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Did you know that Coolina is a relatively recent addition to the world of knife brands, standing in contrast to other globally renowned, century-old counterparts? Despite entering the knife industry only a few years ago, Coolina has swiftly emerged as a reliable and popular choice among consumers. The key factors contributing to their acclaim include distinctive design, unparalleled sharpness, and versatile functionality embedded in each of their knives.

Coolina has a collection of different types of knives. Let’s go through this Best Coolina Knives review to learn more about the different features of coolina knives and a buying guide.

Quick Overview Table: Best Coolina Knives Review

For those in a rush, consider checking out this brief overview table before delving into the comprehensive Coolina knife review.

CoolinaPromaja Serbian Chef’s knifeLixy Cleaver KnifeAltomino Chef knifeAltomino Butcher knifeDaozi Cleaver Butcher knife
Blade MaterialHigh-carbon Sarchach steelHigh Manganese SteelHigh manganese steelAlloy Steel high manganeseCarbon Steel
Blade DesignBlack coated Heavy chopper shape with black coatingErgonomic triple-riveted handleTriple Riveted with thicker endHand-finished black look
Handle MaterialHard WoodRosewoodHardwoodWoodDense wood
Handle DesingTriple Riverted with thicker endTriple riveted Ergonomic curvedAuthentic thin design with a rusty lookDouble rivet with a slight curve at the topErgonomic triple riveted handle
Sharpness (at each side)30 degree30 degree10 to 15 degree13 to 15 degree15 to 30 
PriceAverage Expensive (Check price on Amazon)More Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)Average Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)Less Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)Less Expensive (Check Price on Amazon)

In-depth Review: Coolina Knife Review (Sebrina knife, chef’s knife and Cleaver)

1. Coolina Promaja Knife Review ( Serbian Chef’s knife) 

Coolina promaja is the most famous knife among all collections of coolina. Moreover, it was selected as the best chef knife of 2018. Now let’s discuss in detail this Serbian chef knife. 

Coolina Promaja knife review

Blade Material

When it comes to blade material coolina used high-carbon steel for this knife. That steel is known as Sarchan Serbian steel which builds the core of the blade. You may ask why stainless steel is not used in this knife. The answer is carbon components contribute to the hardness of a knife. So, high-carbon steel is way harder than other steel. This hardness is necessary when you are going to buy a knife that is perfect for precise slicing to hard chopping. 

Blade Design

The blade shape is like the usual Serbian knife. With a curve at the top part and a straight cutting edge. The full balde body is coated with black color with a coolina logo at one side. 

Handle Material

Promaja knife’s handle is made with natural hardwood. So, it gives a wooden texture while holding it is hand. But it needs some extra care than polymer or resing-based handles. 

Handle Design

This knife features a full tang which means a part of the blade goes all the way through the handle. The handle of promaja has a triple reverted ergonomic shape. You will find three pins in the handle that make the handle more durable. Moreover, there is a thicker angle at the endpoint of the handle that makes it slip-resistant and more comfortable. 


Coolina promaja is a double-bevel knife with a 30-degree cutting angle at each side. The knife is designed in such a way it can ensure precise cutting along with hard chopping or cutting. 


The Coolina Promaja knife is specifically crafted for demanding tasks like chopping or heavy-duty cutting, requiring enhanced hardness for durability. This is achieved through the use of high-carbon steel, imparting the blade with the necessary hardness to endure rigorous chopping activities.


This knife comes with a cotton sheath that keeps the knife safe while storing. 

Key Features 

  1. The blade core is made with sarchan high-carbon steel.
  2. The handle is triple riveted.
  3. The knife is full tang as described in this Coolina Promaja knife review.
  4. Comes with a sheath. 


  1. The handle fits nicely and comfortably in the grip. 
  2. Handle design makes the knife slip-resistant. 
  3. It can conduct a wide range of tasks from precise slicing to hard chopping. 
  4. The knife is properly balanced and well weight distribution. 
  5. The sheath keeps the knife safe.


  1. The wooden handle needs extra care than the resin or polymer handle.

2. Coolina Lixy Knife Review ( Cleaver and Butcher Knife)

At first look the shape of teh Lixy is something that will catch your attention. With the capability of heavy chopping and butchering, this cleaver is an absolute beast of a knife. 

Coolina lixy cleaver review

Blade Material

The blade core of this extreme chopping knife is made with 65-high manganese steel. This steel is famous for being tough and durable. Moreover, the knife is hand forged by professional blacksmiths which optimized teh balde edge retention, sharpness, and corrosion resistance to another level. 

Balde Design

When it comes to the shape of coolina Lixy it is a perfect chopper. It is designed for heavy chopping and butchering. As each knife is handcrafted you may notice the rust and black spots on the blade. It is a natural thing for handmade high-carbon steel knives. 

Handle Material

Lixy cleaver features a wooden handle with triple screws. Actually, hard rosewood is used for the handle which gives it a classic look. Moreover, the wooden handle provides a comfortable grip while using. 

Handle Design

The wooden handle features a curvy shape. The handle features fully integrated steel which means the knife is a full tang. And there are three screws that hold the handle strictly. The shape is given in a way so that you can hold it tightly while chopping. That’s why there are even fingers resting on the belly of the handle. 


The knife is not mainly designed for precise cutting. But it can do its usual cutting easily as the knife is sharpened at less than or equal to a 30-degree cutting angle at each side. On the other hand, this knife can take all the hard meat cutting easily. 


High carbon manganese steel is used for this knife which is intended to give a tough hardness to the knife. It is tough enough for you to take it for outdoor camping or hard butchering. 

Key Features:

  1. Balde core is made with High carbon manganese 65Mn steel. 
  2. It features a hard Rosewood handle. 
  3. The handle has a curved shape with a fingerrest.
  4. The blade features a look with black spots and rust. 


  1. The handle provides a very comfortable grip.
  2. You can take the knife outdoors for camping. 
  3. It can take care of hard meat cutting, hunting, camping, and a wide range of tasks. 
  4. This knife is sharp enough for the usual cutting task. 
  5. It ensures proper balancing while working. 


  1. It needs extra care to make it rust-resistant. Just put some cooking or vegetable oil before storing to avoid rust. 

3. Coolina Altomino Knife Review ( Vegetable Chef’s Knife)

Altomino stands out as a traditionally crafted artisan multipurpose knife that brings vibrancy to your kitchen. If you’ve yearned for a cutting tool with a flawless rocking motion, Altomino is the ideal choice. Notably, it surpasses other knives in this Coolina review with its exceptional sharpness.

Coolina Altomino Knife Review

Blade Material

This go-to chopper knife is made of High-Carbon Manganese-clad steel. The same alloy steel is used for the LIXY cleaver. This amount of carbon component contributes to the hardness of the blade and helps to retain its edge for a long. 

Blade Design

When it comes to blade design it looks a lot like usual nakiri vegetable knives. But there is a curve at the cutting edge that provides rocking motion with this knife. The blade is designed in such a way so that it can handle a wide range of food properly. From slicing to dicing or cutting it is an all-in-one knife. 

The balde has a rustic and gritty look on the top half portion. It is normal as each knife is handcrafted and hand-forged by Master European Knife Smiths. 

Handle Material 

Like all other knives in this Coolinastore review, the coolina altomino features a wooden handle. Moreover, the hand is full tang with an integrated steel shank with rivet fixing. 

Handle Design

The handle boasts a natural and raw brown wooden appearance, offering a visually appealing touch. Despite a curve at the top, the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip. Secured by two rivets, the handle tightly attaches to the steel tang, aligning seamlessly with your palm and fingertips for an exceptionally comfortable hold.


Coolina Altomino is double-timed sharper than the first two knives of this Coolina USA reviews. It features a 13 to 15-degree sharp cutting angle at both sides. So, this knife can precisely slice through any meat or vegetable. 

For altomino, ancient techniques are used to sharpen to a razor-sharp edge. 


The knife is hard enough to do the usual cutting task for your kitchen. You can also take it outside for camping but it is not perfect for hardwood chopping. 

Key Features

  1. Altomino blade is made with High carbon manganese steel as described in this Coolina altomino knife review.
  2. The handle is made of hardwood. 
  3. Blade shape is perfect for rocking motion
  4. Super sharp 10 to 15-degree cutting angle at each side.
  5. Double reverted handle with a curve. 


  1. The handle fits comfortably in the grip. 
  2. Super sharp cutting edge can handle a wide range of work. 
  3. It is well-balanced. 
  4. Provide fatigue-free cutting for a long time. 
  5. Retains its edge for a long. 


  1. Heavy chopping may damage the edge. 
  2. Need some extra care to avoid rust. 

4. Coolina Altomino Butcher Knife Review (Chinese Meat Knife) 

A knife with perfect balancing, thin, and extremely sharp balde that gives a chance to see how the separation of meat and bone is done properly. A multipurpose knife with an extremely sharp edge. 

Coolina Altomino Butcher knife Review

Blade Material

Like the altomino chef knife, this butcher knife is made with high-quality manganese steel. The balde is hand forged from high-carbon manganese steel clad by professional blacksmiths

Blade Design

When it comes to the design of this knife it adds a perfect stylish touch to any kitchen. As each knife is hand-forged it has a rough authentic and rustic look. 

The top side of the blade is pretty straight. Mainly the curve is at the bottom edge making the knife easy to use. 

Handle Material

As with all other knives in this Coolina knife Review, this Chinese meat knife features a wooden handle. You will find the natural wooden texture in the handle that provides a slipless grip. 

Handle Design

In terms of handle shape altomino chef knife and this butcher knife are quite similar. Its handle is double riveted and this screw holds the handle more tightly with the tang. 

You will see black and brown lines on the handle that give it a beautiful look. The handle is ergonomic in its shape so it fits nicely in the grip of both left and right-handed people. 


Coolina Altomino features an extremely sharp cutting edge. Each side is sharpened at a 13 to 15-degree cutting angle. This shape edge makes this knife easy to use for cutting meat or separating meat and bone properly. 

It is one of the most shaped knives among all coolina knives in this Coolina chef knife review. 


Chinese traditional knife-making techniques for this knife are proven to be magnificent sharp and long-lasting knees. The material and making process make this knife long-lasting and has edge retention. 


Coolina altomino butcher knife comes with a cotton sheath. It is better to use a sheath when you are storing such a sharp knife. 

Key Features: 

  1. Extremely sharp 13 to 15-degree cutting angle. 
  2. High Carbon, Manganese blade core. 
  3. Double riveted wooden handle. 
  4. Comes with a cotton sheath. 


  1. The razor-sharp cutting edge can separate meat from bones smoothly. 
  2. The knife is perfectly balanced and thin. ‘
  3. It retains its edge sharp for a long. 
  4. It’s a multipurpose knife.
  5. The handle provides a comfortable slipless grip while working. 


  1. The price may feel a little bit higher to some people. 

5. Coolina Daozi Cleaver Butcher Knife Review ( Chinese Traditional Knife)

This Daozi meat cleaver comes with multipurpose quality. From delicate fruits, or tough meat and bones this knife can handle almost all your kitchen needs. And it can be one reliable kitchen partner while chopping, cooking, slicing, or boning. 

Coolina Daozi Cleaver Butcher Knife Review

Blade Material

Like most other high-end coolina knives of this coolina review, this coolina daozi features Japanese High-carbon steel. It’s a common feature of almost all types of coolina knives. They used this type of material in their knives to gain extra hardness and durability. As a multipurpose butcher knife, the coolina daozi needs more hardness than any normal knife. 

Blade Design

Each coolina knife comes with a unique design. Same for the Coolina Daozi collection. The design of these knives is totally different from other coolina knife series. It features a straight spine with an extended slope near the tip. At the cutting edge, there is a curve from the bottom to the top near the blade tip. 

The top half of the blade has a rustic feel and the bottom part has a plain finish for smooth cutting. 

Crafting process

The whole knife is crafted using a manual process. Professional blade smiths craft every piece of the knife using traditional equipment and knife-making techniques. They don’t use any modern technology so each piece of knife guarantees the highest value and quality. 


It features a comfortable handle. The handle is made from pakka, micarta rose, and walnut. 

The handle features a triple-riveted ergonomic shape that fits nicely and protects the hand in heavy cooking seasons. As mentioned before in this Coolina knives review there are three pins in the handle that makes the handle more durable and hold it tight with the tang. 

Key Features:

  1. The whole blade is handcrafted.
  2. The blade of the knife is made with Japanese high-carbon steel.
  3. It features a triple-riveted ergonomic handle. 
  4. Its blade has a rustic look.


  1. This is a multipurpose meat cleaver knife
  2. The ergonomic handle is very comfortable in both hands.
  3. It can handle slicing, chopping, cutting, butchering, and a wide range of work.
  4. Easy to handle and use.


  1. Without proper care, it may get rusted very fast.
  2. Need extra care than a normal chef knife.

Where are Coolina knives Made:

Coolina is a comparatively new member of the knife-making world but they gain popularity like a quick storm. They started their journey in 2017. The question may arise in your mind where they are made. 

Coolina serbian knife

Coolina has its main office in Israel but they don’t craft their knife in Israel. Their knives are crafted in China. That’s why they can provide quality like high-end European knives but cost less. They are concerned about maintaining their quality so that they can hold their position in the European and US markets. 

All of the knives of coolina are handcrafted by expert blacksmiths as mentioned in this Coolina Promaja knife reviews. And every piece of knives is checked to maintain proper quality. 

Are coolina knives worth it? Should you buy it? 

Coolina provides a wide range of the knife in different price ranges. But are coolina knives worth it? Are they value for money? These questions may arise in your mind. Let’s discuss this from different aspects and consider the different features of coolina knives. 


High-carbon steel is used for most of the coolina knives. Moreover, for a few of the high carbon and manganese steel is used. You may be asked why carbon steel is used why not stainless steel? The reason is carbon steel is way harder than other steel. That is necessary for a knife that needs to handle a variety of work. Moreover, Carbon steel knives retain their edge for a long. 

When it comes to the handle material, for most of the coolina knives hard natural woods are used. Moreover, for Coolina lixy natural rosewood is used as mentioned before in this Coolina knives review. 

Coolina review about cutting

Build Quality

Each Coolina knife is a unique hand-forged piece, making it impossible to replicate the exact look and construction for every blade. Crafted by expert bladesmiths from a single block of carbon steel, these knives are designed for longevity.

Coolina places a significant emphasis on quality control, although there may be occasional instances of knives with splitting handles, which is undesirable as it can potentially damage the handle. Despite this, the overall construction of Coolina knives is robust and well-crafted.


Each coolina knife features a proper cutting edge and sharpness according to the task they are made for. For example, if it is a hard chopping knife like Coolina Promaja and Coolina Lixy the cutting edge is 30 degrees. That is not for precise slicing but can handle normal cutting and hard chopping in a better way. 

On the other hand, the Coolina Altomino chef knife and altomino butcher knife are made for cutting and slicing so they have a more sharp edge. They have a razor-sharp cutting edge of 10 to 15 degrees on each side. 

Edge Retention

As mentioned again and again before in this Coolina knife Review high-carbon steel retains its edge for longer. They retain their edge longer than any other average steel or stainless steel. 

Now comes to coolina knives. Most of the coolina knives are made with high-carbon steel. So, You won’t need to be concerned about sharpening coolina knives so quickly unless you damage them in any inappropriate way. 


These coolina knives are very versatile and each knife can handle a wide range of work. 

With the price at which coolina knives come, people would be happy if a knife could handle only one dedicated task. But coolina knives can handle other tasks rather than the dedicated task it is made for. For example, Coolina Altomino knives are actually made for slicing and cutting meat but you can cut meat, vegetables, fruit, and other food items with them. 

Another one is the Coolina Promaja knife which is both a chef knife, a cleaver knife, and a Serbian knife at the same time. 

You can take coolina knives for outdoor camping also. 


As coolina knives are sharp and some of them are heavy they need proper safety. Here comes the sheath of coolina that comes with each knife. They provide a cotton sheath that will provide you the primary security. But is always better to use a high-end sheath or a knife block. 

Care and Maintenance

There is a proverb that “  A little extra care goes a long way.” This proverb is totally relevant to Coolina knives. Like all things that are high quality, your Coolina knives also need some extra care.

It is better to avoid dishwashers at any cost. It is always better to hand wash the knife. If it is necessary you can use soap and cloth.

Coolina chef knife reviews and quality

As mentioned before in this knives coolina review, most of the coolina knives are made with carbon steel. So, it is better to apply olive oil or vegetable oil before storing and after each use after drying. 

Most of the knives are sharpened to a razor-sharp angle so it is safe to store the knife properly. Store the knife in a clean dry place using a sheath or knife block and keep away from kids. 

What I  love most about Coolina knives

A few features of coolina are such that none can deny its quality, same here. There are a few features of Coolina knives that I love most. 

Each coolina knives are hand forged with high-carbon steel. That makes the knife really hard and makes it a perfect gift for those who love hard chopping or cutting. You can take it outdoors for camping and do some cooking too. 

The second thing is its rustic look that gives every knife an authentic appearance. As each knife is handcrafted, each knife features a unique look. 

Moreover, each type of coolina knife is a full tang knife. Full tang means a part of the balde steel extends to the end of the handle making the handle more durable. Moreover, it contributes to the proper balancing of the knife.

What I don’t like about Coolina knives

There’s an important aspect to consider that might not appeal to everyone: Coolina knives require a level of maintenance that might not suit those unaccustomed to high-maintenance blades.

The use of high-carbon steel ensures a robust blade, but it necessitates immediate washing after use and careful drying. Additionally, regular oiling is advised to prevent rust.

As Coolina knives have rapidly gained popularity, they are now produced on a larger scale. There’s a concern whether this mass production might compromise their initial quality. It remains to be seen if they can uphold their standards amidst increased demand.


If you have gone through this whole Coolina knives review then you must have a clear idea about coolina knives. As with any other knives, these knives come with their own pros and cons. Cons like they need a little extra care for longevity. Other than this, Coolina knives bring a unique experience to your kitchen. Their extremely sharp edge, quality material, and multitasking ability make them so unique and popular. 

So, it’s up to your choice if you choose one of these coolina knives that matches your purpose best.

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