Miyabi Mizu Sg2 Chef's Knives Review

If you are looking for a chef knife that’s not only a master at its work but also adds an eye-catching beauty to your kitchen. Then Miyabi Mizu sg2 will surely get a position around the top of your choice list. 

Even its name explains this knife’s beauty and quality. In Japanese Mizu means water. That points to the beautifully hammered surface and wavy Damascus look on the blade like a water wave. It also explains its quality as the shiny sharp edge can cut through anything like water. And here is the article about this knife with an in-depth Miyabi Mizu sg2 chef’s knives review. I have also added customer’s thoughts and questions about this knife. 

Quick Overview:

If you are in hurry then going through this whole Miyabi Mizu sg2 review you can read this quick overview. 

  1. The blade core is made with SG2 which is super powder steel. 
  2. The cutting edge is hand haunted to an 8-12 degree angle. 
  3. Blade length is 8 inches with a 5-inch long handle.
  4. Full tang blade gives it durability.
  5. It has a Rockwell hardness of 63 that points to the very hard territory.
  6. Three-layer finished on the exterior. At the top it has a hammered finish, lower matt finish .cutting edge feels like an oil finish.
  7. The handle is made with Micarta.
  8. The shape of the handle is well rounded with a little D curve on the right side. 
  9. This knife provides a limited lifetime warranty

Miyabi Mizu Sg2 8 inch Chef’s Knife Review (Miyabi 5000mct  gyutoh)

miyabi mizu sg2 review with box

Where it’s made

The manufacturer of Miyabi Mizu sg2 is the Japanese company Miyabi,  which is well known for producing excellent and beautiful Japanese knives. Their great quality is that they pay attention to every detail of the knife. Though Miyabi is a part of the famous knife company Zwilling. But Miyabi knives are crafted in Seki, japan ensuring the Japanese tradition and heritage. 

Blade material

The core component of Miyabi Mizu is SG2. SG2 stands fro ‘super gold” which is high carbon and alloy of powder steel. That contains 1.25-1.45% carbon,14-16% chromium, 2% vanadium that’s a large amount and another component like manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, etc. 

Making the process of Miyabi Mizu stars with Tsuchime method consisting of 3 layers SG2 steel. The high amount of carbon component makes the knife more hard and durable. 

Blade Design

Miyabi Mizu chef knife blade has a wavy Damascus look with the hammered steel. Moreover, it has a 3 layered finish on the exterior. The top portion of the blade has a hammered stainless Damascus finish with a sandblast. The lower portion feels like a matt finish that brings a classy look. These two layers feel like deep fog below a dark cloud and the edge tends to be a shiny oil finish. At the spine, it has a sand finish.

Miyabi Mizu SG2 Blade Design

Beyond an aesthetic look, the hammered finish works as air pockets. It ensures that no food will stick to the knife while using. 

The blade shape is a  little curved at the tip from the upper and lowers both parts. Another portion is quite straight. 

Sharpness and edge

The edge of Miyabi Mizu sg2 chef’s knives is well-sharpened between 8-12 degree cutting edges. You can definitely feel the razor-sharp sharpness. This sharpness comes from hand honing using traditional Japanese hand sharpening methods. This full sharpening process involves an ancient 3-step process, which sharpens the blade twice on whetstones followed by mirror polishing on a leather wheel. This process has been used for over 100 years for samurai swords for ultimate sharpness and edge retention. 

Moreover, the blade edge is dual beveled; it means it is sharpened from both sides. So Miyabi Mizu 5000mct can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people comfortably.

Handle material

Miyabi Mizu chef’s knife handle is made from MIcarta. Micarta is a resin-based component that is very durable and strong. It is also very good in terms of stain resistance, water, and shrinkage resistance. It is also resistant to grease, solvent, and other harmful components. 

Though micarta tends to be a little bit heavy compared to wooden handles, they retain the feel really nice for a long time. 

Handle Design

The handle has a D shape to it, but it is too minor. That little curve is at the right side of the handle of Miyabi Mizu gyutoh make the grip comfortable for a right-hander. But as the tapper is not so aggressive so it feels like a rounded oval handle and left-handed people can also use it quite comfortably.

Miyabi mizu sg2 handle

It feels like a sand finish on the handle that provides a slipless grip. 

Miyabi Mizu sg2 chef’s knife also has a mosaic rivet at the center of the handle that’s very pretty. There is a beautiful red circle at both ends of the handle. Coming down to the butt of the handle it had a metal cap with logo-engraved that gives the knife an elegant look. 


The length of the blade is 8 inch which is the perfect size between too long or too short. The total size of Miyabi 5000 MCT Mizu chef’s knife is 13.5 inches. So the handle is between 5 to 5. 5 inches. That’s also perfect for both large or shorthand. And the spine thickness at the heel is 1.9 mm and the other part has less thickness giving it a lightweight. 


Miyabi Mizu sg2 knife blade features a special crifur ice-hardening properties of the steel. And the sg2 steel provides  63 Rockwell hardness to the knife. This tough hardness ensures long blade retention, flexibility, and corrosion resistance as mentioned before in this Miyabi Mizu review. This hard blade will keep the edge for longer than a softer blade. However, this hardness comes with the risk of increasing brittleness. So, you need to be careful about chopping bone using this knife, or else you may lose the edge. 

Weight and balance 

This chef knife weighs in at 7.4 ounces. That’s pretty lightweight, which is a great quality of all Japanese-style knives. So, it’s comfortable for the wrist to chop, cut, slice using a Miyabi Mizu knife. 

If we talk about balance then its balance or center of gravity is slightly towards the rear (handle) because of the steed end cap at the handle. If you get used to it then this knife will perform like a part of your hand. 

There is a nice little divot. So, it gives you a nice place for your middle finger when you are sharpening. Also, give a comfortable pinch grip. 

 Clean and maintenance 

You should be careful about cleaning a Japanese chef’s knife in a dishwasher because it can ruin your blade. So, after every use hand washing is the best option for Miyabi Mizu sg2 8 chef’s knife. Completely dry the knife before storing. 

Using a wooden knife sheath or plastic edge guard can help to protect the blade. Avoid using magnetic strips to store which can weaken the metal of the blade. Wooden knife blocks are fine to store Miyabi 5000mct mizu after use. Never keep your knife in a drawer without an edge guard or sheath. 

How the knife will feel in your hand

A knife may have much quality but that quality matters only when this knife gives a great experience in hand.

As the knife is lightweight enough, you may feel it as a part of your hand while working. The round oval shape handle with a matt finish feels very comfortable in hand and gives a slipless grip as mentioned before in this Miyabi Mizu sg2 5000mct review.

Miyabi Mizu ( How the knife will feel in hand)

 You can also have a comfortable pinch hole grip if you want to. Moreover, because of the super-sharp cutting, you hardly have to create pressure that’s very relaxing for your wrist. Another thigh is the center of gravity is towards the rear part it means near the handle. So if you use Miyabi Mizu sg2 chef’s knives then you will get used to it and then the cutting experience will be way better. 


Though miyabi Mizu provides premium quality components, it also provides a lifetime warranty

This has a long-lasting edge, durability, quality blade so Miyabi has full confidence in their knife that they stand behind their product with a lifetime warranty. 

Customer’s thought

This knife has received a lot of positive reviews from the customer. 

There were very few negative things the customers mentioned. One guy mentioned that the center of balance was further back than he prefers that I mentioned above. Another negative review is that why this knife can’t be washed in the dishwasher. But this is not only this knife’s problem. Most Japanese chefs knife doesn’t prefer dishwashers. 

Most of the positive reviews were about those qualities I mentioned throughout my whole article about Miyabi Mizu 5000mct review. The thigh mentioned quite often by the consumer is the look of the knife. Just amazing!


This whole Miyabi Mizu sg2 chef’s knives review is about different features and pros of Miyabi Mizu 8 inches sg2 knife. Let me gather them here once again. 

  1. Rock-solid hardness and durability. 
  2. Very lightweight and easy to use
  3. Razor sharpness
  4. Handle provides a comfortable grip
  5. Provides comfortable pinch grip
  6. It is well balanced if you once get used to it.
  7. Ensures slipless grip in the handle
  8. Long-lasting blade retention
  9. Better flexibility will please you.
  10. Corrosion resistance
  11. Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  12. Excellent for slicing, cutting, chopping, dicing, and mincing meats and vegetables.


From the customer thought part of this Miyabi Mizu sg2 8 inch chef’s knife review you may have to get that miyabi mizu 5000mct has very few drawbacks.  

  1. Isn’t dishwasher safe, only prefers hand wash after every use
  2. It doesn’t come with any sheath, so you have to be careful about keeping it properly.


  1. Why should you buy these Miyabi Mizu sg2 chef’s knives?

There could be many knives in the market, but the traditional making style of Miyabi Mizu gyutoh knife proves it is always better than your expectation. The techniques of making samurai swords through the ages are being used in this knife. It’s a lot sharper, strong, durable, and long-lasting than any ordinary knife as mentioned in this Miyabi 5000mct review. Finally, considering the beauty of this knife it’s not only a knife it’s a piece of art. 

  1. Is Miyabi Mizu sg2 double bevel? Cause I’m a left-hander. 

Yes, the knife is a double bevel. It has the same sharpness from both sides. As the handle is D-shaped towards the right side it is ergonomically more comfortable for right-handed but also left-handed people can use it as the curve at right is not so aggressive.

  1. Does the knife blade come this a cover or sheath?

No, it doesn’t come with any cover. Just the knife in a black box with a small plastic cover at the top edge. You can use a sheath or wooden block that covers it properly. It’s better to not use a magnetic knife holder. 

  1. Does the price justify buying Miyabi Mizu 8 inch sg2 chef’s knife? 

It’s true that the knife is expensive but it justifies the value as it is handmade in traditional Japanese style. All high-quality materials like sg2 steel, good handle have been used in this knife which ensures durability and hardness. Moreover, in this whole article about miyabi mizu sg2 review, you have known other qualities of this knife that justify that this knife is worth money.

5. What are the differences between miyabi mizu and artisan?

These two miyabi knives has more similarites than differeces. They are same in term of balde material design, sharpness and hardnes. But their handle material and design is different. Here is full Miyabi Mizu vs Artisan Comparison.


I am pretty sure that this article about the Miyabi Mizu sg2 chef’s knives review has given you a crystal clear idea about this unique piece of the knife. Moreover, I hope it is clear to you how the beauty and functionality of Miyabi Mizu sg2 have made it different from any ordinary knife. Details on the Miyabi are something that you can’t deny.

Where a dull and inferior and dull knife can ruin your experience while cooking. This kind of knife with Japanese heritage and tradition can make your experience remarkable every time you hold it in your hand. 

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