kamikoto knives review

Are you looking for a high-end chef knife or a knife set? Then you must have heard the name of Kamikoto. Kamikoto is a renowned knife maker of handcrafting knives for hundreds of years. Their knives are famous for their quality material like high-end Japanese steel and hundred years old traditional knife-making process. Kamikoto has a large collection of different kitchen knives and knife sets. 

Let’s go through these wholes Kamikoto knives review to know more about every specific feature of different kamikoto knives. Here is also a quick overview table about kamikoto knives, a Detailed review and finally buying guide and question that will help you to decide which knife of knife set will be best for you. 

Why choose kamikoto knives? Are Kamikoto Knives good?

Kamikoto knives have some unique features and qualities that make these knives preferable over others. They offer a wide range of products in a very affordable price range. 

Unique Design and Look

Each kamikoto knife features a beautiful and unique design. The stain finished on kamikoto knives appears more natural and resists scratches better than a high gloss finish. And these knives come in a beautiful ash wooden case that is both attractive and functional

Quality Material

Kamikoto knives uses high quality balde and handle material. Most the kamikoto knives use Japanese Honshu steel or more harder zirconium dioxide blade. 


Most of the kamikoto knives features traditional japanese single bevel edge with extreme sharpness. Single bevel edge provide more precise cut and control while working.

Product Offering and Price

Kamikoto has a wide range of collection of knives and knife set. They have product of all price range and purpose. So, from a very expensive to very chep you will get any of their knife. 

Our Top Pick

If you are in hurry and don’t have enough time to go throug this full indepth Kamikoto knife review then here is our top pick of knife set and knife. 

Kamikoto kanpeki 3 piece knife set is our top pick of knife set. It’s special qualities are:

  1. 3 versatile knife
  2. Beautiful look and super sharp edge
  3. Very Affordable price.

And if you want to have a single knife then kamikoto Santoku is our top pick. Special features are:

  1. Single bevel super sharp edge and longer edge retention.
  2. Affordable price. 
  3. Lightweight and easy to handle.

Quick Overview Table: Kamikoto Knives Review

KAMIKOTOKanpeki Knife SetSantoku KnifeKuro Knife SetYanagiba KnifeChuka Bocho CleaverSteak Knife Set
Knife Type3 piece set (Slicing Knife, Nakiri, Utility knife)Single Santoku Knife3 piece set (Santoku, Nakiri, Utility)Single Yanagiba knifeSingle Cleaver Knife4 piece steak knife
Blade MaterialJapanese Honshu steelJapanese Honshu steelZirconium dioxideHonshu SteelHigh Carbon Honshu SteelHonshu Steel
Blade DesignPlain Mirror FinishPlain stain FinishBlack CoatingPlain mirror finishPlain finishPlain finish double bevel
Handle MaterialBlack WoodBlack WoodWoodWoodWoodWood
Handle DesingRounded ErgonomicRounded ErgonomicBlck ErgonomicRoundedErgonomicRounded Ergonomic RoundedRounded Ergonomic
PriceAverage Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)Less Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)More Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)More Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)Less Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)Average Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)

Detailed Overview: Kamikoto Knife Review

Kamikoto knife Review

1. Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set Review

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set Review

With a combination of quality material, elegant look, and affordable price kamikoto kanpeki is the most famous and best seller knife set crafted by Kamikoto. 

This knife set includes three single beveled knives that can handle your kitchen work from begging to end. Different of these knives can tackle a variety of purposes. These knives are:

  • 8.5-inch Slicing Knife
  • 7-inch Nakiri Knife
  • 5-inch Utility Knife. 

The long slicing knife is the most versatile knife among this whole set. It plays the role of an all-rounder Chef knife. From cutting meat, fish to slicing fruit it can cut anything around your kitchen. 

Then comes the Nakiri knife with an edge of 7 inches which is mainly a vegetable knife. This knife is suitable for cutting or copping your vegetable and fruit. The wide balde is also perfect for crushing garlic and other spices. 

Finally, the main purpose of the 5-inch utility knife is to do detailed work like trimming artichokes. It is more perfect and usable for small tasks like mincing or peeling small ingredients. Or, it is helpful when you want to decorate your food. 

All of these three knives may have different shapes and purposes but from handle to balde they are made with the same material. 

Balde of these kamikoto knives is made from hand-forged Japanese Honshu Steel. Japanese Honshu steel is famous among knife makers because of its high corrosion resistance and durability. Same for these knives, with hard balde they retain their edge from long.

Kanpeki set handles features a black wooden handle. And the handle has a rounded straight ergonomic shape. Moreover, the steel end cap at each handle doesn’t only add beauty it contributes to the proper balancing of the knife. And the finish on the handle gives a very comfortable and nonslip grip. 

Like all other kamikoto knives, this kamikoto kanpeki knife set comes with a lifetime guarantee service. And it will arrive at you in a beautiful ash wooden box. With all this quality described in this Kamikoto kanpeki knife set review, this knife set can be a complete set for those who want to start their journey with their first Japanese knife. 

Key Features:

  1. This set contains 3 knives. Slicing Chef knife, Nakiri Knife, and Utility Knife.
  2. The blade of these knives is made with Honshu steel.
  3. Handle features a black ergonomic shape. 
  4. Each of the balde features a plain mirror finish.
  5. Comes in an ash wood box.


  1. These knives are corrosion and rust-resistant.
  2. Razor-sharp edges provide precise cut. 
  3. Hard blades retain their edges for a long. 
  4. Adds more beauty to your kitchen or knife collection
  5. This versatile set of knives can handle a variety of kitchen works.
  6. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  1. Single beveled knives are only perfect for right-handed users.
  2. These knives aren’t dishwasher safe.

2. Kamikoto Santoku Knife Review

 Kamikoto Santoku Knife Review

If you are looking for a single kamikoto knife that can handle the task of a whole knife set then kamikoto santoku is one of the best tools crafted by kamikoto. 

The word ‘Santoku’ explains the quality of these knives which means three virtues (cutting, chopping, and slicing). In terms of balde material and design, this knife has a lot of similarities with the first kamikoto knife set of this Kamikoto knives review

High corrosion-resistant 7-inch santoku blades are made from Honshu steel. Which are high quality and durable steel produced in Japan. This steel has a high Rockwell hardness. As edge retention of a knife mainly depends on the hardness of the material it is normal for this santoku knife to retain its edge for long. 

This kamikoto santoku knife is a single beveled knife that is a tradition of traditional Japanese knives. On one side these knife has taper ground and the other side has hollow ground. So, this knife is perfect for only right-hand users which is a big drawback of this knife. But this drawback also adds more precision and perfection to the knife while cutting. You can cut through your food with more control and perfection that is what Japanese knives are famous for. 

Both the Handle and blade of this kamikoto knife are stain finished for a subtle but still features stunning luster. Moreover, its handle is secured with a nonslip surface. And the handle is carefully sized to keep your hand from touching the cutting surface of the blade. 

And like all other high-end Kamikoto knives, this exquisite santoku knife comes in a natural colored ash wood box for safekeeping and storing. 

You can tell the quality of this kamikoto santoku by the feel of sharpness, lightweight, and fluid it gives to you along with durability. In brief, From this Kamikoto 7 inch santoku review, we can say that this Kamikoto Santoku chef’s knife is made for a lifetime of use and excellent handling. 

Key Features:

  1. Single beveled 7-inch balde. 
  2. The blade is made from Honshu steel. 
  3. Blade and handle are stains finished. 
  4. Rounded ergonomic handle with a steel end cap. 
  5. Comes in a natural-looking wooden box. 


  1. An all-rounder knife that can handle varieties of cutting tasks. 
  2. Perfect handle size keeps the hand safe from the cutting edge.
  3. Super sharp cutting edge provides effortless precise cut. 
  4. This knife is very lightweight and easy to handle. 
  5. It retains its edge for a long. 
  6. It features a limited lifetime guarantee.


  1. This knife is not dishwasher safe. It prefer only handwash.
  2. Only righthand users can use this knife properly. 

3. Kamikoto Kuro Knives Review

Kamikoto Kuro Knives Review

With an elegant black design, the Kuro knife set is the most high-end three-piece knife set crafted by Kamikoto. 

This is a complete set of three different knives that can handle almost every necessary task of your kitchen. Moreover, it can be a must-have part of every home cool who loves experiments in the kitchen. These three blades are:

  • 7-inch Santoku Knife
  • 6.5-inch Nakiri 
  • 5-inch Utility

This santoku plays the role of an allrounder chef knife in your kitchen. From cutting meat, fish, and vegetable to handling precise slicing tasks it can handle all of your kitchens. It’s the most versatile of all these three knives. 

Nakiri one has a different flat balde design that is suitable for cutting vegetables. You can also use this for garlic. 

A 5-inch utility knife is a master to handle your small cutting task. If you want to add the final touch to your food or cut your food more decoratively then this knife is for you. So, it is best for mincing or peeling small ingredients. 

The name of this series contains the beauty integrated into it. The word “Kuro” means black in Japanese. From handle to blade these knives have matt black finish that gives them a very elegant look. 

Zirconium dioxide is used as the blade material in kuro series. The is the hardest balde kamikoto has ever made. So, these knives have superior edge retention than most other knives of kamikoto. 

The handle features a straight rounded ergonomic shape. Moreover, there is a steel end cap at the end of the handle that contributes to balancing the knife. And the handle feels very comfortable in both hands. 

As the blade of these series is extremely hard you need to be careful about carving or boning cuts of meat and frozen items. Because it may cause a chip or damage to the edge. With the right care and maintenance, these kamikoto knives can last many generations. So, this is definitely one of the best kamikoto knife sets of this Kamikoto knife review.

Key Features:

  1. Blade is made with Zirconium dioxide. 
  2. The whole balde features a black matt finish. 
  3. There are three knives in this set. 
  4. Handle features a rounded square shape. 


  1. These knives retain their edge for a long. 
  2. An extremely sharp edge can cut through any food. 
  3. Their look adds elegant beauty to your kitchen. 
  4. The black matt finish makes the knife more rust-resistant.


  1. It may feel a little costly to a few users. 

4. Kamikoto Yanagiba Knife Review

Kamikoto Yanagiba Knife Review

Yanagiba knife is a must-have part of any Japanese cuisine. If you have never heard of this knife, Yanagiba is a long sharp, single beveled knife that is mainly used for preparing sashimi and sushi. It is a perfect knife for skinning a large fish in one deft motion or precise and smooth slicing. 

This kamikoto Yanagida is a very high-end Yanagida knife with a blade of almost 13 inches long. The blade of this knife is handcrafted from Japanese Honshu steel. The specialty of this steel is that it is molted at more than 3092 degrees Fahrenheit to give it extreme hardness. 

This Kamikot 13 inch Yanagiba knife is a choice of many more expert chefs. As it comes with a long single beveled blade, it takes some practice and time to master this beautiful knife. 

It gets its super sharp edge through a long process of hand sharpening. That process is being used by master knife smiths for hundreds of years and many generations. So, This knife can give a deep and straight cut on food that it goes through. 

The handle of this long Yanagida knife is made from Ashwood. It features a shape similar to the previous kamikoto knife of this Kamikoto knives review. That is a black rounded square shape with a steel end cap. 

This knife comes with a long wooden box and a certificate of authenticity. Moreover, this knife comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Key Features:

  1. It features a 13 inches long balde. 
  2. Sharp single beveled blade. 
  3. The balde is made from Honshu steel. 
  4. Comes in a wooden box.


  1. Long balde can cut through any food in a single motion.
  2. Super sharp single beveled edges provide precise cuts of meats or fish.
  3. Beautiful design with a good handle grip. 
  4. Comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. 


  1. Only right-handed users can use this single beveled knife. 
  2. This knife is not dishwasher safe. 

5. Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver Review

5. Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver Review

From slicing, chopping, mincing to crushing this Bocho Cleaver knife I a powerful and versatile tool that can suit almost any of your kitchen work. 

In a blade of 7.5 inches, this cleaver brings together Asian culinary tradition and legendary Japanese craftsmanship. This kamikoto Chuka Bocho is a v balance of precision and power. Moreover, it is the heaviest kamikoto knife of this whole Kamikoto review. Yet, it is well balanced and has a secure grip for easy handling and cutting even in wet conditions. 

Kamikoto Chuka Bocho is made from high-graded Japanese Honshu steel. The same steel that is used in other high-end kamikoto knives. And each cleaver is hand-made by expert craftsmen. Then each blade goes through a rigorous quality assurance process and is tested to ensure that it meets the caliber and distinction of Kamikoto.

Like most other knives of this kamikoto chef knife review this cleaver knife features an ash wood handle. It looks quite similar to other kamikoto knives. So, the handle features a comfortable grip and secure nonslip holding. 

With the weight of this knife, you can chop or cut through any hard or frozen food. This kamikoto cleaver is quite perfect for bone or frozen meat chopping. But that doesn’t mean that this knife can’t provide you with normal food cutting and slicing. With hard balde, this knife got a very sharp 7.5 inches long cutting angle. If a cut through any food precisely like other normal chef knives. 

This knife also comes with a natural-colored ash wood box for storing and safekeeping. And you can experience a thousand-year-old heritage of Japanese balde out of the box. 

Key Features:

  1. It features a 7.5 inches long cutting angle. 
  2. Balde is made from a Hoshu blade. 
  3. It has a weight of 2.93 pounds.
  4. Handle features a rounded straight shape


  1. This knife is corrosion and rust-resistant.
  2. It can handle versatile work in the kitchen. 
  3. Handl provides a nonslip secure grip. 
  4. It ensures proper balancing while using. 
  5. Comes with a lifetime guarantee. 


  1. May feel a little pricy to some people. 
  2. It is only handwash safe not dishwasher safe. 

6. Kamikoto Steak Knife Set Review

Kamikoto Steak Knife Set Review

This is a full set of four knives with nonserrated edge and razor-sharp cutting edge. 

All of these four knives have the same balde material, design, and size. They are handcrafted from high-graded Japanese Honshu steel. Honshu steel is very famous among knife makers and their steel is produced in the Keiyo region near Tokyo, Japan. 

This balde features a simple plain mirror finish. And when it comes to shape there is a straight upper part and the curve is at the bottom cutting edge. 

One features that makes this set of steak knives from most other kamikoto knives of this Kamikoto knives review is its double bevel edge. Where most other kamikoto knives are single beveled knives this set of knives has the same cutting angle at both sides of the balde.

 Moreover, Each of these knives is sharpened to an 11-degree cutting angle at each side. That is extremely sharp and you will find this kind of sharpness only in high-end Japanese knives like Shun and Miyabi. So, It can go through your food very easily without even giving any pressure. 

Again this set of kamikoto knives features an AshWood handle. Their handle gives a black elegant look to the knife. And the handle contributes a lot to the balancing and comfort of the knife. 

Overall the design of this set is pretty nice and its elegant black looing handle with mirror polished balde suits any table. Also, these knives have a good weight and a comfortable size. Plus they are sharp, durable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee provided by kamikoto

It comes in a wooden box so you can even gift it to your friend on special occasions. 

Key Features:

  1. There are four similar knives in this set. 
  2. Their knives are double beveled. 
  3. At each side, the knife is sharpened to an 11-degree cutting angle. 
  4. Japanese Honshu steel is the core balde material.


  1. Super sharp and nonserrated edges provide smooth meat cus. 
  2. The size fits nicely in the grip of the hand. 
  3. Their knives retain their edges for long. 
  4. Knives with beautiful designs add more beauty to the table. 
  5. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  1. These knives are not dishwasher safe. 
  2. The price scheme may seem confusing. 

7. Kamikoto Senshi Dual Knives Review

7. Kamikoto Senshi Dual Knife Set Review

This kamikoto Senshi knife set is consists of the two most important knives of your kitchen. And another amazing feature is that it comes with a beautiful wooden stand.

These two knives are a 10-inch chef’s knife and a 5.5-inch utility knife. The 10-inch chef’s knife is an allrounder knife to handle all your normal kitchen tasks. As it has a large balde it can cut through any food in a motion. On the other hand, the small balde utility does the opposite of this large chef knife. If you have any small task like peeling fruit, decorating your food it will help you. 

The Kamikoto Senshi knife set is a part of the Gentner series knife of Kamikoto. That means both knives of this set is made from the same Honshu Japanese steel the same steel that is used in most of the high-end kamikoto knife of this Kamikoto senshi knife review.

If you love to prepare western-style food most then this set is better suited for you. Otherwise, if you love to prepare more Asian-inspired food then the kanpeki set will better suit you. 

As I already mentioned this Senshi dual knife set features a unique knife stand. The knife stand is made with wood and you can display your two knives in it. It will obviously add more beauty to your kitchen or your knife collection. 

So, if you want a kamikoto knife set with two knives then you can definitely give it a try to this. And you have nothing to worry about as this set also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee from kamikoto. 

Key Features:

  1. This set includes two knives one chef knife and one utility knife. 
  2. The blade of these two knives is made from Japanese Honshu steel.
  3. This set comes with a Wooden knife stand. 


  1. A knife stand will save money for an extra knife block or stand. 
  2. These two knives can handle almost all your kitchen tasks.
  3. These hard blades retain their sharpness for a long. 
  4. The handle is perfectly sized for proper grip.
  5. Comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.


  1. These knives are not dishwasher safe. 

8. Kamikoto Kensei Knives Review

Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set Review

Inspired by a thousand years of craftmanship kamikoto, kenesi knife set is a celebration of Japanese legendary craftsmanship in blades. 

This is a set of two knives that comes in a beautiful wooden box. These two knives are different than most other knives of these kamikoto knives reviews.

  • 6.5 inch Boning knife
  • 9.5-inch Kritsuke knife.

Kiritsuke knife is an all-rounder chef knife. The normal chef knife is used all over the world but kiritsuke knives are used by expert Jarman chefs. It is actually an all-purpose knife and can handle all kinds of cutting, slicing, and mincing task. 

And the boning knife company this kiritsuke to separate meat from bones. You can also use this boning knife to slice your meat and food. The honesuki boning knife is perfect for deboning poultry and is adept for other purposes such as filleting. 

Both of these knives feature a single bevel Kata-ha blade. And as with other high-end kamikoto knives of this Kamikoto review these two knives are made with the same high-graded Honshu Steel. 

These two knives are thin, light, and nimble with a reverse tanto tip that allows for easy piercing and precise cut. 

Finally, these two knives also come in a wood box for storage and safekeeping, complete with an individually signed certificate of authenticity. 

Key Features:

  1. There are two knives in this set. One kiritsuke and one boning knife.
  2. Both of these knives are single bevels. 
  3. They feature a kata-ha blade made with Honshu steel.


  1. This Kiritsuke knife is an all-purpose knife. 
  2. A boning knife will help you to handle small cutting, filleting tasks. 
  3. Optimal handling makes these knives easy to handle.
  4. These knives have proper balancing with sharp edges.


  1. Kiritsuke knife takes some time to get used to it. 
  2. These knives are not dishwasher safe. 

9. Kamikoto Ryoshi Knife Set Review

 Kamikoto Ryoshi Knife Set Review

Kamikoto Ryoshi is a set of two hand-forged balde. This set is a balance of power, precision, and deft slicing. These two knives of this set are:

  • Yanagiba knife
  • Deba Knife.

This set is crafted to serve those who are maters of fish. The deba features a broad blade that is primed for filleting fish. This knife has a substantial feel but it is considerably agile. 

On the other hand, The Yanagida features a long blade compared to the Deba knife. The Yanagiba features a narrow balde crafted for precise skinning and slicing. So, it is ideal for serving sushi or sashimi in one single motion. So, if you are a sushi chef this knife will be your daily weapon. 

And other features of these two knives are the same as most of the knives of this Kamikoto knives review. Its core blade material is Japanese Honshu steel and the handle features a matt finish black look. So, their handle provides a very comfortable grip. 

As these two knives are single bevel knives they serve better compared to other kamikoto knives. Because you need more precision while cutting sushi or filleting a valuable fish. And the single bevel of these two knives ensures this precision. 

These two knives come in a beautiful ash wood box with an individually signed certificate of authenticity like other knives of this Kamikoto knife review.

Key Features:

  1. This set includes one Yanagiba and one Deba knife. 
  2. Deba has a broad balde and Yanagiba has a long balde. 
  3. Their balde is made with Honshu steel.
  4. Both of these blades are single bevels.


  1. This set serves those who are maters of fish. 
  2. Deba knife ensures proper knife filleting. 
  3. Long balde of Yanagida can cut through sushi or sashimi in a single motion.
  4. Single bevel edges give more precision to these knives.
  5. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  1. None of these knives is dishwasher safe. 
  2. These two knife needs more time to get used to them than a normal chef knife. 
Are kamikoto knives good

Till Now We have talked about Kamikot knives and knife sets. Here are two different products. One is Kamikoto Kenrui Knife Block and Kamikoto Toishi Sharpening Whetstone

Sharpening Stone: kamikoto Toishi Sharpening Whetstone

Kamikoto not only provides a sharp knife to you, but it also provides proper tools so that you can keep your knives sharp forever. Kamikoto offers toishi sharpening whetstone that comes with a beautiful package and detailed instruction guide manual. 

This whetstone also comes with a bamboo stand that will help you to hold the stone in place for proper controlling while sharpening. This kamikoto sharpening stone features two sides for sharpening and honing. 

  1. A 3000 grit side for polishing and finishing the knife edge.
  2. A fine 1000 grip coarse side for sharpening the rougher edge the blade worn after multiple times of uses.

So, to maintain your knife like new, this whetstone may be a great investment for you.


  1. Comes with a bamboo stand for secure handling.
  2. Comes in a beautiful box and is in good condition.
  3. It includes a proper instruction guide for new users. 


  1. The price is a little high.

Knife Block: Kamikoto Kenrui Knife Block Review

If your looking for a knife block to store your kamikoto knives then this kenrui knife block can be a great option for you. 

The word ‘Kenrui’ is a Japanese word that means stronghold. So, the name of the knife block itself symbolizes the fortified housing the knife block provides for your knives. 

This heavy-duty kamikoto kenrui knife block is handcrafted from ash wood. The same wood is used in the handle and knife box of kamikoto knives. In this knife block, you can accommodate up to 5 knives. And these knives can have a maximum of 10 inches in length. 

The full block has a Maplewood color that will always give you a wooden look. And another amazing thing is that this knife block is designed in such a way that it provides quick access to the most used blades in your collection. 

So, With these qualities, this knife block is an ideal countertop safeguard for your kamikoto blades.


  1. Made with hardwood provide a long life.
  2. Can hold different sizes of the knife.
  3. Its design provides easy access to the most used balde.


  1. The price is a little high.

Consider Before You Buy 

Blade Material

Kamikoto blades are hand-forged from high-quality carbon stainless steel that goes through a long and painstaking process. Mainly Honshu stainless steel is used in kamikoto knives which are produced on the main island of Japan. This steel gives these knives excellent sharpness, durability, and edge retention. 

Blade Design

If you put kamikoto knives side by side with knives of the same price you will immediately notice how different they look. Kamikoto knives have a much older style than modern chef knives. They carry the traditional look and vibe of history-old Japanese knives. 

After a few users, you will get used to it. Once you get used to your kamikoto knife you will find it very well balanced and it provides an incredibly precise cut. 

kamikoto review

Handle Material

Almost all of the kamikoto knives described in this Kamikoto knives review features polished wooden and resin handles. These handles give kamikoto knives a refined look and comfortable grip. These black handles fit nicely in the grip of your hand even in wet conditions. 

Handle Design

Kamikoto handles feature a rounded ergonomic shape. These handles don’t have any curve on any particular side. Moreover, there is a steel end cap at the end of the kamikoto handles that contributes to the balancing of kamikoto knives along with beauty. 

Combined with a full tang design, the comfortable black handles add the final touches to an already great piece of the knife.


Kamikoto knives feature a traditional no bolster style. That allows you to use the entire length of the blade of your knife. As full bolster knives, these knives are not as beginner-friendly as they won’t protect your lead finger so well. But as kamikoto bolsters are well made and heavy, they give great stability and balance to the knives. 


Not many knives today use traditional single bevel edge today, but kamikoto knives feature single bevel edge. It is the tradition of Japanese knives that there will be sharpness on one side. Though single bevel knives need a little practice getting used to it provide precise cut. Once anyone gets used to a single bevel knife it is easier to control and use. 

Moreover, these knives feature an edge sharp like a Japanese sword. And each knife is hand sharpened by blacksmiths.

Sharpness of kamikoto


Almost all of the kamikoto knives are full tang knives. That means a single piece of metal extends through the full knife, from the balde to the end of the handle. That makes the knife more durable and stronger.

The combination of full tang and high-quality steel makes kamikoto’s knives nearly invincible. With proper care, you will be able to hand these knives down to your next generation.

Affordability and Price

Most of the kamikoto knives come at a very affordable price and they have knives to offer in all price ranges. Affordable knives don’t mean that they use low-quality material. When there is a discount on kamikoto knives they become more value for money. 

Main competitors of kamikoto knives are other world-renowned knife makers like Shun, Miyabi, Yoshihiro. They cost the same sometimes more price than kamikoto.

Are kamikoto knives good?

Kamikoto knives feature a high-quality material and unique design in a very affordable price range. These knives are made by expert bladesmiths using traditional Japanese knife-making techniques. So, Every piece of kamikoto knives carries the quality and features of ancient Japanese knives and swords. 

Though kamikoto knives come in an affordable price range they use high-quality material. Like they use high-end Japanese steel for their blade and come in a beautiful wooden box. So, Kamikoto knives are obviously valued for money products. 

Quality of kamikoto chef knife

Where are Kamikoto knives made? Is kamikoto knife made in china?

Kamikoto Knives are crafted in the Chinese village of Yanjing. Yanjing has a long history of knife and sword making. Though Kamikoto knives are made in china they use high-quality Japanese steel and ancient Japanese knife-making techniques. So, you will find the features and qualities like traditional Japanese knives and swords.

The headquarter of Kamikoto is situated in Japan. So, Kamikoto’s gentian series are labeled as “ product of japan and China”. 

Some people think Chinese-made knives are of worse quality than Japanese-made knives. However, teh nation of origin has nothing to do with the quality of a knife. It mainly depends on the material, design, and crafting process of a knife that is top-notch in the case of kamikoto knives. Moreover, Kamikoto knives are so affordable and the main reason is that they are crafted in China.

Kamikoto manufacturing process

Each piece of kamikoto knives goes through an intense process of 19 steps before getting its final form and look. It’s the attention to detail and bladesmith’s passion that makes these knives a part of the world’s top chef’s everyday work. 

Manufacturing process of kamikoto

Kamikoto strictly follows the hundreds of years old Japanese knife-making methods and traditions. From sharpening, polishing to after production inspecting in each step kamikoto follow the traditional steps.

This sharpening, inspecting are just the final steps, but the real process of a knife making stars a long time before choosing the right steel. Kamikoto only uses Honshu steel. Honshu steels are mainly produced on the Japanese island of Honshu ensures the best material. 

When this steel comes to the factories it goes through a hardening and strengthening process. The kamikoto forges this steel at 1922 degrees Fahrenheit’s for more than two hours. Besides hardening, this process also decreases flexibility and increases the edge retention and durability of a knife.

Care and Maintanance for your kamikoto knife

If you have always used Japanese knives then you must have known about the care and maintenance of these knives. Let’s talk about these cares and maintenance in a brief. 

Like most other high-end Japanese chef knives, kamikoto knives are only handwash safe. So, never put your kamikoto knife into the dishwasher or in the sink. Good Japanese knives contain more carbon components. Though these kamikoto knives are corrosion resistant if you leave them in the dishwasher for long, again and again, they may cause corrosion. So, it is always preferred that you wash the knife with water or soap and cloth after every use. 

Clean and maintenance of kamikoto

After every wash put your kamikoto knife in an open place so that it dries out properly. Never store a wet knife. 

It is always mentioned in this Kamikoto kanpeki knife review that kamikoto knives feature very hard blades so hard chopping may damage its edge. So, you should always avoid cutting frozen items, bones, and other extremely hard items. But you can use the kamikoto cleaver for this hard chopping. 

Kamikoto Knife Gurantee

One of the amazing features of Kamikoto knives is that they carry a limited lifetime guarantee. It is normal to expect high-end knives like Kamikoto that they would provide proper after-sell service. From fast to last kamikoto knives always remain under proper inspection as mentioned before in this Kamikoto kanpeki knife set review. So, they are made to last a lifetime or more than a generation. 

But, as normal that guarantee doesn’t cover things like wear and tear, stolen knife, or if you have created intended damages on the knife. This guarantee covers any kind of manufacturing defects, which you will hardly find after their 3 step inspection process before each knife comes to you. 

How do you sharpen kamikoto knives?

Though kamikoto knives retain their edge for long, they need to be sharpened if you want the razor-sharp edge always. You will need to purchase a whetstone if you want to sharpen your kamikoto knives. Because due to their sharp and single beveled edge regular sharpeners cause more damage than good. This process of sharpening using whetstone is not so hard. 

  1. At first, soak your whetstone in the water for around 10 minutes until there are no more bubbles. 
  2. Then put the whetstone on your countertop and coarse grit side up on top of a surface that is non-slip.
  3. Position your knife at a 10 to 15-degree angle and slide teh knife across the stone at a 45-degree angle diagonally. 
  4. Keep the stone as you sharpened then flip the stone over to the finer grit. 
  5. Then repeat the same process. 
Sharpening of kamikoto knife

What do I love about the kamikoto knife? 

Traditional design: kamikoto knife features Japanese knife-making tradition and traditional style in their knives. For example, the single bevel edge that is being used in Japanese knives and swords for hundreds of years.

High-end quality: Though kamikoto knives come at an affordable price they feature high-quality materials. Like they use hard and durable Japanese Honshu steel in their blades. And wooden handle with resin layers that make it non-slip. 

Perfect balance of weight and sharpness: Full tang kamikoto knives provide proper weight distributing and balancing while working. Once you get used to the single bevel knife you will get precise and better control than any other knife. 

What I don’t like about the kamikoto knife?

Not Dishwasher safe: Though it is a common feature of Japanese knives that they are not dishwasher safe. But it would be better if kamikoto knives were properly dishwasher safe. Now you have to hand wash your kamikoto knives and always have to be careful before putting in in the dishwasher as mentioned before in this kamikoto knife reviews.

Expensive: Most of the kamikoto knife and knife set is affordable but a few knife set seems a little expensive compared to others. So, it would be better if those knives were a little bit more affordable. 


1. Is kamikoto knife a good brand?

With beautiful design and quality material, kamikoto knives deserve a place next to the world-renowned Japanese knife brands. Traditional Japanese knife-making techniques and the hand-forged knife of expert craftsmen make kamikoto knives a quality knife brand. 

2. What does Honshu steel mean?

Kamikoto uses Japanese Honshu steel for most of their knives. Actually, the main island of Japan is known as Honshu. So, the stainless steel that is produced in Honshu is known as Honshu steel. And as mentioned before in this Kamikoto knife review Honshu steel are very famous because of their hardness, durability, and edge retention. 

3. Is Kamikoto Knives Single or Double Beveled?

Though nowadays normal chef knives are double-beveled knives, kamikoto uses traditional single bevel for most of their knives. Single bevel edges are the tradition of Japanese knives and it is always more precise and easy to control than dual bevel knife as described before in this Kamikoto review. 


I hope you may have got a clear and in-depth idea about kamikoto knives from this whole Kamikoto knives review. In a nutshell, Kamikoto knives are a proper combination of quality, beauty, and affordability. 

Now it depends on you which kamikoto knife or knife set is best for your purpose. If you want a 3 piece knife set then the Kamikoto kanpeki knife set is a better option at an affordable price. On the other hand, the kamikoto kuro knife set is a more high-end knife set. 

If you want a single all-purpose knife then you can go with the kamikoto santoku. There is a Kamikoto Yanagiba knife if you are a sushi chef and kamikoto Chuka Bocho cleaver if you need to do hard chopping very often. 

And there is also kamikoto toishi sharpening whetstone and kamikoto Kenuri wooden knife block if you need any. 

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