Global Sai Chef's Knife Review

Are you looking for a full stainless steel body chef’s knife? Are you looking for a knife with a sharp edge along with longitivity and durability? Then global knife will be around the top of your consideration. Global has a large collection of chef’s knives. Among them, Global Sai is a high-end line of knives designed by legendary designer Komin Yamada. Let’s go thorough this detailed global Sai review . 

Here I have described every specific feature and experience of other users about Global Sai-01 Chef’s knife.

Quick Overview

If you are in a hurry then before reading this whole global sai chef’s knife review  you can go through this quick overview.

  1. The blade is made with CROMOVA 18 stainless steel which is a secret steel formula of global. 
  2. Hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 which is tough hard.
  3. The whole blade has a hammered finish that helps to release food while cutting.  
  4. This is a double straight edge knife. 
  5. The handle is also made from stainless steel. 
  6. The handle features a longer curved ergonomic shape with 7 black dots.
  7. It has a 7.5-inch blade.
  8. The weight of this knife is 12.7 ounces that pretty lightweight. 
  9. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Global SAI-01 7.5″ Chef’s Knife Review

Global sai knife is designed by renowned industrial designer Komin Yamada. He is known for creating proper harmony between the person and utensils. 

Global Sai-01 Review

Where it’s made

Now days global has become one of the most successful and renowned knife brands of teh world. Still there knives are handcrafted in Japan. Their knives are crafted in Yoshikin’s factory in Nigata, Japan. They are determined to hold their standard so they have achieved numerous awards throughout years. 

Blade Material

The blade core of every Sai blade is made of the finest stainless steel which is CROMOVA 18. This steel is exclusively designed for Global knives that you will not find in any other knives. 

There is a proper combination of molybdenum, carbon, vanadium, and chromium in this steel. So, the steel is hard enough to retain its sharpness, yet sharp enough to sharpen with a whetstone. The high chromium content makes the blade excellent resistant to rust and staining. 

Blade Design

Global sai knife blade has a contoured and seamless construction. There are a hammered finish through the whole body of this knife. This hammered finish creates small air pockets which help realise food while cutting. Moreover, it gives the blade a nonstick property. 

Blade design of global sai 7.5 inch

Near the edge, you will find a mirror finish on the blade. And there is a Global sai logo and branding on one side of the blade. 

Sharpness and Edge

Edge is the most important feature of any knife. And the Global edge is truly its signature. Most of the Global knives are sharpened or grounded on both sides of the blade like other western knives. 

But the important feature is that Western knives use a beveled edge whereas global knives come with a straight edge. That results in a sharper knife and stays sharp for longer. The edge of the Global knife is so prominent and larger that it can be easily seen with the naked eye. 

GLOBAL's straight Edge

As the knife is made with hard stainless steel it retains its edge sharp for a longer period.


How long a knife will retain its edge sharp? It mainly depends on the hardness of the core material of the knife. And hardness depends on the material and making process of the knife.This global chef knife is made with CROMOVA 18 steel which is enriched with a different necessary components that increases its strength. 

The high amount of carbon component develops its toughness. That’s why it has a hardness of 56 to 58 on the Rockwell scale. That helps the knife to hold its razor-sharp edge longer as mentioned before in this global sai-01 review . It also makes the knife more sustainable, with stain and rust resistant. 

Handle Material

Global sai-01 features a stainless steel handle. It is one of the unique features of global sai 7.5 chef’s knife knife that the whole handle is made with stainless steel. There is no another component like wood or resin are used in the handle. 

Moreover, sand is used inside of the handle.A precise amount of sand is injected into the hollow handle. To ensure a continuous balance, and the sand flows in the handle as a blade is maneuvered. 

Handle Design

Global sai chef knife features a slightly longer curved ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in the grip. There are 7 signature black dots on the handle of sai which represents the 7 Samurai codes of honor and moral principles. 

GLOBAL Sai chef's knife handle Design

These dots or dimples on the handle helps to make it slipping resistant.  This unique ergonomic shaped handle is perfect for both small and large hand users that provides a fatigue-free cutting for a long time. 


The blade of global sai-01 chef knife is 7.5 inches long that the average size of most used chef knives. And the handle is around 5.5 inches long. This handle length is comfortable for small and large hand users. 

Weight and Balance

This knife is not too heavy or too lightweight. Its total weight is 12.7 ounces. So, you will get used to it very easily. But if you are comfortable using too lightweight a knife then it may take a few uses to get used to it. 

The knife is well balanced and properly weight distributed. Blade weight, handle, sand inside the handle all these things contribute to the balancing as mentioned before in this global sai knives review. 

Clean and maintenance 

Longevity of a knife depends on the proper caring and maintanance. Without proper caring, a high-end knife may get rust in a few days whereas proper caring can ensure the longevity of a low-end knife for a long. 

When it comes to global sai santoku chef’s knife , it is always preferred not to wash the knife in dishwasher. Just wash it with your hand it is better for any knife. Moreover, you may use soap and cloth . Dry the knife properly after every use before storing it. 

Never put the knife in a drawer without a sheath. So, it is better to use a sheath or a knife block. Moreover, try to avoid magnetic knife holders that may damage the inner structure of the knife. 

How the knife will feel in your hand

The most important thing about a knife is that how it feels when you hold it in your hand. The handle has an ergonomic and unique shape that fits comfortably in the grip of the hand. But it is not that comfortable for left-hand users. 

How global sai will feel in hand

The sharp edge cuts through anything easily so you don’t need to create pressure while cutting.

The knife is well balanced so that it feels like a part of the hand while using. Moreover, it ensures long fatigue-free use as mentioned in this global sai knives review.

Customers Thought

Most of the review about global sai chef’s knife is a positive review with very little negative feedback. 

One user mentioned that the handle is built to accommodate only right handed person. That’s why it doesn’t feel good in the left hand. Other users said that it needs extra care while using. While washing this knife may get slippy and cut one’s hand. 

And positive feedback was quite similar as described through this whole global chef knife review. Users mentioned that the knives are beautiful, nicely weighted, and sharp. The handle makes chopping, carving, and slicing for hours a breeze and feels comfortable. 


Through this whole global sai knife review different features and advantage of global sai-01 chef’s knife was described, let me gather them here briefly. 

  1. Razor-sharp edge with a smooth and precise cut. 
  2. The knife is well-balanced and easy to use. 
  3. The ergonomic handle fits nicely in the grip. 
  4. Hammered finish on the balde prevents sticking of food while cutting. 
  5. It retains its edge sharp for long. 
  6. It’s not heavy so provide fatigue-free work for a long. 
  7. Steel handle ensures longevity. 
  8. Comes with a lifetime warranty. 


From this whole sai global knife review, you may have got a clear idea that this knife has very few negative sides to mention.

  1. This knife is comfortable only for right-handed users. 
  2. When the knife is oily or wet it becomes slippery that needs extra care. 


  1. Does Global Sai Chef’s Knife come with any sheath?

Global Sai-01 knife comes with a plastic sheath that is mainly to keep the knife safe for shipping. That’s sheath is not perfect for storing the knife after everyday use. So, you can use an extra sheath or knife block for your knife as mentioned before in this global sai chef’s knife review.

2. What are the differences between Global Sai and Classic?

There are both a lot of similarities between Global Classic and Sai. These two knives have different blade design, handle design but similar in terms of material, hardness and sharpness. Here is full Global Sai vs Classic comparison.

Other comparisons: Global Sai vs Ni


A stainless steel ergonomic handle with razor-sharp edge and proper balancing global sai 7.5 chef’s knife is the proper combination of quality and beauty. I am pretty sure that you have got a clear idea about every feature of this knife from this detailed global sai review. So, if you want a knife that will last long and serve well in the kitchen then you can think about this knife. At first, the price may look pretty high but it will be a long-lasting partner of your kitchen. 

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