Miyabi mizu vs artisan

Miyabi Mizu and artisan are two midrange knives of miyabi. But comparing to knives of other knives makes these two miyabi knives are high-end knives. Both of this knife has beautiful look with quality material. You will find both differences and similarities between these two knives. Here is a full miyabi Mizu vs artisan comparison. 

Here I have added a comparison table, quick overview, and full in-depth comparison between these two miyabi knives. 

Quick Overview: Miyabi Mizu vs Miyabi Artisan

If you are in hurry then before going through this whole comparison, you can go through this quick overview. There are more similarities than differences between these two knives. The main differences are: 

  1. Miyabi Mizu handle is made with Micarta. On the other hand, the artisan handle is made with cocobolo pakkawood. Both of them are resin-based materials. 
  2. In miyabi handle features a straight rounded D-shaped handle. Whereas, artisan handle is slightly contoured from the blade to the butt end. And it has a curve at the belly. Both knives have steel end caps with the miyabi logos. 
  3. Both of these knives are very lightweight. But miyabi Mizu is more lightweight when it is compared to miyabi miyabi artisan. 
  4. When it comes to price miyabi artisan is a little expensive than miyabi Mizu. Their prices are very close. 
miyabi mizu sg2 review
Miyabi Mizu Sg2

As mentioned before in this miyabi artisan vs mizu comparison, these two knives have way more similarities than differences. The main similarities are: 

  1. Blade core of both Mizu and artisan are made with micro carbide Sg2 powder steel. 
  2. In both knives, the sg2 blade core is wrapped with another layer of steel on each side. So, there is 3 layer of steel at each knife. 
  3. Both knives have a beautiful tsuchime hammered finish. The top portion has a hammered finish and the bottom part has a plain mirror finish. 
  4. As blade material and construction is same both knife has same Rockwell hardness that is 63. 
  5. Both knives have hand-honed 9.5 to 12-degree razor-sharp cutting edge. They retain their edge for a long. 
  6. Mizu and Artisan both are full tang knives. 
  7. Both of these miyabi knife prefer handwash only. 
  8. Miyabi provides a limited lifetime warranty for any kind of manufacturing defect for both of these knives. 
Miyabi Artisan Sg2 Chef's Knife Review
Miyabi Artisan Sg2 Knife

Both Miyabi Mizu and Miyabi Artisan are part of our Best Miyabi Knives Review List

Comparison Table: Miyabi Mizu Sg2 vs Miaybi Artisan Sg2

Miyabi MizuMiyabi Artisan
Where it’s madeSeki, JapanSeki, Japan
Blade MaterialSg2 micro carbide powder steel coreSg2 micro carbide powder steel Core
Blade ConstructionCore is protected by another 2 layers of steel.Core is protected by another 2 layers of steel.
Blade DesignTsuchime hammered finish with plain hazy snow finish in the middle Tsuchime hammered finish with hazy snow finish in the middle 
Handle MaterialMicartaPakka wood
Handle DesignRounded D shape handle with stainless steel end cap and red accents.Curve at the belly with a rounded shape, steel end cap, and red accents
Handle ColorBlackBrown 
Sharpness ( Edge angle)9.5-12 9.5-12 
Rockwell Hardness6363
Full TangYesYes
Edge retentionLong-LastingLong-Lasting
CleaningHand washHand Wash
WarrantyLimited LifetimeLimited Lifetime
PriceLess Expensive ( Check Price on Amazon) More Expensive ( Check Price on Amazon

Differences Between Miyabi Mizu vs Artisan Knives

The difference between these two knives was mentioned briefly in the quick overview part of this miyabi artisan vs miyabi mizu comparison. Now let’s talk about them in detail. 

Difference 1: Handle Material

Handle material and design are the main difference between these two miyabi knives. But both of the knives use very durably and long-lasting handle material. 

In miyabi mizu, the handle is made from Micarta. Micarta is a composite material of linen, resin, paper, canvas, and other components like burlap, etc. It has a wooden texture along with a beautiful grain structure. Micarta makes the handle stain resistance as well as water and moisture resistance. 

On the other hand, the artisan handle is made from cocobolo rosewood pakkawood. Same as micarta pakkawood is also a resin-based material though other components are different from micarta. Pakkawood is a composite of resin and different hardwood that makes it ware and moisture resistant. Moreover, pakkawood doesn’t harbor bacteria and gives the handle a shiny look. 

Difference 2: Handle Design

When Miaybi Mizu features a traditional D shape handle. And it has a rounded shape with a slight D curve on the right side. As the curve at the right side is not so aggressive so it is also pretty comfortable for left-hand users. Moreover, the handle has a beautiful black color with few lines.  

Handle of Miyabi Mizu sg2
Handle of Miyabi Mizu sg2

On the other hand, the Miyabi artisan handle is curvier than the miyabi mizu. Its handle has a curve at the belly that fits nicely in the grip of the hand. The whole handle has a brown wooden-like finish with lines that makes it look like real wood. 

Handle of Miyabi Artisan Sg2
Handle of Miyabi Artisan Sg2

But both handle has similarities in term of few parts like, both knives have a steel end cap with miyabi logo. In both handles, there are a beautiful mosaic pin and red accents spacers that add the last touch of beauty. 

Difference 3: Weight

Both miaybi mizu and miyabi artisan are very lightweight comparing to other knives of this size. Even after long use they won’t create any pain in your wrist and will provide a fatigue-free cut. But when there is a comparison between Miyabi mizu sg2 vs artisan sg2 then miaybi mizu is more lightweight than miyabi artisan. Mizu has 20% to 25% less weight than miyabi artisan. 

Difference 4:Price 

Mizu and artisan are two mid-range miyabi knife and their price is very close to each other. 

But miyabi artisan knives are a little bit pricy than miyabi mizu knives. When it comes to price and affordability, you can choose anyone because they are very close in terms of affordability. 

Difference 5:Product Offering.

When it comes to product offering miyabi mizu and miyabi artisan line both has some similarities and differences. Both lines offer different types of knives and knife sets. 

Knife/ SetMiyabi MizuArtisan
8” chef’s knifeAvailableAvailable
Santoku knifeNot AvailableAvailable
Kiritsuke Knife  AvailableNot Available
Utility KnifeNot AvailableAvailable
Prep knifeAvailableAvailable
Slicing KnifeNot AvailableAvailable
Bread KnifeNot AvailableAvailable
Paring KnifeNot AvailableAvailable
Steak knife setNot AvailableAvailable
2 piece knife setNot AvailableAvailable
7 piece knife setAvailableNot Available

Similarities Between Miyabi Artisan Sg2 and Miyabi Mizu Sg2 Knives

As mentioned before in this miyabi mizu vs artisan comparison, these two knives have way more similarities than differences. Let’s talk about those similarities in detail between mizu and artisan. 

Similarities 1: Blade Material

Both miyabi mizu and artisan are made from micro carbide SG2 powder steel. Sg2 is also known as super gold powder steel with is a high carbon alloy of powder stainless steel. Sg2 steel is enriched with different components like carbon, chromium, nickel, and cobalt. 

The high amount of carbon components increases the hardness and durability of the steel core. Chromium makes the knife more rust and corrosion resistant and other components contribute to the strength and durability of the knife. 

Similarities 2: Blade Construction

Both Mizu and artisan have similar balde construction. At each side of the blade core, both knives have one layer of steel. So, there is a total of 3 layers of steel in both knives. Those two layers around the main core protect the core from pressure or any kind of damage. These layers make the knife more flexible and pressure resistant. 

Similarities 3: Blade Design

When it comes to blade design, you will hardly find any difference between these two knives. They have a beautiful tsuchime hammered finish. The top portion has this beautiful hammered finish, the middle portion has a plain matt finish and the edge portion has a shiny mirror finish. This design looks like Fog under a cloud. The hammered finish looks like a cloud and the hazy matt finish gives the vibe of fog. 

Miyabi Mizu SG2 Blade Design
Miyabi Mizu

There is also a beautiful miyabi logo on the balde at both knives. That hammered finish not only adds more to the beauty if also creates a small air pocket on the knife. That helps to prevent food from sticking while cutting. 

Miyabi artisan sg2 chef knife blade
Miyabi Artisan

Similarities 4: Sharpness and Edge

Both mizu and artisan features hand-honed 9.5 to 12-degree cutting angles with karat edge finish. This is twice time sharper as any western chef’s knife. With this sharpness, both of these knives provide very precise and effortless cuts every time. 

Sharpness of miyabi mizu chef's knife

The Traditional 3 step honbazuke method is used for both of these knives to ensure this sharpness. At first to step knife is sharpened using vertical and horizontal rotating stone and finally polished on leather. 

Miyabi artisan 8 inch chef knife

Both miyabi knives are double bevels so they have the same cutting edge on both sides. 

Similarities 5: Hardness

Hardness depends on the blade material, balde construction, and forging process of a knife. You may already know from this miyabi artisan vs mizu comparison that these two knives same balde material and construction. So, miyabi mizu and artisan sg2 have the same hardness that is 63. A knife with Rockwell hardness over 60 is considered rock hard. So, both knives are very hard durable, and long-lasting. 

Similarities 6: Edge Retention

When it comes to edge retention, you won’t need to worry about miyabi mizu and artisan. As both of them are made from the same quality material and have tough hardness both of them retain their edge sharp for a long. So, you won’t need to sharpen these knives so often. 

Similarities 7: Tang

Miyabi artisan and miyabi mizu both are full tang knives. That means in both knife the part of the blade goes all teh way through the handle. Tang makes a knife more durable and contributes to the proper balancing of a knife. 

Similarities 8: Where they are made 

All miyabi Knives are handcrafted in Seki, Japan using traditional knife-making techniques. Seki is known as the sword and knife-making capital of Japan for almost 700 years. 

Since 2004 miyabi is owned by german knife maker Zwilling. So, every miyabi knife is made with a combination of Japanese traditional knife-making techniques and modern german technologies and engineering. 

Similarities 9: Clean and Maintanance

Proper caring and maintenance can ensure the longevity of a knife. Same for both these miyabi knives and they are very easy to maintain. 

Both mizu and artisan prefer only handwash like all other miyabi knives. So, just wash these knives with clean water or use soap and cloth if necessary. Putting these knives into the dishwasher may cause chips or damage to the edge. 

After washing it is better to dry a knife properly so just put it in an open place after every use until it dries properly. 

For storing the knife in the drawer it is better and safe to use a sheath. Or you can use a wooden block to keep these knives. 

Similarities 10: Warranty

Miyabi provides a limited lifetime warranty for all of its knives. So, for any kind of manufacturing defect, you will get a limited lifetime warranty service for both mizu and artisan knives. 

Miyabi Artisan vs Miyabi Mizu

Conclusion ( Should You Buy Miyabi Mizu or Artisan Knife?)

You may have got a proper idea about the similarities and differences between these two knives from this miyabi mizu vs artisan comparison. Now, it’s time to decide which one is best for you, mizu or artisan? 

If you want a knife with a rounded handle with a curve at the belly then a miyabi artisan will be better for you. It has a brown wooden look. On the other hand, if you want a more straight rounded D shape handle then mizu will be better for you. 

Though both of these knives are very lightweight. But if you are used to using an extremely lightweight knife then miyabi mizu can be a better option for you. 

In terms of balde material, design both knives are the same. They also have the same hardness, sharpness, and long-lasting edge retention. 

Finally comes affordability and price, Both knives are two mid-range knives of miyabi. And the price of mizu and artisan are very close to each other but mizu is a little bit more affordable than miyabi artisan. So, go with whichever knife you like among mizu and artisan. 

If you want to know more and particularly about these two knives, then here is the full Miyabi Mizu Sg2 Review and Miyabi Artisan Sg2 Review

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