Miyabi Kaizen ii Chef’s Knife Review

A knife with a razor-sharp beautiful Damascus blade and a beautiful durable handle can be a perfect partner in the kitchen, that every chef dreams for. A quality chef knife makes the kitchen experience smooth. If you want such a quality knife as your cocking partner then miyabi kaizen ii can be a great and affordable choice for you. It is one of the latest collections of Japanese knifemaker Miyabi. Miyabi is well known for its perfection in every detail of the knife. Kaizen means improvement in Japanese and really Kaizen ii is an improved version of previous Miyabi knives. 

Let’s dive deep into this in-depth Miyabi kaizen ii review. You will get a clear idea about every specific feature of this knife along with the customer’s feelings and thought about this knife. 

Quick Overview

  1. Blade core is made from updated FC61 steel.
  2. The blade core is protected by durable 48 layers of Damascus steel. 
  3. Hand honed to super sharp 9.5 to 12-degree angle. 
  4. It features a Rockwell hardness of 61 that is very tough hard and durable
  5. The whole blade has different layers of elegant-looking Damascus design. At the top part, Damascus patterns are wavy parallel. Then the middle portion has a flower Damascus design and the bottom edge is smooth. 
  6. The handle is made with pakkawood, a resin-based material
  7. D shape handle with decorative red spacer and mosaic pin. 
  8. The blade is 8 inches long with a more than 5 inches long handle.
  9. Limited lifetime warranty.

Miyabi kaizen ii chef’s knife review ( Miyabi 5000 fcd Review )

Where it’s made

All Miyabi knives are handcrafted in Seki, Japan. A city which is renowned for its highest quality cutlery production for years. Actually, Miyabi is a part of the famous german knife maker Zwilling. So, you will find the combination of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the best german technologies in every piece of the knife. Moreover, you can enjoy the quality customer service of Miyabi. 

Blade material

Each miyabi kaizen ii chef knife is forged from a core of revolutionary FC61 steel surrounded by 48 layers of stainless Damascus steel. Its core features fine carbide distribution. And fine carbide distribution results in a blade that holds a super shart cutting angle and ensures remarkable durability. It also reduces the risk of chipping during normal uses. Other components of the core like chromium, cobalt also contribute to make the knife corrosion-resistant and increase strength. 

Those 48 Damascus steel later protects the core from pressure or any kind of damage. With a total of these 49 layers, this blade performs as well as it looks.

Blade design 

This blade features a traditional Japanese Damascus look. The whole blade body has a different layer of Damascus pattern. At the top part, those patterns are more straight and wavy. Then at the bottom middle portion, you will see a gorgeous flower Damascus pattern which is dramatically darkened through acid dipping. Finally, the bottom edge has a smooth look. Most interesting thing is, every knife has a unique design as all of them are totally handmade. 

Miyabi Kaizen 2 blade

 As it has a traditional Japanese profile, there is a curve at both the bottom and top. Finally, the logo of Miyabi gives a more elegant look to the whole knife.

Sharpness and edge

Like most other premium Miyabi knives miyabi kaizen ii 8-inch chef’s knife is hand-honed to an incredibly sharp 9.5-12 degree cutting angle. Most of the chef’s knives even Japanese chef knives are not sharpened to this extremely sharp angle. Its sharp edge ensures a precise cut and makes the work effortless. 

The Traditional 4 step Honbazuke method is used to give such sharpness to the knife. In the first two steps Artisans hand hone and sharpen the blade using a vertical and a horizontal sharpening stone. Finally, it is polished using leather as katana swords are being sharpened for hundred of years.

This blade is a double bevel that means it has the same cutting angle from both sides. This feature makes it comfortable for both left and right-hand use. 


The edge retention and durability of a knife depend on its hardness. And the hardness of a knife depends on its material and making process. The double Friodur Ice hardening process is used for Miyabi 5000 fcd kaizen 2 knife that improves the microstructure of the steel. And improves cutting performance and durability along with corrosion resistance. After all this process this knife gets a Rockwell hardness of 61. 

 Handle material

The handle is made from black pakkawood which is not natural wood. It is a resin-based material composite of hardwood and resin. Here we can find the improvement between Miyabi kaizen and kaizen ii. Kaizen handle is made from Micarta and pakkawood is a better version of resin-based handle material like micarta. 

Pakkawood made handle looks like natural wood with a more shiny look. It makes the kaizen ii handle water and moisture resistant. So, the handle lasts long and ensures a slipless grip. 

Handle Design

Miyabi kaizen ii chef’s knife features a classic Japanese D shape handle. The curve at the bottom part ensures a comfortable grip for stress-free cutting. It fits nicely in the palm while working.

Miyabi kaizen ii chef's knife handle

At the center of the handle, there is a Beautiful mosaic pin that adds an elegant touch. It also contributes to the durability of the handle. Decorative red spacer combines nicely with the beauty. Moreover, it has a steel end cap with the Miyabi logo. This end cap improves balance along with the look.


Miyabi kaizen ii 5000fcd gyuto features an 8-inch blade with a handle of almost 5 inches. It is the ideal blade size according to most of the chef. Handle size is also average so people with both large or small hands can hold it comfortably and the  Blade is 1.9 inches wide. 

If you want a longer version then it also has a longer version with a blade of 9.5 inches. In that case, the handle is 5.5 inches long. 

Weight and balance 

miyabi kaizen ii knife has a weight of 11. 2 ounces. When it comes to a hand-forged chef knife of this size then it is an ideal weight. Because of the proper weight distribution, you will hardly feel the weight while working. 

Blade, handle the weight with the steel end cap ensures a very precious balancing of the knife. Its balance is almost at the connection point of handle and blade. So, after a few use it will feel like a part of your hand while using. 

Clean and maintenance 

Like almost all Japanese knife miyabi kaizen 2 chef knife prefers hand wash only. Washing this knife in the dishwasher may damage the edge and cause chips. So, after light use just wash it with water and after heavy use, you can use a cloth and soap. Always remember to dry the knife properly before storing it. Though the handle is water resistant, it’s better to put it in an open place so that water vaporizes properly. 

Never put the knife in the drawer without any sheath because it may damage the edge or harm you. Or you can use a wooden block that covers the whole blade. It is better to not use any magnetic knife holder because it may cause harm to the inner structure of the steel.

How the knife will feel in your hand

How the knife will feel in hand? It is the most common concern that arrives in our minds before buying a knife. As the knife is not overweight and has a great weight distribution it will feel like a part of your hand. 

Miyabi Kaizen ii ( how the knife will feel in hand)

Handle with the curve at the bottom part fits in the palm and provides any kind of slip while working. Extreme sharp edge ensures effortless cutting. So, it doesn’t create any pain in the wrist even after long use. 


Miyabi produces every piece of knife with expert craftsmen and traditional hand forging technology. So, the quality of every single piece of the knife is strictly ensured. Moreover, they use the best quality material for every part of the handle. So, Miyabi has full confidence in their knife that it will perform well. So, To reduce the worry of customers while buying, Miyabi provides a lifetime warranty. You will get free service for any kind of manufacturing defect. 

Customer’s thought

Almost all of the review about Miyabi kaizen 2 chef’s knife is a positive review. You hardly find that someone is saying anything negative about this knife. Let me inform you about those few drawbacks. One person mentioned that if you have smaller hands then this knife may feel a bit big. But you will easily get used to it the more you use it. This user also mentioned about other positive sides like kaizen ii is hand sharpened to a sharp edge that is sharper than most other knives, even Shun. It’s very giftable almost too pretty.

Now comes positive feedbacks. Almost all the reviews about this knife express about the beauty and features of this knife as this whole Miyabi 5000fcd gyuto 20 cm review of Kaizen ii (2).


This whole miyabi kaizen 2 review is about different features and pros of miyabi kaizen ii 500 fcd chef’s knife. Let me gather them again here briefly.

  1. Razor-sharp edge cuts like butter.
  2. Handle provides a slipless and comfortable grip.
  3. Blade retains its edge for very long so no need to sharpen it very often. 
  4. Lightweight so doesn’t create pressure on the hand.
  5. Great balance feels like a part of the hand while working.
  6. The handle is water-resistant. 
  7. Very handy and easy to use.
  8. Adds beauty to the kitchen.
  9. Limited lifetime warranty


From this whole Miyabi kaizen ii knife review you may know that this knife has very few drawbacks. Let me mention them here.

  1. Miyabi Kaizen 2 is not dishwasher safe like all Japanese knives. 
  2. Doesn’t come with any sheath
  3. The handle may feel a little large for small-handed people. 


  1. What’s the difference between the Kaizen and the Kaizen ii? 

The core steel is different in each of these knives. There are also differences in the number of layers of steel. The kaizen ii has a thicker handle. Both of them are good, in many terms we can see improvement in kaizen ii. Now it’s more a matter of how a knife feels to you.  Here is full Miyabi Kaizen Review

  1. Would Miyabi Kaizen 2 8-inch be a good knife for a left-handed person?

Yes, this knife is perfect for both left and right-handed people. From this Miyabi Kaizen 2 review, you may know that this knife is a double bevel and the handle doesn’t have any curve at any side. So, it can be beheld by both hands with the same comfort. 

  1. How to sharpen it?

It’s preferred not to use steel for sharpening such a hard steel knife. Use a stone to sharpen it and a leather strop between sharpening. Japanese knives always prefer using stone over steel.

  1. Does this knife has a full tang?

Yes, Miyabi Kaizen 2 chef’s knife has a full tang. The blade steel goes through all the way to the handle. It contributes to knife balance and durability. 

  1. Is the edge double bevel?

Miyabi 500 FCD gyuto kaizen ii features a double bevel blade. Its edge has a cutting angle on both sides. And it’s extremely sharp and hand honed to a 9.5 to 12-degree angle at each side. 


I am pretty sure that from This whole Miyabi kaizen ii review you have got a clear and in-depth idea about Miyabi kaizen ii chef’s knife. In one line, it is a complete knife with the combination of the latest technology with sleek, modern lines and centuries of traditional knife-making artistry. 

At an affordable price, this will provide the best features and beauty to you. And don’t worry about finding any defect after buying. You will get a free limited lifetime warranty for any kind of manufacturing defect. 

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