Shun Premier Nakiri Knife Review

If you are looking for a nakiri knife then you must have heard the name of Shun. Shun is a Japanese knife maker, making hand-crafted knives for centuries. They have a beautiful collection of nakiri knives. Shun premier nakiri is one of the high-end nakiri among this collection. This Japanese nakiri knife is ideal for dicing, chopping, and processing a wide range of food and vegetable. Moreover, with the razor-sharp edge Shun premier nakiri knife can slice vegetables and fruits paper-thin. 

Let’s dive deep into this Shun premier nakiri knife review to know more about every feature of this beautiful knife. Here I have added customers though and questions about this knife. 

Quick Overview

Are you in hurry? Then before going to the detailed Kai shun premier nakiri review let’s go through this quick overview about the premier shun nakiri knife.

  1. The blade core is made with fine ground VG-MAX high carbon super steel. 
  2. The core is wrapped with 34 layers of stainless steel on each side. So, there is a total of 69 layers of steel. 
  3. Super hard blade with Rockwell hardness of 60-61.
  4. Hand sharpened extreme 16-degree cutting angle at both sides. 
  5. The blade has a magnificent tsuchime hammered finish with a combination of Damascus patterns. That makes the knife look rustic and sophisticated. 
  6. The handle is made from Walnut colored pakka wood. 
  7. Handle features a contoured cylindrical shape that fits nicely in the palm.
  8. The blade is 5.5 inches long with an around 5-inch handle.
  9. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 
  10. Like all other shun knives it comes with a free sharpening service. 

Shun Premier Nakiri Knife 5.5-inch Review ( TDM0742)

Where it’s made

Like all other shun knives, shun nakiri is handcrafted in Seki, Japan. Seki, japan is known as the knife-making capital of japan since the 13th century. They are dedicated to maintaining the ancient tradition of Japanese knife making in every piece of the knife. Each piece of the knife is crafted by expert craftsmen and takes more than 100 steps to come to its final look. Moreover, modern technology and premium material are combined with the ancient Japanese knife-making process. 

Blade Material

Shun premier nakiri knife features a VG-MAX fine-grinded steel core which is only used for shun knives. VG-MAX steel is the newest and upgraded version of VG line super steel. And the core is wrapped by 34 layers of stainless steel on each side. Those layers protect the core from pressure and damage and make the knife more flexible and durable. 

The core material VG-MAX is enriched with different necessary components like carbon, chromium, cobalt, etc. The high carbon component makes the knife harder and chromium makes the knife rust-resistant. And cobalt increases strength and durability. So, the steel is enhanced to offer maximum strength, performance, sharpness, long-lasting edge, and corrosion resistance. 

Blade Design

Shun nakiri knife has a very thin Japanese blade profile. It features a combination of a hammered finish and a Damascus pattern. The top half portion has a hand-hammered finish that is known as tsuchime in Japanese. It does not only increase the beauty, but it also prevents food from sticking to the blade while cutting. And the bottom half portion has a plain Damascus finish. 

shun premier nakiri blade

As in nakiri knife, the cutting edge is straighter than chef’s knife this knife glide through vegetable and fruits like butter. The blade design is made to ensure a paper-thin slice if you want. Finally, the shun logo on the blade gives the knife a more elegant look.

Sharpness and Edge

Like all high-end shun knives, Shun premier nakiri knife features an extremely sharp 16-degree cutting angle on both sides. This is actually twice sharp as any ordinary western knife. Each knife is hand-honed to this extreme cutting angle. Different traditional sharpening processes are used to ensure this razor sharpness. 

And the blade is a dual bevel that means it has the same sharp cutting angle at both sides. So, it becomes equally usable for both left and right-hand users. Moreover, because of the hard blade material, it holds its edge sharp for very long. You won’t need to sharpen the knife so often.


The longevity and edge retention of a knife depend on the hardness of its material. And the hardness depends on the component used in the blade material and forging process. From the beginning of this Shun premier nakiri knife review, you may know that high carbon steel is used for this knife that is tough hard, and the traditional hand forging technique is used for it. So, the knife gets a Rockwell hardness of around 60-61. 

Handle Material

The handle of shun premier vegetable knife is made from Walnut colored pakkawood. Pakkawood is not a natural wood, it is a composite of resin, hardwood, and other materials. It makes the handle durable and ensures a very comfortable grip. 

As pakkawood is a resin-based material the handle gets a very bright color. Moreover, it has a wooden-like texture. It makes the handle moisture and water repellent. So, it provides a slipless grip while using. In addition, pakkawood doesn’t harbor bacteria so the handle lasts for long.

Handle Design

Shun premier 5.5 nakiri knife handle features a contoured shape that fits in the grip comfortably. Like Shun Classic knives this knife doesn’t have any curve on the right side or left side. It is similarly designed on both sides. So, this ambidextrous handle is equally comfortable for both left and right-hand users. 

shun premier 5.5 inch nakiri handle

The full handle has a dark brown color that looks like real wood. Even you will find the curve of real natural wood. 

Moreover, the steel end cap along with golden and black brass adds the last touch of beauty. This steel end can contribute to proper balancing along with giving a sophisticated look.


This Shun nakiri knife features a full tang. Tang is the part of the blade that goes through the handle of the knife. If it goes all the way through the handle to end then it is called the full tang. Full tang is always preferred over a knife with half tang. It adds more balance and strength to the knife. 


When it comes to size, Kai shun premier nakiri has a 5.5-inch long blade that is one of the most common sizes for nakiri knives. And the handle is 4.5 inches long, so the knife has a total length of 10 inches. 

Weight and Balance

Shun premier nakiri knife is very lightweight compared to other nakiri knives of its size. So, it won’t create pain in your hand after long use and ensure a fatigue-free experience. 

Proper weight distribution and balancing are necessary for proper and precise cutting. A combination of handle weight, balde weight, and steel end cap with full tang contribute to the proper balancing of shun tdm0742 premier nakiri knife 5.5-inch. So, you will get used to the nakiri knife very easily.

Clean and Maintenance

With proper caring, a low-end knife can last for a long, whereas without caring and maintenance a high-end knife may lose its quality in few days. Same for shun premier vegetable nakiri knife. 

Like all other Japanese knives shun premier nakiri knife 5.5 inch prefers hand wash over the dishwasher. So, after every light use, you can wash it with only clean water. But after heavy use wash it with dish soap and cloth. Washing it in the dishwasher may cause damage to the edge. 

Always remember to dray the knife before storing it. Just put it in an open place after every use and wash so that water dries out properly. 

As Shun premier nakiri knife doesn’t come with any sheath you have to use an extra sheath. Or you can use and wooden knife block. Never put the knife in the drawer without a sheath, it may damage the edge or even harm you. 

How the knife will feel in your hand

A knife may be very beautiful or made with high-quality materials but finally one thing matter most. That is how the knife will feel in hand while working. 

As the knife is extremely lightweight with an extremely sharp edge, so while working it won’t create any pressure on your hand. Moreover, it will create an effortless and precise cut every time. And even after long use, you will not feel any pain in your wrist. 

Shun premier nakiri ( How the knife will feel in hand)

Then comes the handle, as the handle is water and moisture repellent it won’t slip from hand and will give you a better grip. With the round shape structure, it will fill your palm properly and ensure a proper balancing as mentioned in this shun premier vegetable knife review before. 


Shun premier nakiri comes with a lifetime warranty and free sharpening like all shun knives. Shun is making different knives for years. As I have mentioned before in this Shun nakiri knife review, shun used the best traditional techniques and quality material so they have full confidence about their every piece of the knife. That’s why they ensure a limited lifetime warranty on their knives. For any kind of manufacturing defect on your knife, you will be able to use this warranty. 

Another most unique feature of shun is their free sharpening service. If you feel that your knife has lost its sharpness then send it to shun they will make its edge like new for free. 

Customer’s thought

Almost all the user feedback about shun premier nakiri knife 5 ½ is positive and you will hardly find a few negative mentions. 

Someone raised the question that why this knife is so expensive. But as a high-end shun knife this price is normal. Another person was unsatisfied as teh knife is only hand wash safe. He said it may cause chips or damage to the knife if you wash it in the dishwasher. 

Most of the people are satisfied with the knife. They mentioned the qualities and features of shun tdm0742 premier nakiri vegetable knife as I have described in this whole Shun premier nakiri review Specially they mentioned about the razor-sharp edge, lightweight, comfortable slipless grip. Moreover, they also mentioned sophisticated and rustic beauty. 


This whole Shun premier nakiri knife review is about the features and pros of this knife. Let me briefly gather them here again. 

  1. Super lightweight ensures fatigue-free cut for a long time. 
  2. Razor-sharp edges with the precise cut. 
  3. Food doesn’t stick to the balde while cutting because of the hammered finish. 
  4. You can cut your vegetable and fruits paper-thin. 
  5. Properly balanced. 
  6. Handle structure ensures a comfortable grip.
  7. The handle provides slipless grip and longanimity. 
  8. Comfortable for both left and right-hand users. 
  9. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 
  10. Free sharpening service by shun until you own the knife. 


From this whole Shun nakiri review, it must be clear to you that this knife has very few drawbacks.

  1. This knife is not dishwasher safe like all other shun knives. 
  2. The edge is extremely sharp so it needs extra care while working. 
  3. The price of shun tdm0742 premier nakiri may feel a little higher. 


  1. Is shun premier 5.5 nakiri knife a single or double edge knife? 

Shun premier 5.5-inch nakiri is a double edge knife. It has the same 16-degree cutting edge on both sides. 

  1. Is this nakiri knife made with high carbon stainless steel?

Yes, Shun premier nakiri knife knife is made from high carbon stainless steel that is VG-MAX. This is an exclusive formula of shun. And the core is covered with 34 layers of steel on each side I think you have got a detailed idea from the blade material part of this shun premier 5.5-inch nakiri review

  1.  Can shun premier nakiri knife be used left-handed?

All knife of shun premier line is perfect for both left and right-hand users. As mentioned before in this 5.5-inch Shun premier nakiri review this knife is a double bevel. Moreover, its handle has the same shape on both sides and not a contoured shape on any one side. So, it is equally comfortable for left and right hand users. 

  1. What is the best way to store this knife? 

It is better to use wooden blocks. But you can also use a knife sheath perfect of its size. 

  1. Can I use it as a meat clever as well? 

Cleavers are heavy sturdy hatchet-like kitchen tools that are made to get through bone easily. But as mentioned before in this Kai shun premier nakiri review this knife is very lightweight. So, this will cut through the meat but is hard to go through bones. 


With a lightweight, extremely sharp cutting edge Shun premier nakiri knife can be a top performer for users from a family kitchen to a professional chef. I hope you have got an in-depth clear idea about the quality and amazing beauty of shun premier 5.5-inch nakiri knife from this detailed Shun premier nakiri knife review. 

So, if you want to have a high-end Nakiri knife to make your kitchen experience smooth and enjoyable then you can go with this nakiri knife.

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