Miyabi Black Chef's Knife Review

As a professional chef or a home cook, if you are not satisfied with only the best quality and features but also want an incredibly unique, and sophisticated design and look. Then Miyabi black will be the perfect choice for you. It is a stunning example of the finest Japanese craftsmanship and tradition. Miyabi is known to all for its perfection in fit and finish and Miyabi black knife is one of the other most high-end knives of Miyabi. 

You will find the ideal blend of revolutionary technology with centuries of knife-making tradition in it. Moreover, this beautiful versatile knife will handle any cutting task with quite an ease. So, if you want to know more about this knife and its features then this whole Miyabi black chef knife review will help you. Moreover, I have also added the customer’s question and thought about this knife here.

Quick Overview

If you are in hurry then before going through this whole detailed miyabi black review just read this quick overview. 

  1. The blade core is made with Cryodur micro carbide MC66 powder super steel.
  2. Very tough with Rockwell hardness of 66. 
  3. The blade core is wrapped by 66 Damascus steel at each side which provides strength and protection with beauty. So, the  total of layers is 133
  4. The cutting edge is hand-honed to a super sharp 9 to 12-degree angle.
  5. The handle of miyabi black is made from stunning black ash
  6. Handle features a traditional D shape with a very comfortable grip.
  7. It features a beautiful flower Damascus pattern with a dark and black vibe
  8. Full-tang blade.
  9. Incredible edge retention for a long period
  10.  Limited lifetime warranty and support

Miyabi Black is a part of our Best Miyabi Chef’s Knife Review List.

Miyabi Black 5000MCD67 Chef’s Knife review

miyabi black review with box

Where it’s made

Miyabi black chef knife is manufactured by well-known Japanese knifemaker Miyabi. They are regarded for their excellence in high-end, beautiful Japanese knife making. Miyabi company is owned by famous german knife maker Zwilling. But Miyabi knives are made in Seki, Japan. Seki is known as the knife-making capital of japan. Knives are made by expert Japanese craftsmen with their years-old sword and knife-making experience. 

Traditional Japanese craftsmanship merges with expert Garman technology and engineering for the ultimate quality and beauty of this knife

Blade material

The main component of the blade core is cryodur micro Carbide MC66 steel. It is super powder steel and known as one of the hardest powder steel for knife making. Components of this steel like carbon, chromium, cobalt ensure extreme hardness, strength, and corrosion resistance. 

The blade core is wrapped by 66 layers of Damascus steel at each side. So, with the core, the blade gets a total of 133 layers of steel. Those 66 layers on each side give the knife a bit more depth. These Damascus layers add strength and protection with beauty. 

Blade Design

The blade features a beautiful Damascus look which is sure to draw attention at first look. Those steel layers give a flower Damascus pattern with a black and dark vibe. As every piece of Miyabi black 5000mcd67 is hand-forged every knife has a different and unique Damascus pattern. Moreover, you will find a logo of Miyabi on the blade that looks pretty nice.

Miyabi Black knife Blade Design

It has a thin, traditional Japanese profile. The belly of Miyabi black 5000mcd gyutoh is also much straighter than a normal western knife.

Sharpness and Edge 

Each blade of Miyabi black knife is hand-honed to an extremely sharp 9.5 to 12-degree angle. You will hardly find this kind of sharpness in any Japanese or any kind of chef knife. 

The traditional Honbazuke method is used to get this extreme sharpness. This method contains three steps. At first, the blade is sharpened vertically and horizontally rotating sharpening stone. Finally, the edge is mirror polished on leather. This method has been used for centuries for the ultimate sharpness of samurai swords. 

This is a dual bevel knife means it has an edge curve on both sides. So, this miyabi knife can be used by both left and right hands. 

When it comes to edge retention, this knife can be called a masterpiece. Because of the tough hand blade core, it will retain its edge for very long. 


MIyabi Black Chef’s Knife has a hardness of 66 on the Rockwell scale. It is quite sure that you will hardly find any knife that has such hardness. It points to the extreme hardness of the blade. 

4 step crydour ice-hardening process of Miyabi ensures this hardness. At first, the blade is heated in a vacuum oven then cooled to normal temperature. Tha it’s cooled to -196 degrees super freezing temperature and back to normal temperature. This continuous cooling and heating process makes the knife extremely hard and corrosion-resistant. 

As a hard blade retain an edge longer than the soft blade, this knife will surely retain its edge and sharpness very longer than any other knife

Handle material

Miyabi black chef knife black handle is made from prized unique Bigleaf maple and black ash. It’s a unique knife handle material you will hardly find in any ordinary chef’s knife. It holds a beautiful black ash color. You will find curves and lines like real woods and. And the handle will last for long as it is made with durable, long-lasting material. 

Handle Design 

Miyabi black gyutoh knife handle features a traditional ergonomic D shape. The handle is rounded with a cylindrical shape that fits nicely in the hand. This handle shape is comfortable for both left and right-hand users because it has a minor curve on the right side. 

Miyabi Black 8 inch knife Handle Design

The exterior of the handle has a real wooden-like texture. Even you will find curves like natural wood. The grain structure and color of the black ash contrast beautifully with the unique Damascus pattern of the blade. 

You will also find a steel end cap with the Miyabi logo and black strips that adds the last touch of beauty to the handle. 


The Tang of a knife is the part of the blade that goes through the handle. If the tang goes all the way through the handle then it is called a full tang and full tang is always preferred over half tang knife. Miyabi black chef’s knife is also a full tang knife. Tang contributes to the balance and durability of the knife. 


Miyabi black chef knife has an 8-inch long blade. This is the most used blade size because it is not too short or too long. You can use to do the job of both long and short knife. And the handle is 5.5 inches long that is a comfortable size for both small hand and large-handed person. 

If you want a longer version of the same knife with the same design and material then there is a longer version with a 9.5-inch blade. The handle size and price will differ with it. 

Weight and Balance 

Miyabi black 8 inches is pretty lightweight comparing to any other knife of its size. It’s only 12.8 ounces. It won’t create pressure on your hand even after long use and provide a fatigue-free cut. 

When it comes to the proper balancing, handle the weight, blade weight, tang, and steel end cap all these things contribute to the proper balancing. The center of balance is almost at the connection point of the handle and balde. So, users will get used to Miyabi black 5000mcd very quickly. 

Clean and maintenance 

Proper care and maintenance ensure the longevity of a knife, whereas without proper caring a very high-end knife may get damaged in few days. So, be careful about the proper caring of the knife. 

When it comes to cleaning, Miyabi black 5000mcd67 is a only handwash-safe knife like other Miyabi knives. Washing it in a dishwasher may cause damage to its edge and steel. So, wash it with clean water after every light use and you can use soap and cloth after heavy use. 

Dry the knife properly after every wash. Just put the knife in an open place so that water dries out. 

And be careful about putting the knife in the drawer without any sheath. As mentioned in this Miyabi black 5000mcd review doesn’t come with any sheath. So, use a wooden knife block or a sheath. And it is better to not use a metal knife holder. 

How the knife will feel in your hand

The feel a knife provides while holding it is the most important thing whether it is a high-end or a low-end knife. Same for Miyabi black 8” chef’s knife. 

Miyabi shun handle has a rounded ergonomic shape that fits nicely in the palm. So, you will have a very comfortable grip and it doesn’t slip from your hand while working. 

Miyabi Black 5000MCD67 (How the knife will feel in your hand)

The sharp edge ensures precise and effortless cuts. You won’t need to create pressure while cutting as mentioned before in this Miyabi black knives review. 

And with proper weight distribution, you will hardly feel the weight of the knife and get used to it very quickly. Even Miyabi black 5000mcd67 8-inch chef’s knife will feel like a part of your hand. 


As mentioned in this Miyabi black review, Miyabi black 8-inch chef’s knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Miyabi has full confidence on their every piece of the knife as they use quality material and technology for their every piece of the knife. So, for any kind of manufacturing defect, you will be able to use the warranty service of Miyabi. 

Customer’s thought

Most of the review about Miyabi black 8-inch chef’s knife is a positive review and there is very few negative feedback. 

Mainly the negative review was about hand wash. One user said it may get damaged if you wash the knife in the dishwasher. And the knife is costly and not affordable for everyone. 

But most other review was positive review mentioning different features of knife. According to one user, it doesn’t only look beautiful but it also feels good in the hand and the balance is near perfect. They also mentioned other features like razor-sharp edge, beautiful design, lightweight as described in this Miyabi black 5000mcd gyutoh review.


Though this whole Miyabi black knife review is about different features and pros, I am gathering them here briefly. 

  1. Super sharp edge with precise and effortless cutting. 
  2. Very lightweight so provides fatigue-free cutting for a long time. 
  3. With hard balde it holds its sharp edge for long, so no need to sharpen it so often 
  4. Perfect balancing. 
  5. The handle fits comfortably in the palm
  6. Handle ensures a slipless grip while cutting. 
  7. Easy to use and maintain. 
  8. Adds an exceptional beauty to the kitchen. 
  9. Perfect for a wide range of work like chopping, dicing, mincing, and cutting. 
  10. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 


From this Miyabi black 5000mcd 67 review, you may have got an idea that this Miyabi knife has very few negative sides to mention. 

  1. The knife is only handwash safe. Washing it into the dishwasher may damage it. 
  2. The price may look a little higher as it is one of the most high-end knives of Miyabi. 
  3. The edge is too sharp, so it needs extra care while using. 


  1. Is Miyabi black a full tang knife? 

Yes, miyabi black knife is a full tang knife. The tang goes all the way through the end of the handle. 

  1. Is Miyabi a double bevel or a single-edged? 

Like all other Miyabi knives, Miyabi black 5000mcd knife is a double bevel knife. It has razor-sharp 9-12 degree cutting angle at its both side as mentioned before in this Miyabi black chef knife review. 

  1. Is Miyabi black comfortable for left-hand users?

This knife has a D shape handle. There is a minor curve on the right side so it is more comfortable for right-hand users but the left-hand users also can use it comfortably. And the blade is a double bevel that is perfect for both hand users. 

  1. Is this knife value for money? 

Yes,  is properly value for money. At first, it may look costly. But as the knife is one of the most high-end knives of Miyabi the value is justified. And all quality materials and traditional techniques are used for this knife as mentioned in this Miyabi black 5000mcd review.

5. What are the difference between Miyabi Black and Miyabi Birchwood?

Miyabi Black and Birchwood has many differences as well as few smilarities. There are difference in balde material , blade construction and design, hardness and handle material. And you find similarities in sharpness and handle shape. Here is the full Miyabi Black vs Birchwood Comparison.


With a black handle, razor-sharp edge, dark balde with unique Damascus pattern, and perfect balancing Miyabi black chef knife is the proper combination of beauty and quality. I am pretty sure that you have got a clear idea about this unique knife from this Miyabi black review. So, if you want an all-rounder and multipurpose knife for your kitchen then you can go with Miyabi black 5000mcd knife. Though at first, it looks a little costly at last it is sure to satisfy its user. 

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