Vertoku Knives Review (Chef knife , Serbian Knife and Knife Set)

Are you looking for knives with unique designs and qualities? Then you must have heard the name of vertoku who are making varieties of knives for years. Vertoku mainly made traditional Japanese-inspired knives using traditional knife-making techniques. Each knife goes through the hammer of an experienced balde smith who are crafting knives for a long. Vertoku provides different types of knives of different price ranges and different qualities. Let’s go through this whole vertoku knives review to know more about each best vertoku knife. 

Why vertoku knives?

Vertoku knives have a few unique features and qualities that make these knives preferable.

1. Unique Design

Each vertoku knife features a unique design and look. Each knife has a unique Damascus pattern on the blade. And as the handle is made from a stabilization process and goes through a unique colorization process each handle gets a unique look and color. 

2. Quality Material

Vertoku uses a high-quality blade and handles the material. Like chef’s knives and most of the knife they use the famous Japanese VG10 steel which is known as the gold standard of knife making. 

3. Product Offering

Different types of knives and knife sets are available in vertoku. They offer chef’s knives, santoku knives, and Serbian chef’s knives as well as different knife sets of different quality and different prices. 

Quick Overview Table: Vertoku knife and knife set Review

VERTOKUDamascus KnifeStainless Steel Knife SetDamascus Chef’s KnifeDamascus Knife SetSerbian Chef’s Knife
Blade MaterialVg10 steel with extra 66 layer7CR17 super steelVg10 steel with extra 66 layerVg10 steel with extra 66 layerHigh Carbon Stainless Steel
Blade DesignDamascus PatternLaser-etched patternDamascus PatternDamascus PatternHand-finished black look
Handle MaterialStabilized wood and resinProcessed woodStabilized wood and blue epoxy resinStabilized wood and blue epoxy resinDense wood
Handle DesingOctagonalErgonomicRoundedRoundedErgonomic
Knife Amount18 / 5/ 3/ 117 / 5/ 3/ 11
PriceMore Expensive (Check Price)Less Expensive (Check Price)Less Expensive (Check Price)More Expensive (Check Price)Less Expensive (Check Price)

1. Vertoku Damascus Knife Review Colored Handle 

A beautiful chef knife with gorgeous Damascus patterns and a unique colored handle. That sure to attract anyone at the first look. 

This beautiful blade is crafted from VG10 Japanese steel and layered with 33 layers of Damascus steel on each side of the blade. VG10 is a well-known and highly appreciated steel by chefs. It offers the hardness of carbon steel along with the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. 

Those Damascus steel layers around the vg10 core are made by continuous folding and forging of the steel. These layers create a beautiful Damascus pattern on the blade. The gorgeous flower Damascus pattern differs in each knife as each knife is handcrafted. Moreover, these layers ensure long-lasting sharpness. 

When it comes to the knife profile it is more like a Japanese multipurpose kiritsuke chef knife. You will find the straight angle at the top part of the knife end. And the angle near the bolster prevents your finger from slipping into the knife while using. 

The most unique feature of vertoku knives is their handle. Each handle goes under a special manufacturing process that is called stabilization. During the process, wood is filled to the core with colored resin. Each knife handle undergoes a unique colorization process so they get unique different colors each time. 

On both sides of the blade, it has a 15-degree cutting angle that is razor-sharp. It can cut and slice through anything like soft butter. 

The blade is 8 inches long and the handle is 5 inches long that’s a standard size for chef’s knives. And the knife comes with a high-end gift box. 

Key Features:

  1. Blade core made with super VG10 steel. 
  2. The blade core is wrapped with 33 layers of Damascus steel on each side. 
  3. The whole blade has a gorgeous flower Damascus pattern. 
  4. The handle has an octagonal shape and each knife has a unique colored handle. 
  5. The razor-sharp 15-degree cutting angle at each side. 


  1. It is a multipurpose knife perfect for cutting, slicing, and dicing. 
  2. Razor-sharp edge ensures effortless and precise cut. 
  3. The knife has a proper balance and weight distribution. 
  4. Handle provide a slipless and comfortable grip. 
  5. The lightweight knife ensures long-lasting tireless work. 
  6. The hard blade retains its edge for a long.


  1. The knife is not dishwasher safe, it needs to be washed only by hand. 

2. Vertoku Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set Review ( 3/ 5/ 8 pieces)

This stainless steel knife set is the most well-known and affordable knife set produced by vertoku. There is a variety of kitchen knives in this set. But the most amazing part is that anyone can have set 3 pieces of the knife, 5 pieces set or 8 piece set or even any single knife from this set. 

Each knife of this set is made with high carbon stainless steel which is known as 7CR17 super steel. This steel makes the knife corrosion and rust-resistant. 

As there is a high amount of carbon in the blade these knives are very hard and durable. They have Rockwell hardness of 58 that’s tough hard. 

The whole blade has a shiny polished look and there is a gorgeous laser-etched pattern on each knife. 

Like the previous knife of this Vertoku knife review, every piece of this knife’s set has a 15-degree sharp cutting angle at each side. With that, you can cut through any food like melted butter. And the edge is enough sharp to cut through a tin can and perfectly slice a tomato. These knives have long-lasting edge retention. 

Now comes the handle, Each handle is made from wood. And the handle carries a wooden look and brown-black color. Moreover, you will find a steel end cap in the handle that contributes to the proper balance and beauty. 

Let’s briefly know about those 8 knives of this vertoku stainless steel knife set.

  1. 8” Chef’s Knife: This is the most popular all-rounder vertoku knife. A perfect knife for slicing through tough meat to easy vegetable chopping. 
  1. 7” Santoku Knife: This is also an allrounder knife with a combination of Asian and western knife designs. There is a hammered finish that prevents food while cutting. 
  1. 5” Santoku Knife: A smaller santoku knife for easy vegetable chopping and small works. 
  1. 8” Slicing Knife: Flexible and longer than a regular carving knife. It is perfect for cutting thinner slices of roast, fruits, and vegetables. 
  1. 7” Cleaver Knife: Can be used as a butcher knife to chop through bones and crush foods. 
  1. 8” Bread Knife: It can perfectly slice through bread and allows you to saw through crust without compressing the tender crumb within. 
  1. 6” Boning Knife: Specially curved blade allows cutting meat away from the bones. Also allows thin, precise cut. 
  1. 3.5” paring Knife: A multifunctional knife with a size perfect for those works which need attention to detail. Also ideal for paring and pealing ingredients. 

Key Features: 

  1. Blade made with high carbon 7CR17 steel. 
  2. Each blade has a laser etched blade pattern. 
  3. 58 Rockwell hardness. 
  4. 15-degree sharp cutting edge at each side. 
  5. Wooden handle with steel end cap. 


  1. This set contains a knife perfect for every type of kitchen work. 
  2. Razor-sharp edges cut through anything like butter. 
  3. Each knife has tough hardness so they retain its edge for a long. 
  4. The handle fits nicely in the palm. 
  5. Proper balance is ensured in each knife. 


  1. Buying any single knife from the set costs more compared to the whole set. 

3. Vertoku 8” Chef Knife Review – Damascus Steel and Blue Resin Handle 

This is a genuine multipurpose Chef knife made by vertoku. This knife has similar blade material and construction as the first knife of this vertoku knives reviews but the design, shape, and look are totally different. 

The blade core is made with Japanese VG10 steel which I protected by 33 layers of Damascus steel on both sides. These layers are made by folding and forging steel. These layers add more durability and long-lasting sharpness along with protecting the core from pressure. And the core steel VG10 is known as gold standard stainless steel which is well appreciated by chefs because of its hardness and corrosion resistance. 

This total of 67 layers of steel creates an exquisite feather Damascus pattern on the blade. That makes it a masterpiece for display and collection. 

As each handle goes under a special process called stabilization you will find a unique designed handle for each knife. During the process, the wood is combined with blue epoxy resin. This stabilization process solidifies the handle and makes the handle more durable than traditional wood. Moreover, it makes the handle water-resistant so it doesn’t get damaged so easily. It provides a slipless comfortable grip on the hand. 

Like other high-end knives of this Vertoku chef knife review, this knife has a super sharp edge. The edge is finely polished to the 15-degree cutting angle at each side. So, it is a multi-functional knife that can precisely chop, slice, and dice vegetable fruit, and meat. 

Finally, the blade is 8 inches long and the handle is 5 inches long that is the most common sized knife used by chefs. 

Key Features: 

  1. The blade core is made with gold standard VG10 steel. 
  2. The blade has a traditional chef knife profile. 
  3. The whole balde has a Damascus pattern. 
  4. The 15-degree cutting angle at each side. 
  5. The handle is made with blue epoxy resin and stabilized wood. 


  1. It’s a multifunctional knife with precise cut, slice, and dice. 
  2. Razor-sharp cutting edge provides effortless and precise cut. 
  3. The knife is very lightweight and easy to use. 
  4. It retains its edge for a long. 
  5. As the handle is water-resistant it is very long-lasting. 


  1. It’s not dishwasher safe. 
  2. The price may feel a little high. 

4. Vertoku Damascus Steel Knives Set Review – Blue Resin Handle

This is the most high-end and beautiful knife set crafted by vertoku. Actually, this is the set of different knives with the same material and construction as the previous chef knife of this vertoku review. 

The blade core is the same gold standard vg10 steel with 33 layers on each side. Each blade has a Damascus pattern and blue resigns handle with the same sharpness. 

You can have a set of 3 knives from this whole set, 5 knives set, 7 knives set or even you can choose any particular knife. Let’s talk briefly about each knife of this set. 

  1. 9.5” Chef Knife and 8” Chef Knife:  Two chef knives with traditional chef knife profiles but different sizes. Perfect allrounder and versatile knife those can be used form dicing, slicing, mincing, and light chopping. 
  1. 7.5” Chopper Knife: Usually it can be used as a butcher knife that is intended for hacking through bones. And the broad side of the knife can also be used for crushing food like garlic 
  1. 7” Santoku Knife: Origination in Japan, “ Santoku” means “ three virtues” because of teh way it is used from dicing, chopping, and mincing. Its design has a combination of western and Asian knives. 
  1. 7.5” Bread Knife: With the long serrated blade, this bread knife is perfect for cutting bread and pastries without squashing. 
  1. 6” Boning Knife: The curved blade of this boning knife can help you to cut meat away from bones and joints from meat and fish. 
  1. 5” Utility Knife: As the name says, this is a great knife for general purposes and easy tasks where a langer knife would be unwieldy. 

Key Features: 

  1. VG10 blade core with 33 layers of Damascus steel at each side. 
  2. Blue resin and stabilized wooden handle at each knife.
  3. Each knife has a 15-degree sharp cutting angle at each side. 


  1. Varieties of knives are available for different types of cutting, chopping, and slicing works. 
  2. Inset it saves more than a buying single knife. 
  3. As made with hard steel each knife lasts long. 
  4. And the handle gives a comfortable grip. 


  1. The price may feel a little costly. 

5. Vertoku Serbian Chef Knife Review – Full Tang Hand Forged

This is the only Serbian chef’s knife of this vertoku knives review. This is a hand-forged knife from Serbian steel using ancient knife-making techniques that can cut through everything effortlessly. 

As a Serbian knife, the main material is high carbon steel. High carbon steel is used instead of stainless steel because carbon steel has more hardness and toughness than other steel. And hardness is most important for a knife that will be used for hard chopping of bones, meats as well as wood. 

Moreover, these knives are properly handmade. Experienced craftsmen heat treat using traditional master smithing techniques. For increasing the density and rigidity of the knife repeated forging and hammering process is applied. 

The knife is sharpened manually using a natural grinder that is mined from the Mountain ranges of Serbia as the name suggests. So, the knife retains its edge for much much longer compared to a normal chef’s knife. 

Vertoku Serbian chef’s knives are multipurpose knives. It could be used to chop or hack anything like bones, meats, and woods. In the same way, the sharp edge provides precise cuts and slice through soft food. 

This vertoku serbian knife features a triple-riveted ergonomic handle. The handle is mainly main from wood and the tang goes through all the way through the handle. It fits nicely in the palm and the thicker portion at the handle end prevents slipping while using. 

So, it can be considered as one of the best vertoku knives of these vertoku knife set reviews if you want a knife that can be used for hard chopping as well as soft cutting. 

Key Features:

  1. The blade is made from tough hard high-carbon steel. 
  2. This Serbian knife is a full tang knife. 
  3. If features a triple reverted handle 
  4. The traditional hand forging process is used for the knife. 


  1. The multipurpose knife allows heavy chopping to precise cut. 
  2. Very easy to handle and use. 
  3. Retains its edge for a long. 
  4. The ergonomic handles provide a very comfortable and slipless grip. 


  1. Those who are not used to using this type of knife may feel uncomfortable at the beginning. 

Vertoku Knives Any Good? 

Vertoku knives are a proper combination of quality balde material, traditional crafting process, and unique handle design. Moreover, the razor-sharp edges add another level to these knives.  With these many features and qualities undoubtedly vertoku knives can be considered as the workhorse of the kitchen. 

As described in this Vertoku knife reviews, vertoku provides knives for different work and different price ranges. But one thing common for each knife is its quality.  

Clean And Maintainance 

Proper care and maintenance are necessary for the longevity of any knife. Without proper caring and cleaning even the most high-end knife may get damaged and the same for vertoku knife. 

As vertoku knives are not dishwasher safe, you need to hand wash them after using them. Just wash the knife with clean water and use soap and cloth if necessary. It’s better to dry the knife using a cloth after every wash. 

And as mentioned in this Vertoku knife review, Serbian knives are made with high carbon steel. They need a little bit of extra care. It is a good practice to use oil on the knife while storing. 

Moreover, for storing these knives you can use sheath and knife blocks. Never put your knife in a drawer without any sheath. 


  1. Can I choose the color of the knife handle?

Few knives have particular colors but most of them don’t have. Each knife goes through a unique colorization and stabilization process. Moreover, the texture of the wood in each knife isn’t the same so it is hard to maintain a particular look for each knife. 

  1. Do vertoku knives need special care?

Vertoku knives are very easy to care for. Don’t use the dishwasher, just wash the knife with your hand and dry it properly. 


From this whole vertoku knives review you must have got a clear in-depth idea about each vertoku knife. Vertoku knives are a proper combination of sharpness, unique look, and traditional knife-making techniques. 

Now, it depends on you and your choice tath which vertoku knife is perfect for you. If you want a high-end vertoku chef knife then you may go with the first knife of this vertoku reviews which is the vertoku Damascus knife. But if you want a more affordable option then a vertoku 8” chef knife is for you. 

When it’s come to knife set the stainless steel kitchen knife set of vertoku is more affordable and famous among users. But if you want the most high-end knife set of vertoku then you will love the Damascus steel knife set with a blue resin handle. 

Finally comes the vertoku Serbian chef knife, it will be a better choice for you if you want a knife that can not only cut through soft food but also provide heavy chopping. 

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