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The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife is a double-edged fighting knife that was developed in parallel with the commando dagger by William E. Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes during World War II. It is still carried by some special forces units today. The original design dates back to 1940, but there have been several updated versions since then. In this article, we will discuss about Fairbairn knife, its uses, and some of the best Fairbairn sykes knife of recent times.

Top 3 Fairbairn Sykes Knife

Best Overall Best ValueMost Affordable

1. Boker Apple Gate Combat II: Best Overall Fairbairn Sykes Knife

Boker Fairbairn Sykes knife is a perfect combination of beauty and quality. With a High carbon stainless steel and a durable handle, this is the top knife of this best Fairbairn sykes knife review.

The Boker Knife Company was founded in 1869. The success of the company is based on tradition, experience, and innovation. Engineered in Solingen, Germany, the Boker Plus Tactical Knives are a design masterpiece. And this Apple gate combat II knife is one of their most high-end product.

The Boker Fairbairn-sykes knife is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a clip-point blade shape. The knife features a Solingen 440C stainless steel blade. And this knife has a bead-blasted finish. Actually, This kind of knife was designed by Rex Applegate and William E. Fairbairn in WWII for close-combat knife fighting. So the blade is etched with the signatures of both designers.

The Combat II knife has a razor-sharp edge that can easily be maintained with a stone. With a Rockwell hardness of 58, the blade is designed to retain its edge for long and can withstand any wear and tear.

This Boker Apple Gate Fairbairn Combat II knife is an updated version of the original Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife. It has a fiberglass-reinforced Delrin handle that is thickened in the center for a sure grip. The handle meets a short, forward-bending cross guard that protects the fingers. The balance of inserting steel weights into the handle makes it beautifully ergonomic.

And this beautiful knife comes with a durable Cordura sheath. Moreover, the black Kydex sheath comes with an adjustable Tek-Lok Belt Clip.

In a nutshell, With all these amazing features this Boker Fairbairn sykes knife is one of the best high-end Fairbairn sykes knives available on the market.

What do I love about this knife?

  1. Beautiful craftsmanship.
  2. Durability and Sturdiness of the knife.
  3. Razor-sharp edge.
  4.  the weight and balance feel right in my hand.
  5. The sheath is very well made.
  6. Comfortable Handle.
  7. The handle design makes it nonslip.
  8. The hard blade retains its sharp edge for a long.

What I didn’t like?

  1. This knife may be a little bit expensive for beginners.

2. KA-BAR EK44: Best Value Fairbairn Sykes Knife

This Ka-Bar ek44 is a beautiful knife made by well renowned USA-based knife brand Ka-Bar. And this EK44 is one of the most anticipated and high-end commando knives by Ka-Bar.

KA-BAR (EK44) is a knife designed by Ethan Becker. It is made from 1095 Cro-Van alloy steel with a brown and blackish blade. The blade is tempered to give it a hardness of 56-58 HRC. This gives the knife excellent edge retention and resistance to chipping and cracking.

The Ka-Bar Ek44 is a reproduction of the original Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. It features a durable parkerized blade with a 20-degree cutting angle. And it features a hard blade for long-lasting edge retention.

The Ka-Bar Ek44 Fairbairn sykes knife has textured glass-filled nylon handles with a traditional x-head fastener. The black handle is triple-riveted for strength and a great look. Specifications include a 6.6-inch blade and 12.625 inches overall.

The KA-BAR EK44 features an us-made celcon sheath with a retaining strap, self-locking function, and multiple tie-down points. The knife sheath is easy to wear and remove.

This EK44 knife from Ka-Bar is one of the best value Fairbairn sykes knives of this Fairbairn sykes knife review and is a perfect companion for any outdoor activity.

What do I love about this knife?

  1. Excellent design.
  2. Holds its edge for a long.
  3. The handle provides a good ergonomic grip and is anti-slip in all weather.
  4. Well balanced and easy to maintain.
  5. A value for money and a budget-friendly knife.
  6. Comes sharp out of the box.
  7. Comes with a beautiful sheath.

What I didn’t like?

  1. It needs some extra care while putting it into the sheath.

3. SZCO Black steel knife: Most Affordable Fairbairn Sykes Knife

This Szco black steel knife is the most affordable and budget-friendly Fairbairn knife of this best Fairbairn sykes commando knife review. But don’t get confused by its low price, actually, this knife features some amazing qualities.

The SZCO black steel knife is a full-tang knife made of black stainless steel. It offers a 3.5″ plain edge blade and a hardwood handle. The whole blade is black, giving it a unique appearance.

This knife features a plain blade edge. And it is a double bevel knife so both left and right-hand users.

As with the blade, it has a black handle made of black metal. And there is a metal guard on the handle so that handgrip doesn’t slip to the blade. 

Like the other two high-end knives of this best Fairbairn sykes knife article, this Fairbairn sykes knife comes with a sheath. And the black sheath makes the knife very easy to carry. 

Overall, this is an amazing knife for beginners or for those people who what a decent Fairbairn combat knife is a reasonable price. 

What do I love about this knife?

  1. Full metal body with metal handle.
  2. The knife is sharp and pointy. 
  3. Enough sharp out of the box.
  4. Very affordable and budget-friendly. 
  5. Features a quite similar design as real Fairbairn Sykes. 

What I didn’t like?

  1. The balance point isn’t perfectly located behind the hilt, so it’s not quite as nimble. 
  2. Sometimes it needs some force to push the knife inside the sheath. 

History of Fairbairn sykes knife

The Fairbairn Sykes knife is a fighting knife that was designed by William E (William Rodgers) in 1941 around the time of the second world war. It is sometimes referred to as the FS knife or the commando knife. The Fairbairn Sykes knife was based on the traditional Roman double-edged dagger. It has a triangular blade that is sharpened on both sides and a knuckle duster grip. The knife is 9.5 inches long, with a blade length of 5.5 inches. And by time, The Fairbairn sykes knife was adopted by the British Army.

How to spot a fake Fairbairn sykes knife?

There are many Fairbairn sykes knives on the market, and not all of them are authentic. Here are a few tips to help you spot a fake Fairbairn sykes knife:

  1. Check the quality of the materials. A genuine Fairbairn sykes knife will be made from high-quality materials.
  2. The most obvious giveaway is usually the price. If the knife is being offered at a fraction of the cost of the real thing, it’s likely a fake.
  3. Look for the W&D mark. The W&D mark is a sign of authenticity and is only found on genuine Fairbairn sykes knives.
  4. Inspect the blade. The blade of a genuine Fairbairn sykes knife will be very smoothly crafted. 
  5. Another giveaway is poor craftsmanship. If the knife looks like it was made in a hurry, or is missing important details, it’s likely a fake.

How to use a Fairbairn sykes knife?

The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife is a double-edged dagger that was specifically designed for commando and special forces use. The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife is not just a weapon; it is also a tool. The versatile blade can be used for a variety of tasks, including cutting through ropes, and opening. And you need to have some practice before using the knife properly.


If you have gone through this whole best Fairbairn sykes knife review article, then you must have got a clear idea about different Fairbairn sykes and their features. But if you are still confused and need recommendations to choose the best knife for you. Then the Boker Apple Gate Fairbairn Combat II knife is the best Fairbairn sykes knife for anyone and the SZCO Black steel knife is the most affordable one on this list.

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