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A chef knife is the decision-maker of your kitchen and cooking experience. A quality knife can give you a smooth experience in the kitchen in the same way a low-quality dull knife can destroy your cooking experience. Dalstrong Shogun X chef knife is such a piece that will provide you a great experience every time you use it. With award-winning craftsman, awe-inspiring design, quality material it’s a very beautiful knife in a very comfortable price zone. 

So, I have made an in-depth Dalstrong shogun review, considering different aspects. This Dalstrong shogun review will make your idea clear about this knife and let you know about the customer’s thoughts and experiences. 

Key Features

  1. The blade of this knife is made from 66-67 layers of premium high-carbon stainless steel.
  2. It features an AUS-10V vacuum heat treated super steel Japanese cutting core which is super durable. 
  3. Blade length is 8 inch and the handle is 5.11 inches. 
  4. The cutting core has a Rockwell hardness of 62+ that points to the very hard territory. 
  5. Full tang, triple revert provide superb robustness and resilience. 
  6. The cutting angle is hand-finished mirror-polished at 8-12 degrees. 
  7. Damascus hammered finish gives a Tsunami Rose design on it. 
  8. Shogun X handle is made with G-10, a highly impervious fiberglass resin
  9. Ergonomic handle design ensures better fit and grip in hand. 
  10. Limited lifetime warranty with limited days moneyback guarantee. 

Dalstrong Shogun Series X 8-inches Chef Knife Review

Go through this whole dalstrong shogun chef knife review to get about more and other extraordinary features. 

Where it’s made

Shogun X chef knife is a premium quality product of  Dalstrong. Though Dalstrong has started its journey later than other famous knife companies, it has achieved the trust of chefs very quickly. Through superior quality, unconditional support Dalstrong has made a loyal community of thousands of users. It’s a Chinese company, making high-quality Japanese knives with expert craftsmanship, love, and dedication. Their knife with razor-sharp quality along with beauty and support has made them the fastest growing knife company. Dalstrong cares about the tiniest packaging detail to hundreds of hours of knife design and testing. 

Blade Material

The core of the Dalstrong shogun series knife is made from AUS-10V vacuum treated  Japanese super steel. Another 66 layers of premium high-carbon Damascus stainless steel folded over ASU-10V give a total of 67 layers. The blade is preciously forged from a single piece of ASU steel that makes it stain-resistance and durability. AUS-10V is quite similar to famous VG-10 steel. They both provide high carbon with vanadium components. Carbon provides hardness and durability. So this dalstrong shogun series knife is quite hard and retains an edge for a long.

The blade is full tang, which means the blade goes through the whole handle. Moreover, the cryogenic tempering and Nitrogen cooled process develop steel structure,  enhance hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance. 

Blade Design

Hand-polishing reveals a magnificent visual pattern on the blade of the shogun. The Tsunami Rose blade pattern with hammered Damascus finish looks really outstanding. Moreover, the hammered finish creates an air pocket on the surface that reduces the sticking of food. Also, the spine is hand-polish which enhances comfort across very grips. 

Dalstrong shogun x series blade

The blade is 8 inches long with a curve at the bottom end that gives it a Japanese look. The laser-engraved lion face logo near the bolster represents its functionality along with the knife maker.

It has a pretty smooth bolster so you will get a better pinch grip. This tapper bolster gives the full length of the blade for chopping, cutting, slicing, and mincing. 

Sharpness and edge

3 step traditional Honbazuke method is used for the sharpening process of the dalstrong shogun 8-inch chef knife. It has an 8-12 degree hand-polished cutting angle on both sides which gives it a scalpel-like edge and sharpness. Both side sharpness makes it equally perfect for both left and right-handed people.

Edge retention depends on the hardness of the steel. As a steel of super hardness, it retains its edge for a long if you use it with proper care

Handle material

The Shogun Series handle is from premium G-10 Garolite, incredibly strong fiberglass-like material. It’s a military-grade material that is incredibly strong and durable. This makes the handle highly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. This fiberglass-type material and epoxy resin make Dalstrong shogun x series chef knife available in a different color. 

Handle Design

The hand-polished, ergonomic handle is engineered for superior control, comfort, and agility. The handle got a really nice belly on it so it feels really good in the hand and ensures a non-slip grip. 

Dalstrong Shogun 8 inch chef's knife handle

There are 3 reverts in the handle. The center revert has got a beautiful Rose style mosaic pattern. 

Dalstrong shogun has a steel cap at the end of the handle. It adds stabilization and agile performance to it. Moreover, the lion head logo engraved in this cap gives an elegant look. 


Dalstrong shogun chef knife has got a blade of 8 inches with a 5.11-inch handle. The size of the handle is perfect for both short and large hands.  This knife is also available in 6 inches and 10-inch blades with similar other features. 

The 2.2-inch blade width ensures knuckle clearance cut and the blade is pretty slim. 


Those super quality blade core material,  along with cryogenic tempering with liquid nitrogen has made it hard enough for any cooking task. It has a Rockwell hardness of more than 62 that points to the very hard territory. 

Because of this hardness, it will retain the edge for very long but you have to be careful before using this knife on the bone. 

Weight and balance 

Dalstrong shogun knife has a weight of 9.6 ounces this may look a little heavier but you won’t feel it because of its amazing balance while working. 

Its total making process including full tang, steel cap at the handle, and the blade has made it a well-balanced knife. You will get used to it from the first moment you use it. It has got a pretty smooth bolster so you will get a better pinch grip and balance. 


Dalstrong Shogun chef’s knife comes with a nice, perfect-fit black sheath with a Dalstrong logo engraved on it. This is sheath is made from premium quality polymer. There is also a pin included with the set to ensure the perfect fit and protection of the blade. 

If you use the sheath properly and take care of it both the knife and sheath will company you for a long time in your kitchen. 

Dalstrong shogun with sheath and box

Clean and maintenance 

It is best to handwash this knife like all other Japanese chef knives. Putting it in the dishwasher may cause cracks and chips. Only wash with water after light use. But after heavy use, wash with a shop and a smooth washer.

Always dry it properly before storing. Its own sheath is enough for protection until the sheath is worn out. A wooden knife block can be also used to keep this knife. Don’t use metal knife holders as they may harm the inner component of the knife. Never store the knife without a sheath.

How the knife will feel in your hand

From the whole dalstrong shogun series knife review you have got enough idea about how this knife will feel while working. Let me explain it shortly from my experience. 

The long-lasting sharp edge will give you a long time pressure-free cutting experience even without sharpening. Though the knife is a little heavier but proper weight distribution has made it a well-balanced knife and you hardly feel the weight. The spread long cutting edge makes the user experience way better. 

Dalstrong shogun series x knife ( how the knife will feel in your hand)

The handle is constructed in such a way that it will fit in your hand with a slipless grip. The handle is perfect for both left and right-handed persons. You will also have a comfortable pinch grip as the bolster is pretty smooth. 


Dalstrong provides a limited lifetime warranty in Dalstrong shogun x series gyuto knife. If you find any defect on the knife you will get free serviced from dalstrongs renowned customer service. 

Along with a warranty, this knife also provides a money-back guarantee within a limited time. So, there should be no worry before this amazing piece of knife with quality is ensured. 


Though there is no need to add the positive sides of this chef knife after so long dalstrong shogun x review, I am adding it briefly.

  1. The blade is too sharp to cut through anything. 
  2. Premium blade material makes it durable and long-lasting. 
  3. The hardness of ASU-10V super steel ensures superior edge retention.
  4. Very well balanced.
  5. Hammered tsuchime finish creates an air pocket that reduces the sticking of food
  6. The handle is very comfortable and long-lasting
  7. G-10 handles heat, moisture, and water resistance. 
  8. Comes with sheath protection, so no need to worry about it.
  9. Provides limited lifetime warranty for any defect
  10. 100% money-back guarantee for a limited time. 


  1. From the whole dalstrong shogun series review you have come to know that this knife is made in china. So, if you are looing made in japan knife this is not the right one. But this is truly a nice knife
  2. Sometimes the Damascus pattern is not so clearly visible.
  3. More hardness comes with the risk of being brittle. So, it should be used with such care. 

Customer’s thought

Most of the review about the dalstrong shogun chef knife is a positive review. 

There are a few negative reviews about this. One person mentioned about the weight. He said that the weight could be a little less. I have mentioned about this in the weight and balance part in this dalstrong shogun knife review. The weight may feel a little more but if you use it for few days the proper balance of this knife will help you to get used to it easily. 

Another negative review about the dalstrong shogun series x chef knife is that sometimes Damascus patterns are hard to see.

Most of the positive reviews is about the beautiful hammered design, razor-sharp cutting edge in the best price range


  1. Is the dalstrong shogun knife good? 

With a beautiful hammered Damascus design, comfortable grip, hard, durable blade it is one of the best chef knives in this price range. The super steel AUS-10V cutting core with 62+ Rockwell hardness retains its edge for a long. The G-10 handle is water, moisture, and rust-resistant. With all this quality described in this dalstrong shogun chef’s knife review, you may get that it is a perfect and good chef knife. 

  1. Is dalstrong made in japan or china?

Mainly datstrong company was formed in Canada but they gave the contract making knives to China as I have mentioned at the beginning of this dalstrong chef’s knife – shogun series x gyuto review. So dalstrong knives are made in China, not in Japan. 

  1. Does this blade has any flexibility?

This knife contains high carbon. And high carbon generally means harder steel, better edge retention of long but less flexibility. But if you use this knife properly a little less flexibility doesn’t cause more.

  1. Which grit stone is good for sharpening this shogun X knife? Can I use an electric sharpener? 

This is made with better quality Damascus steel so you wouldn’t need to sharpen it often Even if you have to sharpen it use #6000 and #1000 grit Japanese wet gritstone. Don’t use an electric sharpener because it may change the angle of the knife. 

  1. What is the difference between AUS-10V and VG-10?

These two steel are quite similar but AUS-10V steel contains a mixture of nickel and other elements, which VG-10 doesn’t contain. AUS-10V durability is also better than VG-10 as AUS-10V is vacuum heat treated. 


From this whole Dalstrong shogun review you may have got an in-depth idea about this beautiful knife. I am pretty sure that all those amazing features of the Dalstrong shogun have surprised you. So, if you are a home cook or a professional chef you can surely go with this affordable knife. With its sharp edge and proper balance, it will make your kitchen prep very smooth and cut your prep time.

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