. It features a triple-riveted ergonomic handle. 
  9. The blade is 6.6 inches long with a 4.9-inch handle. 

Coolina Promaja Serbian chef knife review 

Let’s dive deep into this in the detailed feature-by-feature Serbian Promaja Coolina knives review. 

Coolina Promaja Serbian Chef's Knife with box and sheath

Where it’s made

This knife is hand-forged by an expert craftsman of coolina. Coolina is a comparatively new member of the knife-making world. Coolina started their journey in 2017 but their knife became famous like a quick storm. Because from the staring their target was too authentic, high-quality handmade knives at affordable prices. 

Blade Material

As blade material high carbon steel is used in coolina promaja.Signature Sarchach Serbian steel is used to make the blade core. You may ask, why stainless steel was not used for this knife. The answer is it is common for Serbian chef’s knives to use high-carbon steel instead of stainless steel or other kinds of steel. Because carbon components increase the hardness of steel. That’s why a high-carbon steel knife has more hardness than any ordinary stainless steel knife. Extra hardness is necessary for Serbian cleavers because they are also used for chopping bone along with cutting soft food. Moreover, high-carbon knives are easier to sharpen. 

Blade Design

Coolina promaja knife blade features a very simplistic design. The top portion of the blade has a Ruf surface coated with black color. That gives it a sophisticated look. But the bottom portion with the edge is not black-coated. Moreover, this portion has a shiny plain finish. 

Blade Design of Coolina Promaja Knife

In addition, there is a coolina logo engraved on one part of the blade. That adds an elegant look to the simple design of promaja coolinastore knives. 

Sharpness and Edge

A sharp blade is essential for effortless and precise cutting, and the Coolina Promaja delivers just that. Hand-sharpened to a cutting angle of 30 degrees or less, the blade effortlessly slices through sturdy foods with finesse. This exceptional sharpness eliminates the need for exerting excessive pressure while cutting, allowing you to seamlessly handle various cutting tasks, whether it be slicing through meat, vegetables, or fruits.

Moreover, this promaja Serbian chef knife is a double-bevel knife. That means this Serbian knife has the same sharpness on both sides. 


As mentioned before in this Coolina Promaja knife review, the coolina Serbian chef knife is made with hard carbon steel. So, the knife has rock-solid hardness. This hardness allows the knife to harden food like a frozen chunk of meat like soft butter. So, You can chop chicken bones or other hard food without any worry. 

Moreover, more hardness ensures the long edge retention of the knife. So, Coolina Promaja retains its sharp edge for a long. 


Tang is part of a knife blade that goes through the handle. In a full tang knife, this part goes all the way through the end of the handle. That’s why a full-tang knife is more durable than a half-tang knife.

 The Promaja Serbian chef knife boasts a full tang construction, ensuring there is no soldering between the blade and handle. Furthermore, the inner part of both the handle and blade is seamlessly crafted from a single piece of metal, eliminating concerns about handle breakage during rigorous cutting or chopping tasks. This design not only enhances the knife’s durability but also contributes to its balanced feel, promoting more precise and effective usage.

Handle Material

Coolina promaja knife handle is made with natural wood. That’s why it provides a wooden texture while holding it in hand. Moreover, it gives a comfortable and slipless grip. 

But as a wooden handle, it needs a little bit extra care than a polymer or resin-based handle. 

Handle Design

Its full-tang handle features a triple-reverted ergonomic shape. The full handle of Coolina Promaja has a blackish look. Its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable for both left and right-hand users. This handle fits nicely in the grip. 

Handle Design of Coolina Promaja Serbian Chef's Knife

The thicker angle end portion prevents the slipping of the handle while working. Moreover, the handle ensures fatigue-free work for a long time. 

In addition, there are three pins in teh handle. Those pins are not only for beauty. Those pins keep the wooden handle attached to a tang and make the handle more durable. 


Different users prefer knives of different sizes. Promaja knives have an average size, not so large not so small as mentioned before in this coolina promaja knife review. 

Its blade is 6.6 inches long and teh handle is 4.9 inches long. So, the total length of promaja coolina knives is 11.8 inches. This handle size is comfortable for both small and large-handed people. 

Weight and Balance

When it comes to weight, Compared to other Serbian kitchen knives Coolina promaja Serbian chef knife has an average weight. Moreover, it can be considered a lightweight Serbian cleaver as it weighs only 0.89 lb or 404 grams. With this weight you can do both, slicing or cutting soft food like a normal chef knife and chopping hard food like a butcher knife. 

Now comes balancing of this knife, full tang, blade weight, and handle weight all these things contribute to the proper weight distribution and balancing of the knife. 


Coolina Promaja Serbian chef’s knife comes with a standard cotton sheath or cover. This sheath has a white look with a pin that holds the knife in the sheath. The sheath protects the balde edge while storing. Moreover, it helps to take the cleaver knife for outdoor grill or camping. 

Clean and Maintanance  

Proper care and maintenance are imperative for ensuring the longevity of your Coolina Serbian knives, particularly the Promaja chef’s knife.

This knife is best cared for through handwashing, as using a dishwasher can potentially damage the edge and lead to chipping. After each use, it’s recommended to wash the knife with clean water, reserving soap and a cloth for more intensive cleaning after heavy usage.

Equally important is ensuring the knife is thoroughly dried after washing, as carbon steel is susceptible to rust when left damp. To prevent rust, place the knife in an open space after every wash, allowing it to dry thoroughly.

As Serbian kitchen knives need more care, it is better to put some cooking or vegetable oil before storing them to avoid rust. 

As this knife comes with a sheath you can use that to protect the knife. Never put this knife in the drawer without the sheath because it may damage the edge. 

How the knife will feel in your hand

When we go to buy a Serbian meat cleaver knife our main concern remains how the knife will feel in hand. 

As Coolina promaja has an ergonomic handle it fits nicely in the grip. Moreover, the shape of the handle makes it slipless. Full tang provides proper balancing while working. 

Coolina Promaja Serbian Chef's Knife ( How the knife will feel in your hand)

The sharp edge can cut through anything like butter so it doesn’t create pressure on the hand while working. Moreover, a coolina USA chef’s knife will feel like a part of your hand. And all these things may be clear to you from this whole Promaja Coolina knife review

Customers Thought

The majority of customer reviews and feedback regarding the Promaja Chef’s knife are overwhelmingly positive, with few negative comments.

One user highlighted the risk of rust when washing the knife in the dishwasher and emphasized the need for proper care, including thorough drying, to prevent rust and damage to the edge. However, such concerns were echoed by only a few users.

In contrast, the positive reviews from satisfied customers praise various features, reinforcing the points discussed in this Coolina Promaja Serbian chef knife review. Users express satisfaction with its slicing and chopping capabilities for its price, applauding its super sharp edge and ease of use. Additionally, some users note that the knife makes for a beautiful and thoughtful gift.


This whole coolina knife review is about the pros and features of the Coolina Promaja knife. Let me mention the pros of coolina knives here briefly. 

  1. The sharp edge ensures precise cutting and slicing. 
  2. It’s a multipurpose knife and virtually replaces your other knives. 
  3. The hard blade can provide bone chopping. 
  4. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the grip. 
  5. The thicker part at the blade end ensures a slipless grip. 
  6. Well balanced and easy to use. 
  7. Also, provides a quite comfortable pinch grip. 
  8. Affordable and value for money. 
  9. Retains its edge sharp for a long. 
  10. Comes with a sheath that protects the knife. 


Already you must have got from this coolina Serbian chef knife review that this knife has very few drawbacks to mention. 

  1. As a carbon steel knife, it needs extra care like most other Serbian knives. 
  2. Coolina knives are not dishwasher safe. 
  3. You need to be extra careful about the sharp edge. 


  1. Does Coolina Promaja Knife come with a sheath? 

Yes, the Promaja Serbian knife comes with a sheath. The sheath is made with cotton. This protects the knife edge and helps you to carry it outside. 

  1. What is the black residue on the knife? Why is it there and is it food-safe?

The black part of the knife is high-carbon steel. It is advised to take proper care of the knife to make sure to prolong its usability as mentioned in this Coolina Promaja review. The best practice is to wash the coolina knife after every use and avoid the dishwasher. 

  1. Is it a Chef’s Knife or a Clever? 

The Coolina Promaja knife effortlessly serves dual roles, functioning with the precision of a chef’s knife for accurate cuts while also delivering robust chopping capabilities akin to a cleaver, making it a versatile and multipurpose Serbian knife, as highlighted in this Coolina Promaja Serbian knife review.

Coolina Promaja Serbian Chef's Knife Reivew


From this whole coolina promaja knife review, you must have got a clear and in-depth idea about this knife. Coolina Promaja Serbian chef’s knife is a multipurpose knife that can replace virtually any other knife in your kitchen. From working on soft fruits to frozen chunks of meat it can be cut like butter. 

So, you can definitely go with this knife if you want a multi-tasking knife that will make your kitchen work faster, easier, and better. 

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