Shun Premier Santoku Review

When it’s about knives with the combination of Japanese and western design, the name of the santoku knife roll first in mind. Famous Japanese knifemaker shun is making quality santoku knives for years. They handcraft every piece of knife with hundreds of steps.  So, if you want a knife with a beautiful design, best material, and features then shun premier santoku could be a perfect choice for you. 

Shun in using traditional Japanese sword making technique for years that ensures razor-sharp edge, durability, and beauty of their knives. So, shun premier 7 inch santoku is a master in precious cutting, chopping, slicing, and a wide range of kitchen works. 

If you want to know more about this knife, then this article about shun premier santoku review can be helpful for you. I tried to cover every single feature, customer’s thoughts, and pros cons of this beautiful knife. 

Quick Overview

If you are in hurry, then this quick overview can help you give you an overall idea about this knife. 

  1. Blade core is made with VG-MAX super steel with extreme hardness and durability.
  2. The blade core has 34 layers of stainless Damascus steel at each side that protects the core. 
  3. Super lightweight with only 5.4 ounces.
  4. The cutting edge is hand sharpened to an extreme 16-degree angle. 
  5. Blade length is 7 inches with a 5-inch handle.
  6. Full tang blade ensures proper balance.
  7. The handle is made from pakkawood which is a composite durable material
  8. Handle features a Symmetrical, contoured shape. 
  9. The Exterior has 3 layers of design. At the top part, it has tsuchime hammered finish, the middle part has damascus pattern, and the lower part with a cutting edge looks like mirror polish.
  10. Lifetime warranty with free sharpening.

Shun Premier Santoku Knife 7-inch Review

What is a santoku knife

Santoku knife is a combination of western and Japanese knife designs. This kind of knife become more famous after world war two when the trade between different countries become more popular. You will find the awesomeness and tradition of Japanese-made knives with the vibe of the western knives in them.

In Japanese SANTOKU means three virtues. This has been defined in different ways over years. From one point of view, it means great dicing, chopping, and mincing ability of santoku. Others think it refers to 3 design qualities of this knife. The tip is good for any fine work, sharp edge is great for ground work and the heel is perfect for intense chopping. 

All these qualities make the Santoku knife an all-purpose knife that can handle a wide range of cutting, chopping, slicing work in the kitchen. 

If you want to know about the chef’s knife version of this premier collection . Here is full Shun Premier Chef’s Knife Review

Where it’s made

Like all shun knives shun premier santoku knife is handcrafted in Seki, Japan.  This is called the heart of Japanese cutlery for hundreds of years. Shun maintains their ancient tradition of knife making by handcrafting each knife with 100 individual steps. The expert craftsman uses quality material and famous Japanese sword-making techniques to craft each knife. So, you will get a beautiful knife with the best features and materials made by professional hands. 

Blade material

Blade core is made with fine-grinded VG-MAX super steel which is covered by 34 layers of stainless steel at each side. A total of 69 layers of steel give it a beautiful Damascus pattern with strength, durability, and long-lasting edge. 

VG-MAX is the newest VG line of super steels. It is an exclusive steel formula used for only shun knives. This is enriched in different necessary components like carbon, chromium, cobalt, vanadium. Carbon components add hardness and long edge retention to a knife, Chromium makes knife corrosion and rust resistance. Finally cobalt, vanadium adds strength to the knife.

And those layers of steel around the core increase the flexibility of the knife They also protect the core from rust, corrosion, pressure, and so on

Blade design 

This blade features a design with a combination of Japanese and western vibe. This quality makes the knife versatile and easy to use for various purposes. It’s also effective with a down and forward cutting motion.

Shun premier santoku knife blade

You can see different layers of finish and design on the blade body. The most beautiful is tsuchime hammered finish on the top half. Then the wavy Damascus design with a flat finish makes the knife more elegant. Finally, the bottom portion with the edge has a shiny mirror polish. 

A beautiful hammered finish not only adds beauty to the knife but also helps to the quick release of food. This hammered finish creates small air pockets that prevent the sticking of food while cutting. 

Sharpness and edge

Shun premier 7 inch santoku knife features an amazingly double bevel sharp edge. It has a 16-degree cutting angle on each side. Its edges are hand sharpened by an expert craftsman. As it is made with durable and hard material it retains an edge for a long time. You won’t need to sharpen the knife so often. 

As a double bevel knife shun premier santoku knife 7-inch is sharpened from both sides. So, both left-handed or right-handed people can use it quite comfortably. It is sure to impress any cook with effortless and precise cutting, chopping, and slicing. 


Edge retention and longevity of the knife depend on the hardness of the blade. And hardness depends on the material that is used in it, forging and making process. 

Shun premier 7” santoku is made from high carbon VG-MAX super steel. It is the updated version of famous VG-10 steel. So, it ensures proper hardness. Moreover, the traditional hand forging technique and more than 100 steps on each knife production provide enough hardness along with proper flexibility. 


shun premier santoku chef knife features a full composite tang. Tang is the portion of the blade that goes through the handle. If it goes through the end of the handle that it’s known as full tang. Full tang is always preferred over half tang knife. It adds more strength and balance to the knife. As shun premier santoku 7 inch is a full tang knife it adds more durability and contributes to the proper balancing while working.

Handle material

The handle of shun premier santoku knife is made with Walnut colored pakkawood. Pakkawood is not natural raw wood, it is a composite of hardwood, resin, and other materials. It makes the handle durable and offers a very comfortable grip

Because of this resin handle gets a bright color.Pakkawood makes the handle water and moisture repellent. So, it provides a slipless grip while working and you don’t have to dry the handle after every use. Pakkawood doesn’t harbor bacteria so the handle lasts long. 

Handle Design

Handle features a contoured ambidextrous shape that is very comfortable in grip. It is a quite straight handle without any left-hand or right-hand bias contouring. The full handle has a beautiful brown color that looks like real wood. You can even see the curve of natural wood in the handle. 

Shun premier santoku handle

This handle doesn’t have so aggressive a curve at one side. So, it is comfortable for both left-handed or right-handed persons. It will fill the grip comfortably. 

Moreover, it has a steel cap at the end of the handle with the logo of shun. That adds beauty to the knife along with balance. In addition, the golden and black brass ring in the handle makes it more elegant and sophisticated. 


This knife is a little shorter than the standard chef’s knives. Its blade is 7 inches long with a 5-inch handle. It can easily handle almost all basic kitchen cutting tasks with versatility. 

It is very lightweight because of its very thin structure. It’s only 0.75 inches in its thickness. You will hardly find any knife this thin with durability. 

I want a smaller version of this knife for quick works, then you can get a 5.5-inch version also. Handle length and building materials are the same in both versions. Both of them are also made using the same techniques. They only vary in blade size and price. Click here to check the 5.5 inch version.

Weight and Balance

This knife is very lightweight compared to all other knives of its size. Though all knives of shunning in a very lightweight but none can compare with it. It’s only 5.4 ounces. It will feel like a part of your hand while working and you will hardly feel any pressure on your wrist while cutting. 

When it comes to balance, as I have mentioned in this whole shun premier 7 santoku knife review article, this knife is exceptional. The 7-inch blade is balanced with an end cap, small bolster, and full tang. Each of the parts of its handle creates the right amount of weight to provide a proper balance between blade and handle. This weight distribution allows a wonderful experience while using the knife. 

Clean and maintenance 

Shun knives even almost all Japanese knives prefer handwash over the dishwasher. In the same way, shun premier 7 santoku knife prefers handwash. Just wash it with water after light use. After heavy use, you can wash it with soap and water. It is not dishwasher safe. Washing it in the dishwasher may damage the edge and cause chips. 

Always remember to dry the knife before storing it. put it in an open place so that water vaporizes from the knife. 

As shun cutlery premier 7 santoku knife doesn’t come with any sheath, an extra wooden block or sheath has to be used. Use a wooden block or sheath that covers the knife fully. Never keep the knife in the drawer without any sheath. It may damage the edge or may cause an accident for you. 

How the knife will feel in your hand

A knife may be beautiful, made with quality material with the best craftsmen. But finally, the only thigh thing that matters most is the feel and experience of the knife while working. 

This knife is extremely lightweight with a razor-sharp cutting edge, so while working it will not create any pressure on your hand. Moreover, it will create an effortless cut every time, and even after long use, you will not feel any pain in the wrist. 

Shun premier santoku knife ( how it will feel in hand)

Then comes the handle. As the handle is moisture repellent it won’t slip from your hand give you a better grip. With the structure, the handle will fill your palm properly. 

Proper balancing and weight distribution make the knife a part of your hand while using it. 


Shun premier 7 inch santoku comes with a lifetime warranty and free sharpening like all shun knives. Shun is making knives for years. As I have mentioned in this shun premier santoku knife review, they use quality material and the best traditional techniques so they have full belief in every piece of the knife. That’s why they ensure a lifetime warranty on their knife. For any knife of a manufacturing defect, they will support you. 

One of the most amazing features of shun is they provide free sharpening service. You can use a wet stone or an electrical sharpener to sharpen at home. But if you want the edge as new out of the box that just sends the knife to shun. They will sharpen the edge for free until you own the knife. 

Customer’s thought

Almost all the user review about shun premier 7 santoku is a positive review and you will hardly find any negative talk.

Some raised the question that why this knife is so expensive. But, as a high-end knife of shun it is normal to have this cost. Then you can look for more affordable shun knives. Another negative review was that this knife may get chip or edge damage if you wash it in the dishwasher for a long. 

Most people are satisfied with this knife. They told about the qualities and features of this knife as I have described through this whole shun premier 7-inch santoku knife review article. Especially, they mentioned the razor-sharp edge, lightweight and comfortable handle. They also mentioned about the sophisticated beauty. 


This whole shun santoku premier review article is about the features and pros of this knife. Again let me gather them here briefly. 

  1. Super lightweight. 
  2. Very sharp edge with precious, effortless cut
  3. Well balanced while working
  4. Food doesn’t stick while cutting because of the hammered finish.
  5. Handle structure ensures a very comfortable grip
  6. Slipless grip as the handle is moisture repellent.
  7. Comfortable for both left and right-hand use.
  8. Comes with a lifetime warranty
  9. Free sharpening service until you own it. 


From this whole shun premier santoku review it is clear to you that this knife has very few drawbacks. Let me explain them briefly. 

  1. This knife is not dishwasher safe.
  2. As the edge is very sharp, it needs extra caution while working.
  3. The price may feel a little bit high. 


  1. Is shun premier santoku knife best shun santoku knife?

All the quality like a razor-sharp edge with a durable handle makes it a great knife. Tsuchime hammered finish with Damascus pattern ensures the full beauty. Proper balancing with the traditional knife-making process. From all this quality and features shun premier 7-inch knife can be called the best shun santoku knife without any worry. And I think all this thing is clear to you from this shun premier santoku knife review.  

  1. How to sharpen shun santoku knife?

A wet stone or an electrical knife sharpener can be used to sharpen this knife. You can also take shun’s free sharpening service also.

  1. Difference between shun santoku classic vs premier?

You will find more similarities than differences between these two santoku knives. Their blade material, handle material, edge, size all are almost the same. But blade design and handle design differ from each other. In the same way, they have differences in price also.

  1. In shun premier 7-inch santoku knife a full tang knife?

 Yes, It is a full tang knife. Its tang goes from the bolster to the endcap. Its tang contributes to balance and durability. 

  1. Does food really not stick to the knife?

Yes, its hammered finished design reduces food sticking to the knife. Hammered finish create a small air pocket that prevents sticking while cutting food

  1. Is the blade dual beveled or single edge?

Its blade is a dual bevel. It has a hand sharpen 16-degree cutting angle at both sides of the blade. This quality makes this knife similarly comfortable for both left and right-hand use. 


With a lightweight, super sharp cutting edge shun premier santoku knife can be a top performer for users from professional chefs to family kitchens. I hope you have got a clear idea about the quality and amazing beauty of shun premier from this in-depth shun premier santoku review. 

While a dull and ordinary chef knife can give you a horrible experience in the kitchen. A beautifully crafted chef like shun premier 7 inch santoku is sure to become your kitchen favorite. It will easily handle all kitchen cutting tasks with unmatched perfection and versatility.

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