Paring Knife vs Petty Knife

There are many types of knives that can be used for different purposes. However, two types are the most commonly available and it’s your choice to choose one of them. The first type is the petty knife and the other one is the paring knife. For food preparation, these two can be used for a variety of different tasks. Both have several differences and similarities between them.

Let’s go through this whole Paring knife vs petty knife comparison to get a clear idea about the similarities and differences between these two types of kitchen knives.

Top 3 Petty Knife

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What is a Petty knife?

The petty knife is a versatile cutting tool and one of the most commonly used utility knives in the kitchen. It is designed for small tasks such as peeling, shaping, and slicing fruits, vegetables, and other foods. The blade is between 6 and 10 inches long, with a short to medium handle. 

Best Petty Knife

A petty knife is a smaller version of a chef’s knife. It can be used for chopping, dicing, and mincing herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It is also another popular knife to use in sushi preparation. Some people use a putty knife to create decorative garnishes on dishes.

From another point of view, A petty knife is a small pocket knife with a long blade that is ideal for slicing and cutting smaller things like herbs and food. Petty knives are designed to be similar to the shape of a paring knife but have longer blades.

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What is a paring knife?

A paring knife is a small knife that is meant for peeling, cutting, and trimming fruits and vegetables. It usually has a short blade and an overall length of fewer than six inches.

Best Paring Knife

 Paring knives are not designed to be used as an all-purpose kitchen knife like the chef’s knife or the santoku, but they can help you with many of your kitchen tasks. 

Paring knives have blades that are slightly curved. This makes them useful for rocking back and forth while cutting food. The short blade of a paring knife allows you to easily handle small fruits and vegetables.

It can also be used for other small tasks around the kitchen. Paring knives are usually between 2-7 inches long. They usually have a short, straight, fixed blade that can fold into the handle. The blade itself is thin and narrow, allowing for precision cuts. Just because of its short size and small blade, it cannot be used to cut through bones or large amounts of meat. However, it makes a good choice as an all-purpose utility knife when there is a paring knife vs petty knife comparison.

Paring Knife vs Petty Knife: Origin and History

The most famous and the oldest petty knife is made in China and has a history of more than 2,000 years. The knife was named after its long blade which is suitable for detailed work. The knife was developed to make life easier for artisans. Back in the day, there were many other petty knives but they were all different from each other. They had different blade lengths, and handle shapes. The knives’ blades became smaller and sharper as time went by.

The history of paring knives dates back to 5000 BC when the first knives were made out of flint. This was before they were even called paring knives. At the time, they were just referred to as “small knives”. In America sometimes petty knives are also called paring knives. That’s why sometimes you will find very few differences between these two types of knife when there will be a general Petty knife vs paring knife comparison.

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1. what is the best paring knife?

Mac professional paring knife is one of the best professional paring knife. This paring knife is a proper combination of affordability and quality. Otherwise you can go with the shun premier paring knife that is also a high end paring knife.

2. What is the best petty knife?

With a beautiful blade and durable handle, Yoshihiro G10 is one of the best all-rounder petty knives. This knife features a hard blade with a long-lasting edge.

3. What is the paring knife used for?

Paring knives are very versatile, and a mainstay of the professional kitchen. Cooks use them to peel or cut fruit and vegetables into small pieces or to carry out other similar precision work.

4. Why it is called a paring knife?

The paring knife gets its name from what it does. A paring knife removes the outer layer of fruits and vegetables. This makes it a good knife for peeling apples and oranges, as well as cutting away the peel of potatoes.


If you have gone through this whole Paring knife vs petty knife then you must have got a clear idea about these two knives. These two knives are quite similar in terms of their design, look, and cutting style. So, you can even do the same cutting task with both of these knives. Still, it’s up to you, you can consider those few differences between a petty and paring knife and choose the best one for you.

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